Good Air Fryer ?

Hey Guys
I wanted to buy an Air Fryer tomorrow and was wondering if you guys could give suggestions on which one to get in terms of build quality and function.

I have seen people suggest Kmart but I think it's build quality doesn't seem good. I have also seen people recommending Philips but no idea how that is.


  • What doesn’t seem good about the Kmart build quality??
    I have the 5.3lrt Kmart fryer and don’t have any problems…

    • The handles ..lock mechanism

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        All 3 of the KMart air fryer models are well loved and have spawned Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members. There is not a single thing wrong with their build quality. Ours gets used anywhere from 2-7 times a week for the last couple of years and still going strong.

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    Got the budget? Philips xxl
    Don’t got the budget? Kmart

    • What are the features of the Philips?

  • 10L Mistral via Auspost.
    There is no substitute for cubic inch.

  • Bought the Instant pot Vortex Plus recently from Amazon.
    Does the job, decent size, decent price.

    • How much did you buy it for?

  • I've had the $119 7 litre Kmart one for a while now and zero issues with it.

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    We just use the oven… No need for more gadgets that do the same thing.

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      But can you cook perfect potato chips in 16 minutes without preheating?

      • can you cook perfect potato chips in 16 minutes without preheating?

        Yes !!!

      • If you're not in a hurry and can wait 10 mins for your chips, you can make these…

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    Might already be the intent but after any research probably best to go in store to get a feel for a few different brands/models.

    I've a Philips XL 9240 which I think is the equivalent of the current 9742 model. I think I paid $229. I've not had anything to compare it against but the functionality has been fine. It has gotten marginally louder over time (used on average once or twice a week for a little over 2 years) but the main issue has been cleaning as the roof above the elements is nearly impossible to access. If I was buying again I'd probably go with the XXL as the additional tray inserts take up more of the drawer.

    If you're happy with the build quality of a few brands, checking the layout of the drawer and any inserts in terms of maximising cooking and to see where food residue is going to leak/splatter and checking the ease of cleaning both the cooking area and exhaust would be my main pointers. Also make sure you measure your potential storage location/s - most airfryers tend to dwarf other kitchen appliances.

    • Thanks will try having a feel of the brands and checking what functionality they have and what inserts they have, Probably would visit GoodGuys and Jbhifi and also visit kmart to look at the Air Fryer again.

  • Looking at my $30(?) mistral, i reckon the non stick coating is going to be the first thing to go. On that basis i'd just buy the cheapest.

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    I went with the Kogan 4.2L which has been perfect for two.

    Looking back, some things I think are helpful to consider:

    1. How many people are you looking to cook for? I thought the 4.2L was perfect for 2, and cooking up a meal for 2. If you are planning for meal prep then consider either using an oven or cooking in multiple batches or getting a larger airfryer. If I need to meal prep I'd probably just use the oven because even at larger capacity I feel the oven just has way more capacity.

    Personally I treat the airfryer as an oven that doesn't really need to preheat so it's fast and efficient for cooking small batches so I don't have to waste extra energy heating the oven and its easy to reheat say crumbed fillets or roast pork.

    1. How much bench space do you have? The higher capacity fryers take up more space and are heavier. What I noticed is with the larger capacity air fryers, the basket actually sits on a pull out trolley mechanism.

    I bought my airfryer during lockdown but as another poster suggested try and head in store to get a feel for the different fryers. You'll be able to get a sense of the size of the units and the actual capacity and look at what your needs are.

    Also note the shape of the baskets - round vs square!

    • I'd properly look for something medium as it's for a sharehouse

  • Option 3: Dual zone Ninja

    • we have the dual zone ninja - picked it up on special at Costco on impulse (like you do at Costco… )

      The dual buckets are good as you do two seperate things at the same time with different time/heat. The con to that is that some larger air fryers have larger buckets so my wife is annoyed she can't buy the cool accessories as they don't fit.

      We do a lot of cooking and it's a handy extra oven especially when you have extended family over etc.

      Also good for reheating ubereats etc

      • Definitely agree with buying a Ninja brand air fryer. There are also a couple of larger round models that are worth considering too.

  • The benefits of the cheap kmart one is I just throw the basket in the dishwasher and dont think twice about it deteriorating over time.

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