When Does ShopBack Booking.com 12% Cashback End

Shopback have a 12% cashback on booking.com. There's nowhere in the email or their site that seems to indicate when this ends other than my extension which says that it ends in '1 Days' (sic).

Does 1 day mean midnight tonight or does it mean tomorrow night?

It's very hard to tell.


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    Booking.com 12% Cashback

    Be very careful with this. When visiting travel sites using a cash back referral link they've been known to increase the prices shown. I'd try opening private browsing tab and comparing the price booking directly to confirm you are actually getting a real discount.

    • I did find that booking.com didn't up the prices - it was the same as other hotel sites. But I did book directly as it was roughly the same price and all the money goes to the hotel.

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    The app indicates the offer is from 28/10 9am to 30/10 8:59am AEDT

  • Anyone know if ShopBack will do this deal again on

  • its probably a fake discount anyway they ramp the price up

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