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[Prime, eBook] Amazon First Reads: Prime Members Choose One Free Kindle Book This Month

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    Thanks, but I think it's just 1 book though.

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      Yes indeed, updated.
      Choose wisely.

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    Do the authors get paid for these free reads? I'm only into Audiobooks but select a random book each month to (hopefully) support the authors.

  • To keep forever? Or borrow?

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      Forever (or until Amazon crumbles)

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        Moves to mars

        • Book hauler the Canterbury, destroyed while taking literature to the Belt.

  • How to find which one can be shared with 11-13 year old kids?
    Wish they have ratings like movies for contents in the books.

    • Maybe innate magic or the picture book is my guess.

      There is always at least one obvious kids book (usually a picture book).

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        Thanks. Kids used to love Picture books upto age of 10. They want Harry Potter, Sherlock and other kids novels.

  • My Kindle account is set to the US region, and any attempts to convert it to Amazon Australia have failed so far - missing out on these First Read deals

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      US Link: https://www.amazon.com/firstreads?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_dls

      Tip: just edit the URL to take out the ".au"

      Also if you really want to change over, I think Amazon support can help you out

      Edit: they don't seem to be free in the US? Maybe someone else can weigh in here? $2 US is still pretty cheap if you were keen to read one, but this would be a first if Aust gets something cheaper than the US?

      • Yeah as you said, not free for Amazon US - might try to contact Amazon support for the second time to transfer it. I assume there is no benefit for being on the US Kindle store?

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          I am on the US because I always have been, but tbh in the last two years every free book deal is available on the Au store also, which is why I was surprised that these are 2 bucks in the US. Up until now I couldn't be arsed moving, but maybe this is reason enough

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      Have you added an Australian address to your account.

      • Turns out it was because my default Amazon US address was a Parcelpoint in Australia rather than my home address. That caused the issue.

        I changed the address to my home address and I was able to switch over to Amazon Au.

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          Great. Glad to hear

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    Used to be two books a month but still a good deal.

    • Yeah, I thought it was two too initially

  • Thanks I chose “at first sight”. Hopefully is interesting.

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    Thanks op. I like mystery and thrillers so went with "At first light"

    • It looks good from the ratings, enjoy the read

  • Thanks for listing along with recommendation, went with “At first light”, looking forward to a good read

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