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Viva Paper Towel Select-A-Size 12 Rolls $12 ($9.60 S&S) | Original $12 ($10.80 S&S) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39) @ Amazon AU


Excellent price on the Viva paper towels with the extra S&S discount on the Select-A-Size option. Cheapest it has been per sheet in recent times with the extra S&S discount.

VIVA Paper Towel Select-A-Size Towel, 12 Count

  • Click the 10% coupon on the product page and press Subscribe and Save and the total will be $9.60 (20% discount total).

  • Each VIVA SELECT-A-SIZE Roll contains 90 Sheets (15cm x 21cm)

The original Viva 12 Pack is $10.80 with Subscribe and Save and does not have a coupon available.

These contain 60 sheets per roll.

Both rolls are identical lengths, the Select-A-Size is shorter portions per sheet.

As always, enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    These are only 90 sheets per roll = 1080 sheets. Each sheet is 15cm x 21cm
    For the same price you can buy Handee 120 sheets per roll = 1,440 sheets. Each sheet is 22.5cm x 20.5cm

    • +26

      Viva craps on Handee though.

    • +1

      Why the negs? Seems like a valid comment

    • i noticed the smaller sheet size too when in the supermarket …..as supermarket quotes per 100 sheet price not per meter price ….so you do pay a premium for the select a size …..

      • No, they're just smaller cut but total length per roll is the same between select a size and regular. Works better for me since most of the time I only need smaller size.
        Select a size is 90 sheets x 15cm
        Regular is 60 sheets x 22.5cm

        • +1

          I just tear my Tuffy sheet in half, problem solved

  • Nice

  • +6

    Please note the discount is only on one item, so if you add 5 packs of viva paper towel it's still only $1.20 extra off.

    • Thanks. I was wondering why the extra 10% discount wasn't applying.

      • Yeah, it confused me to begin until I looked into it.

  • Thanks OP, ordered.

  • +6

    Note that the double length packs are even better value per sheet - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B098XX3F1T?smid=ANEGB3WVEVKZB&r... - comes down to $17.40 with both discounts.

  • +7

    I like the deal and the Viva Select-A-Size Rolls, and have ordered before from Amazon. But there's so much cardboard packaging. This is a broad point of ordering stuff online, but in this case I feel particularly bad because I can easily buy the same in the supermarket, where I go every week. I know we can recycle cardboard but not very clear this process works well in the end. Wondering how others feel about it.

    • +3

      Keep the cardboard for the garage, or moving house.

      • +1

        inner city living doesn’t often come with a garage to store boxes in …..and with more online shopping you do end up with a lot of boxes ….am past folding flat and storing under the bed for when i need to move.

      • +1

        Hehe yep, several family members/friends of mine who have moved place recently have certainly appreciated all my Amazon ordering :D

    • I've noticed they're using more just soft plastic parcel packaging for large non-damageable stuff like paper towels, toilet paper etc. these days, which is a good thing as yes I too also feel like it's a waste sending some paper rolls in those huge cardboard boxes (unless you need a decent cardboard box for something in which case it's great :P). I actually cringe at even just how much plastic packaging there is for these paper towels, like big wrapping around them all then more wrapping around each three, getting the double length ones is a bit better at least I guess, more product less packaging..

      • double length select a size as a new product might be the way to fix the problem of wastage , packageing, etc ….. maybe they will do that one day, best of both worlds, double length and select a size.

    • +1

      i have the same problem with online order package and use supermarket where i can, it’s not only that my recycling bin is small and fills up easily, it’s all the carbon footprint to get delivered / trees not absorbing carbon if cut down to make cardboard box.

      sometimes a small item comes in a large box from amazon to mimimise damage, who cares about crushed paper towels.

    • some deals on amazon you can select no cardboard box.

  • Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Maybe I'm a bit blind, but where's the coupon on the product page?

    • +1

      Pretty sure this is gone now

    • +1

      Yeah looks like the SAS one is OOS now, have updated.

      • Thanks guys! Just wanted to confirm I wasn't blind lol.

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 3 before they went out of stock.

  • Select-A-Size back in stock.

  • Great deal, saw this post during the day and then again at Costco this evening.
    They are selling it for $20!

  • Out of stock again - only 2 in stock @ $19.99, ETA Dec 6-10.

  • Just came back in stock

  • How do I get the additional 10% S&S without actually subscribing it for long term?
    Can I just S&S then cancel after 1 order?

    • +2

      Yes that's what we do

  • +1

    Won't order these because they would deliver this in a massive cardboard box - literally murdering the planet, such wastage.

    I'm not a greenie at all but honestly amazon need to just slap a damn sticker on the original packaging rather than delivering everything in a box.

    Take note amazon.

    • I hear yah but that can get damaged and torn
      I usually donate the boxes in my local buy nothing group

      • +1

        Think I need to join that group…spent too much on Ozbargain today.

        • Ppl move houses and need boxes so you'll help them out.
          We picked up some good stuff too. All free

          For those unaware - there should be a "Buy nothing" group of your local area on facebook

  • is this better than the Costco one?

  • Anyone a fan of the Quilton Tuffy paper towels. I know this is a great deal, just wanted to know how it compares

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