Secret Santa under $25 Ideas

I was assigned to a guy I don’t know much about.
He works in IT security, likes games (the brainy types), Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire and takes his coffee seriously. I’m based in Melbourne if that helps.


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    A gift card. Always the safest choice.

    • The best KK present I got was a BWS voucher and a pack of beer nuts

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    This, but it's now out of stock.

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      Damn, now I want that too

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    Chocolates or a bottle of wine.

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    Coffee table book about coffee tables?

    Or maybe just about coffee

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    One of the new variations of the Rubik's cube

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    glencairn glass

    • Amazon has this for $25 each. $12 at Dan Murphy). Do you reckon they are the same?

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        i guessing you want me to search them for you?

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    If you know he likes Tennessee Fire, just stretch to $29.58 and save yourself the hassle.

    • We bought him a bottle of that for birthday, so it’s out of question unfortunately

    • Hard to know what games he has but:
      Coup/monopoly deal/Kingdomino can all be bought for $25 or under (eg Kmart other online stores)
    • A single origin small bag of coffee should come under $25 get it grounded for a coffee press or get whole beans if you know he has his own set up.
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    If you're a smartarse, get their photo off the directory (if you have one) and make a coffee mug/jigsaw/some other piece of junk.

    This is my thing, I do it every year and it always gets a laugh.

    If you're not a smartarse, then I got nothing.

  • Brainy games, something like Katamino or something similar from a game store?

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    Get a huge box. Like a fridge or TV cardboard box. Put a $25 gift voucher in it then giftwrap it.

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    He works in IT security, likes games (the brainy types),

    $25 worth of NFTs or Bitcoin.

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      " Hey mate, remember 5 years ago when I gave you that $25 worth of Bitcoins? "
      " Yeah? "
      " …well, it's now worth $250 and I think it's only fair that I get $200 of that "

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    Tech related coffee mug? Like this

  • TruckNuts off ebay

  • He works in IT security

    A blow-up girlfriend…

  • What about those Funny/Profanity Crazy Socks?

  • crypto

  • Desk fan. Desk lamp. USB mug warmer. Not all three.

  • Bag of coffee.

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    Most good coffee providors make their own Christmas blends. They're not always great, but it's a good Secret Santa present.
    With developers, I had a big success when gifting fidget cubes. Just try and find an original one from Kickstarter, not the one you'd buy for a dollar from AliExpress.
    All my devs at work love Lego and everything associated with it.

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    Make a donation on behalf of the recipient to the Human Fund - Constanza runs it.

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    Don't be silly and simply buy a gift card. You have "one job"… you are "assigned"… any slough can issue a gift card. If that were the extent of on'e creativity, then the boss would assign his 4yo daughter to issue "gift cards" to all.

    Buy a BOOK. This shows your calibre of intellect. It demonstrates you are an educated person, not averse to print.

    IT Security = someone who observes; broad minded; a note taker; a recorder; a retainer of knowledge; a depository of action; a hero in disguise; reliant; trustworthy; self assured; and always there.

    The book should provide the opportunity for escape. A book completely contrary to their every-day environ.

    Your assignment is to find out what this book is… now get out there and do your "one job".

  • For men, I always go to an adventure store, get them a big hunting knife/cast iron pans, whatever you can find that's manly. Every man truly desires a big knife or something along those lines.


    How about this?
    Aussie company, great useful gift.

    I have TILE PRO (can replace battery and it’s got long range, loud ring so comparable) and have gifted several. Lifesaver couple of times when can’t find keys/purse/wallet.

    This is Aussie one has lots of extras…..

  • Lego. Plenty for this price range

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