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L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser 50ml $7.97 (S&S $7.17) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    I have a huge problem with L'Oréal moisturiser, is that I hadn't used it sooner.
    Because if I had, then I would know how good L'Oréal is making moisturiser that's bad.
    And when I say bad, I mean Michael Jackson Bad. You know how he looked really really bad at the end of his life?
    This is the best moisturiser in the world. Just not any world that I live in.
    Because frankly, I'm jealous of L'Oréal and their ability to not give a crap about what they make.
    This is not fit for human usage. No, this should be used by a higher life form with more complex skin, but also an altruistic drive to save humanity from moisturiser like this.

    In conclusion: Eh!

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      R U OK?

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        I doubt :)

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        Annie R U Ok?

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        It’s okay not to be okay

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      Sorry it's my poor brain that fails to understand whether you like or dislike it @@

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      you're suppose to use it on your skin not eat it

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      Key and Peele fans check?

      • I’ve been binge watching their stuff recently. Skits are hilarious!

    • I watched that for the first time a couple weeks ago thanks to the cheap Paramount + sub 😂

      • I’ve been watching bits and pieces I can find on YouTube. I guess I’ll need to subscribe to Paramount then haha

    • Classic.
      Sums up how a product like this exists even though we don’t need it.
      But their clever marketing makes us think we do,

    • Wtf are you smoking mate?

    • Key and Peele <3
      I watched this clip this morning (for the 100th time). Comedy gold!

    • Do you work for Meta?

    • wow are you a judge on a reality tv show? That was a rollercoaster ride

    • In addition to increased protection from collagen and elastin degradation, male skin can also thank its increased thickness to androgens. Androgens, including testosterone, yield a denser network of collagen fibers than that found in female skin. The firm collagen and elastin network, coupled with the presence of terminal hair follicles, results in thick facial skin in men. Whereas, females may show and be concerned about the signs of photo-aging, males traditionally do not begin to show these signs until later in life.

      Strength training and reducing belly fat will assist in maintaining hormone levels as you age.
      High Intensity training or heavy or explosive weight training can also increase growth hormone (the fountain of youth) or fasting.
      Sleep and getting exposure to sun for vitamin D and reducing sitting at the desk and reducing stress also assists.

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    You know your supposed to put this on your skin ,Not eat it ,Right .

    • People go to extreme lengths to discover the elixir to eternal youth.

  • This one if pretty good. I think theres a little bit of menthol in, makes your face feel extra fresh :P

  • Was given some freebies. If it was stench free perhaps but ug…….way too stinky :-)

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    If you even care about the ingredients a little bit, this one is not reccomended …..

    • y. I've been using Neutrogena, but open to explore other brands

      • you can just google it "bad ingredients in moisturizers" or "harmful ingredients in skincare"~~~

        a little tip about choosing a skincare product:
        if this product is not expensive but with a fast-react performance, then something weird happened

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        The product in the thumbnail is pretty good but I prefer Neutrogena, the cylindrical shaped bottle that contains hyarulonic acid. I've even used expensive brands such as Yves Saint Loren and such, but if you want value for what your money, Neutrogena is my choice. Btw I am 35 years old, male, pale skin, mostly dry but some areas can become oily(nose and chin).

        • Yep the value for money neutrogena's work really well I found the hydro boost cleanser isn't as effective as the deep clean range

        • Cheers, the price/value of this one is good (when on sale) and I've been happy with L'Oreal for a long time. But willing to give your recommendation a try. BTW, it's also on sale at Amazon - they must be price-matching CW or similar.

    • Are you able to explain further? I'm looking for a moisturizer (male) and would be more inclined for something that does the job of anti fatigue via caffeine etc

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        for male, moisturizer usually be a combination of toner + moisturizer~~~
        just pick one with 1. simple ingridients 2. as more natural ingredients as possible 3. avoid bad ingredients (google it)

      • I don't think there's really a difference between male and female stuff. You might pay more for the man stuff if anything.


        • Actually, you can say this in most of case about basic skincare.
          But just pay attention on some products with mentioning "for female", coz these products may contain specified female hormone or specified ingrdients which stimulates the secretion of hormone.

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        You should look into Sukin (for men).

