nbn Router with Sim Card Slot

Does anyone know if there a nbn router which has a sim card slot if we ever wanted to use 4g as our internet if we cancel nbn service.


  • Telstra branded one?

    • This is the best bet.
      Grab a Telstra Gateway Max 2 TG800vac off Marketplace or Gumtree.
      Telstra give out 2 versions, one manufactured by Arcadyan and the other by Technicolour. You need the Technicolour version and then hack it to unlock the SIM slot for use with other SIM's/networks.

      The Gateway Max 2 isn't the world's fastest 4G modem, but they're cheap and easy to get a hold of.

  • i just want the modem/router to have multiple options in case i wanted to just go with 4g mobile broadband or use NBN without having to buy another device.

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