$100/Month Mobile Plan Suggestions?

Hi Ozbargainers,

Need help/inspiration here.

My employer provides up to $100/month phone bill reimbursement, but I need to provide receipts each month.

Considering I'm not interested in getting a new phone, any suggestions on maximising this benifit, without looking too greedy/ridiculous (yeah, I know I'm greedy and ridiculous…)?

Thanks heaps.


  • How much data do you use? No sense in going for a $100 plan now, go for something you'd actually use ($60 plan with 200gb data, for example) and leave the option for a phone later on.

    • Agree. Get what you need to use.

      No point of leaving air con on in your hotel room whole day if you're not inside. That's not maximising benefits.

  • Get a mobile plan + one with a large data cap for home?

  • if you're a big data user, vodafone have a sim only plan: $85 per month with completely unlimited data use on your phone, as well as unlimited calls to their "zone 1" countries

  • +10

    Best way is to sign up to a Telstra plan at JB and get a gift card.
    They won't know about the gift card.

    • +2

      $89 plan - 150GB and $900 gift card ends 31 oct

      2 year contract $89 fr first year and $99 for second

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