        Australian made, and they seem to care about the ingredients. No caffeine though.

        Often available on-sale at Chemist Warehouse.

        • Thanks for the suggestion!

          I've tried some of their products both the men's moisturiser and from the selection pack that went on sale at Coles etc

          Only thing I didn't like was the the scent is very off-putting

        • Sukin broke me out. Apart from their Dermasukin range, not touching their main range.

        • Yes mate, sukin is really a recommended brand.

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        If you want a toner get a bottle of witchhazel for $7, it dries in 30 seconds then you apply any moisturiser after.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I've been using L'Oreal Men's range from Coles for years and never bothered to check the ingredients.

      What specific ingredients in this do you think are bad for you? I googled and found a list of ingredients but they don't seem to appear in this?

      What do you recommend? Neutrogena? Sukin?

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        For me, sukin is a pretty good brand. L'oreal is nothing about harmful, I shall categorize it into not health.
        Just try to avoid alchol denot, artificial colouring,fragrance, artificial fungicide and preservative.

        Though, some of them are popular and seems not avoidable in skincare product, but long-term use will still interfere with hormone levels.
        Compare to sukin, for example, you can easily find that the difference of source of active ingredients.

        Just try to use a product with natural and simple ingredients.

        • Sukin has some of those bad ingredients in many of its products though.


          • @Ughhh: I never mean sukin is a perfect product. However, the quantity and type of harmful ingredients in a single product are acceptable.
            It is unfair to only discuss it contains or not, the quantity is the key factor.

            Sukin is not an expensive brand. On the contrary, the ingredients of sukin are very cost-effective for me at this price.
            Trying to avoid as much as possible is the target, but it is not possible to totally prevent at this price.

            • @Liquid Pro: One thing I've noticed is that Sukin uses a lot of essential oils in their products, as oppose to ingredients like niacinamide. I've used a couple of their products and each one has broken me out :(

  • Decent deal. I’ve Tried it and switched to Lumin though. Much happier. + for the well laid out post :)

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    Real men use butter

    • +1

      Don't really want the dog licking my face when I fall asleep on the couch

      • I tried L'Oréal and I can't believe it's not butter!

    • Followed by oregano and parmesan….

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    Hail Hydra!!!

  • I use body cream on my face. I know it's bad.

    • Is it? I think if it works for your skin then go for it.

      • isn't that what everyone tells? use only face cream on your face.
        Maybe it's a marketing gimmick.

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          Really depends on what issues you have/you need (ie. scarring, acne, dryness) and your preference (ie. rich and creamy, gel watery, compatible with makeup etc). Body stuff is usually a little thicker and more basic.

  • When I was young we joked about how they would one day convince guys that they need this type of crap.

    That day has come sadly.

    • Anyone who cares about their skin should use an SPF moisturiser daily.

      • This one isn’t an SPF moisturiser unfortunately

        • True, I wouldn't buy this one personally

      • Actually I don't feel that is scientific fact.

        If I recall rightly from one of my lecturers:

        Dead skin cells ire and begin to flake off.
        Moisturiser is like hour and it sticks them back down.
        It's ironic that as the dead skin cells flake they are simply replaced by an endless supply of new skin cells.
        So yes. For a short time while the dead skin cells are stuck back down by moisturiser your skin 'appears' healthier but overall moisturiser doesn't do anything long term for this result."

        The lecturer then went on to say if you insist on still using moisturiser just buy a cheap generic brand as it will do the same as the expensive ones.
        (Not sure if there has been any real 'scientific changes in this area, but I doubt it would be worth the excess costs of expensive brands tbh).

        Now suncream in the other hand…..

        • SPF moisturiser protects from the sun. Agree the moisturiser itself probably doesn't do anything except make your skin look a bit nicer, but sun protection is very important.

          • @nexus4: Totally especially living in Australia.
            I wish I'd used more suncream when I was younger tbh.

        • This is interesting. The dead skin cells still holder water. The drier they are, the more they accumulate and start flaking and cracking.

          The lecturer then went on to say if you insist on still using moisturiser just buy a cheap generic brand as it will do the same as the expensive ones.

