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Verbatim Bluetooth Mouse $14 @ Rejectshop


Verbatim Bluetooth mouse $14 at the Reject shop

I think they come with Usb adaptor as well

on Clearance I think they were $20 to start with

Cheapest on Static ice $35
Cheapest Blue tooth mouse on static $17.29 (Laser brand)
Ebay $25

Is there any advantage to a bluetooth mouse ????

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  • I think…they are at reject shop for a reason……

  • Incorrect. The cheapest available apart from Reject Shop is Harvey Norman. It was either $16 or $18 months ago and there was massive containers full of them. I saw them still in stock less than 1 week ago.

    It doesn't come with an adaptor.

    • Your local HN may have different stock to others. The only cheap wireless computer mouse I've ever seen there came with its own receiver, meaning it wasn't actually bluetooth. They had buckets of them, but definitely not bluetooth, so no good for use as tablet controllers.

      Apart from Laser, I've never seen a brand-name BT mouse for under about $25. This Verbatim is the first.

  • I'd love a bluetooth cordless mouse, what model number?

    what is the street address where you have seen them?

  • Theres no receivers, so I assume that means no usb. Make sure that your PC does have bluetooth.
    Not sure if blue tooth dongles will work though.

  • it bluetooth so no there are no usb adaptor come with this mouse

  • Graeat price! Verbatim's own website lists them at $56.

    The advantage to a Bluetooth mouse is that it can be used without taking up a precious USB port. Netbooks and tablets often have few or no USB ports. If BT is built-in, it means one less dongle to carry around. If you do need a Bluetooth dongle, you can share one between a keyboard and mouse, so two devices can share one port.

    They are possibly more secure than a normal wireless mouse, as the Bluetooth signal is encoded with a cypher but a standard wireless mouse probably isn't. That's probably more an issue with keyboards and password snooping, but it's plausible people could steal information from collecting certain mouse clicks.

  • Disadvantage of Bluetooth mice, is they often require AA batteries, whereas my regular wireless mouse uses AAA batteries. Much lighter, less strain on fingers. Also, quicker to connect and recognise. Sometimes bluetooth can be uncooperative.

    Good deal though, for those who need BT. The mouse looks like a little sports car. No extra buttons, for copy and paste, back/forward etc. I can't live without my customisable buttons on my Logitech VX Nano.


    Downsides are that you gotta leave youre bluetooth on thence pumping you with RADIATION

  • You should also mention that these are laser mouse, not optical. Laser has higher accuracy and resolution and works on many more surfaces compared to optical mouse type.

    • In addition laser mouses tend to last much much longer than optical mouses, due to the efficiency of a laser diode vs. a led. So no changing batteries every 2 weeks =)

      +1 for me

  • So where do I buy the thing?

  • I just bought one at the Reject Shop in Bondi Junction - it was only $12!! They had quite a few in stock.

    The mouse itself is OK. No problem with pointer precision or weight. It's a similar weight to my Logitech M305 mouse. The scroll wheel is quite stiff and seems to offer some resistance to turning. Not sure if this will improve with more use. It's usable but my finger sometimes slips on the wheel so I have to apply more pressure before it will turn. It comes with Tilt Mouse software - to enable the tilt wheel - on a CD or downloadable from the website. The software seems quite lean and is much better than the Logitech bloatware which I uninstalled last year due to it being a system hog on my netbook.

    Thanks again dsm ninja!