How to Sell a House in Australia?

You need an agent.
You need a contract.

What does the conveyancer do?
I do not think you need a solicitor, since you already get a conveyancer.

Then cancel house insurance.
Then cancel house title, no more ESL. council rate.

And I rent my house out by an agent, can I choose a different agent to sell my house?


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    You can sell it on Marketplace if you want.

    • Given OP's past posts, it may need more work than that as an answer.

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        Gumtree it is!😂

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    You need an agent.
    You need a contract,

    The agent will recommend a conveyancer who you can use to produce the contract.

    What does the conveyance do?
    I do not think you need a solicitor, since you already get a conveyancer.

    Often conveyancers are also qualified solicitors. But you are correct there is no requirement to have a solicitor.

    Often your selling agent will have a recommended conveyancer. I've found them to be just as cheap as what other quotes were.

    Then cancel house insurance.

    Only after the sale has settled.

    Then cancel house title, no more ESL. council rate.

    All of this is handled by conveyancer.

    And I rent my house out by an agent,
    can I choose a different agent to sell my house?

    There is no requirement to use the same agent you use for leasing. You should definitely get multiple agents to quote for the job.

    • Thanks, this is only useful answer.

  • Google it.

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      Honestly if you try it's full of SEO spam results trying to refer you to an agent finding service or a sell your home yourself program, rather than spelling out a quick simple guide.

      That said OP is clearly not trying very hard with their post.

        • Yeah it doesn't mention a conveyancer/solicitor at all and mentions a bunch of crap about "preparing yourself" and marketing the property. This is all the agents responsibility not the vendors.

          • @stirlo: It gets you most steps required… The rest will fall into place with first chat with agents or others.
            Most of it OP's been through when buying. Wonder how OP got the place in teh first place… couldnt have been bought.

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    How to sell a house in Asutralia

    not sure how they do it there.

    • I heard their houses are really cheap though.

  • lol 😂
    How old are you ?

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    Post an ad on gumtree.

    Make sure you sell the house at a police station or bank so they don't just run off with your house AND the money. If they want to try out the house, don't accept the ID and let them live in it, as the ID is probably fake. Live in the house with them until they agree to buy it or change their mind.

    Don't ship the house interstate or to oil rigs. Its a scam

    And most importantly, cash only.

    Bonus: You need to file a disposal notice with your local state government otherwise if they do naughty things with the house, it will be automatically applied to you.

    • You forgot the most important thing - cash on pickup/exchange.

  • 200IQ move is to sell on Ozbargain

  • How to sell a house

    By putting it on the market.

    • But what kind?

      Fish market
      Farmers market
      Paddy's market

      So many 🤯

  • try OzB classified and use payid or paypal (friends and family)

  • Those spinning cartoon dollar signs in your eyes probably helps.

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    Why would anyone want to sell assets that are going up to the right at the rate of 22% 1Y?

    This article is more than 6 years old
    Sydney house prices jump 22% in one year to reach $1m median, report says

    Latest figures show boom exceeding that of early 2000s but amid the good news for homeowners, charities are warning of a worsening affordability crisis
    Bridie Jabour
    Wed 22 Jul 2015 15.01 BST


    Australian house prices to rise 22% this year and then ease off, economists say
    Westpac upgrades 2021 forecast, with the biggest gains expected in Sydney, up 27%, spurred on by low interest rates during the pandemic
    Australian Associated Press
    Fri 15 Oct 2021 05.09 BST

    It's shortsighted to sell hard assets to go back to fiat money that goes down to right at a rate of 3.8% 1Y?

    Inflation hits 3.8% annually, but what does that mean?
    By William Jolly
    6 min read
    28 Jul 2021

    Keeping the assets, borrowing against them and accumulating more is the right way to build life-changing wealth.

    • Because some people think we're at the peak. The markets forced rates up yesterday against RBA wishes, so people don't think that interest rates are going to hold.

      • People look at ATH and think it'll crash.

        Why they don't see is that ATH is followed by another ATH and another and another.

        Markets don't crash. They're on a perpetual trend up to the right.

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    OP, you better come back and acknowledge the hard work other members have put in to answer your queries.

    Don't be one of those fly-by-night accounts where you ask your question and never say thanks.

    • Well going by their post history, you can already tell what will happen

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      I wish you find the answer and tell me.

      • The answer is that you pick up the phone and call a conveyancer or solicitor and ask them your questions. They won't charge you to speak with them (yet).

        You're wasting time here.

  • I'll buy
    but I'm stuck on an oil rig

    can I bank transfer you 8 million
    send me the contract and deed to the house

  • Give you $5000 bruh and I'll pick it up in an hour.

  • conveyancer <> solicitor. if you wanna go cheap and use a conveyancer, then I hope you don't get issue with the transfer of title etc.

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    From your previous posts it looks like you need help with a number of things that many here find basic - possibly English as a second language, new to the Australia, new to adulting or a similar issue.

    So, trying to be helpful -

    Here's an example of the type of information you can find with a little time spent on Google.

    • possibly English as a second language

      It sound like you think My English is quite good. hahahhahahahahhahahahhahah

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    I would think just put up a sign outside your house saying its for sale and maybe add your number so you can be contacted and that's it. Nothing else! Well maybe chuck it on gumtree or craigslist or some other website if you want more audience.

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