          Yes, any cheap generic will fulfil the core purpose of a moisturiser, but I think the lecturer is failing to recognise that personal preference plays a huge part for each person, that's why some people are willing to spend extra. Not everyone is ok with looking like a disco ball, or having their makeup slide off their face cause the cream was incompatible.

          I've gone a day without moisturiser before, and I could definitely feel the difference- tightness, dry. A female colleague of the same age looks much older and tired than me because lack of moisturising.

          • @Ughhh: Personal preference?

            This is a guys moisturiser we're talking about.

            Guys with the exception of a few that think they do, don't wear make-up.
            So how does this apply here?

            • @FredAstair: Personal preference isn't just about makeup…. It includes texture, smell/fragrance, heavy/light, oil based or water based, acne prone, skin sensitivity and more if you think about it.

              • @Ughhh: Sounds just like what you hear from a moisturiser commercial tbh.

                • @FredAstair: If you open yourself up to new experiences and talk to other people other than the regular sausage group, you may find that not everyone is the same.

                  • @Ughhh: User name checks out.

                    • @FredAstair: Is it that hard to believe that personal preference exist? Lol? You'd be OK with slathering vaseline on your face daily? Or using a heavily floral fragrant sunscreen on your face?

                      • @Ughhh: Not exactly how that relates tbh.
                        I don't think anyone would slather themselves with vasoline.

                        Growing up I had eczema so putting most creams on me was a risk of a flair up. Even soap could cause me a reaction.

                        My type of skin and a long life of no moisturiser and rarely any sunscreen and living in Australia, sorry, but I don't look old and wrinkly.

                        If I was a youth today, I certainly would use sunscreen. Especially as I can get one that I know won't cause my excema to flair up. Thua A the pH balance would be the only thing on the label I was concerned of.

                        A sunscreen can protect against the Sun's rays, be reapplied regularly and keep the skin hydrated. And it'll probably cost less than $20 for a large contain of it.

                        Standard moisturisers don't stop wrinkles or ageing, but they do cause shrinkage in your bank account.

                        I met a 40ish old woman with the skin of a 20 year old and she simply used a watered down version of sorbolene after a shower.

                        re British Association of Dermatologists
                        The main preventable causes of skin ageing are sun exposure and smoking, So if you're worried about wrinkles, limiting these factors is sensible."

                        Now looking back on my comment that offended you enough to defend your beliefs here, it was that an sunscreen is more important than moisturiser. You also defended you argument with just hearsay and not facts.
                        Then you attempted to use comments in an attempt to belittle me because I am male and thus wouldn't be able to contribute to a mosuturiser debate. You did attempt to use a Harvard reference although what is stated is obvious and not debated here. Skin dries, skin flakes of, and skin is replaced by more new skin. Sort of what my lecturer meant when he said that moisturiser was like glue. Hmmm

                        So sure.. Enjoy your personal preferences..

                        You sound very convincing to yourself here.

  • +4

    Insane packaging on this one. For that reason alone I deem it too harmful to the environment to buy.

    • Indeed - the bottle is false, probably 80% air by volume, so you only get a fraction of what you think you're buying.

      • Yeah not to mention its a massive plastic contraption just to dispense a bit of moisturiser. I mean its moisturiser not nuclear medicine.

  • +2

    This cream is the the first and only product I have bought and used specifically for my face. I have always used body cream or Nivea before. This thing is pretty light and seems to do just as good a job if not better. But it does seem like more packaging than product. Thanks OP, I have ordered 3 but I think once I finish these I will give the Neutrogena gel a go and see since the reviews are good.

    Anyone else has any recommendations? I would have thought any cream high in Vitamin E cream without any alcohol would be the go to but apparently it is more complicated or so I am told :-D. I have dry skin so no pimples or acne but a lot of flaking without moisturising.

    • but a lot of flaking without moisturising.

      Sounds like you need some exfoliating.

      • I need a lot of things..exfoliating is not that high on the list

        • For the flaking? Don't get it in your food!

          • +1

            @Ughhh: What a strange comment, ..anyways Its not that long so not a concern and what about the flaking ?

  • +1

    Never mind the rest you are the best OP… thank you for the post,, I saved a few bucks ..

  • I like the charcoal facial wash

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