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ASICS Quantum - Men's Shoes $70 (Was $140) + $10 Delivery ($0 with $150 Spend) @ Foot Locker


Asics Quantum - Men Shoes
Multiple colours available
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  • Do these soles have some harder rubber on bottom, or just that really light spoungy material that does not wear durably?

  • Thanks OP! Ordered for my son, who goes up a size every other week atm.

  • Grabbed a pair, thanks.

  • does it support anti-slippery?

  • Model is Quantum 180 5

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    It's showing 119.95 for me

    • yeah same

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    • Some other colors do see to go for $70.

  • Party is over :p

  • ColorBlack-Graphite Grey is $70

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    See the Quantums that are still $70 here

  • Can these be used for playing cricket? Running all day on the grass with a bit of a grip for bowling? I use the ASIC gel peake 6 cricket shoes and they really hurt my feet by the end of the day?

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    The website is really confusing - some of the different "colours" are not just colour variants but actually different shoes, different tiers of quality.

    The best ones have gel along the sides almost to the toe, and have a solid plastic arch support:

    • The product details include an ASICS stock code that you can google, but yes it should be more clearly listed.

      Were there 360 models for $70? Dang.

      • Sad I missed it if true. Still, $120 is a good price for a spare pair of 360s for me; the last pair has been used almost 100% of the time since last year and they still look and feel like new.

  • These are not a stability shoe like Kayano

    • Good to know! I love my kayanos but the comfort aspect seemed worth trying …luckily easy returns too.

  • Good deal, I am not sure why OZbargin marked expired, its still ON. I just bought Quantum 360 for me and kid.

  • Quick one… I am looking for a wide feet option with ASICS, do not seem to find in the link here for footlocker website. Any tips on searching for wide feet ones?

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