Wanna Buy a Leather Couch (7 Seater with Chaise)

Hello Bargainers,

I want to buy a 7 Seater corner lounge with chaise in Leather (In Victoria). Can you please suggest me a good place to buy who makes good quality for reasonable price.

Thanks in advance.


  • What's your budget…?

    • I want a nice one that will last for a while.
      around $3000-$4000.

      • You won't get durable, quality leather (full grain or top grain) and 7 seater for $4000.

        What you are looking for is high-end and you are looking at $10,000+

        For $4,000… you will get "genuine" leather on contact areas ("genuine" is the lowest grade leather) and faux leather on non-contact areas. I'm sure in this price range, corners will be cut absolutely everywhere. What you buy will look good in the first year but it won't age well at all.

        I recommend either look at fabric options or double/tripple your budget.

        • Yeah i realised that. Thanks for you input anyway mate.

  • Consider finding one on gumtree or Facebook marketplace and inspect in person. If you can, make sure it's full grain leather at least on the high-contact sides. You'll save yourself the significant markup compared to buying brand new.

    • Thanks for educating me about Full grain Leather. I would prefer to buy a new one though. if you have any suggestion on new one. please let me know

  • Your budget's too low……..

    • Yes, i realised that. The max i can to is around 6000.
      Thats kinda my limit. Well looks like i gotta buy a decent one now and a good one next year

  • +1

    Have a look at Casey Furniture Auctions. New stock, cheap. But pot luck on what they have in stock

    • I will definitely have look Mate.


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