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Circulon Skillet Triple Pack or Frypan Sauté Set $99.95 (save $99.95) in-Store/ C&C Only @ BIG W


Supposedly has a lifetime warranty. Might be good for Christmas presents or those wanting to refresh their non stick pans. I can’t vouch for quality one way or the other as I use the tefal gourmet anodised but seems like decent value and thought some may be interested.

Fry pan sauté set here

Not suitable for induction

For the ultimate kitchen experience look no further than the Circulon Innovatum Skilllet Triple Pack! Designed with style and convenience in mind, this set heats evenly so as not to burn your food and has three layers of PFOA free non-stick so your food never gets stuck!

This pan is also metal utensil safe and can be used in the oven up to 200°C.

Product Features:
TOTAL 3 layer PFOA free non-stick interior with unique circle technology
Riveted easy grip silicone handle
Metal utensil safe
Oven safe to 200°C/400°F
Suitable for all cooktops excluding induction
Lifetime Warranty
NOT dishwasher safe

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  • Seems like a good deal

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    I wonder if the "lifetime warranty" is useful. It excludes "normal wear and tear" so if the non-stick coating comes off i guess thats going to be "normal wear and tear". Also doesn't cover scratches (even though its metal utensils safe).

    Here is warranty info:
    This guarantee does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use or normal wear and tear. Scratches, stains, discoloration or damage from overheating are not covered by this guarantee. Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this guarantee

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      lol so warranty only covers you if it randomly explodes. got it

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        Apparently, they've included so many conditions that you MUST fail at least at 1🤣

    • We have two Circulon non stick pans, granted a different model, and they were about $100 each, but they're 10-15 years old and can still fry an egg without oil and easily comes off!

      We just treat them nicely and they're still going strong. No metal utensils, never super hot, no dishwasher, no scratchy sponges.

      If they still use the same tech, or better, these are brilliant value!

      • That sound good. I will give it a try. Currently trialling stainless steel pan.

        • Metal utensil safe

          They say it, but don't trust them. Don't use metal haha. But yeah as a brand, thier products have always been great for us.

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      Non-stick pans need to be replaced every 2 years or so if you use them regularly. The non-stick wears off, even with expensive pans.
      Stainless steel is good - they last a lifetime - but you need need to know how to cook with them. In summary, they need to be used very hot.
      So what's the point of buying expensive non-stick ones? As long as they spread heat well, they all end up lasting the same 2 years. Yeah you can keep them longer, but the non-stick is not the same as it was.
      The Kmart pan that sells for $16 and was top of the list by CHOICE is the way to go in my opinion. I got it about 6 months ago and it's the best value for money I've had in a long time.

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    Suitable for all cooktops excluding induction

    • That’s a good point - will update deal

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    Don't know there - but the Tefal gourmet you mention is the goods. Used pretty much everyday and I've given the 26cm version to two of my kids. They like using them - particularly for hob-to-oven cooking tasks.

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      Yes, excellent pans, we always have one in back up stock (bought half price of course) to turn over every couple of years or so.

      • Great minds think alike! One in the storeroom. I've also got (and use a 30cm) but the 26cm is, IMHO, the sweet spot.

  • this seems to be the standard price for most places at the moment

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    Would love to note what size the sauté and fry pan option is

  • Threw out all my non stick and have replaced with cast iron and learning how to cook with aluminium right. Don't regret it…..cool story I know.

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      problem with cast iron pans is that sometimes i want to shallow boil some stuff and that takes the seasoning off the cast iron pans so I pretty much have 1 nonstick pan purely for shallow boiling tasks

      • The only way you can take seasoning off cast iron is with something acidic.

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    It seems Big W has a stack of half price cookware. Some cast iron in there

    • Yep, I saw that too but was unsure of the other brands.

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    I have this exact pan and it’s not magic. I did after a lot of back and forth arguing around the warranty get a replacement. At one point I was told the following (direct copy/paste)

    The photos you provided of your pan are showing signs of overheating which may have contributed to the deterioration of the product. This is use and care related and alone not covered under the warranty.

    I use an electric glass top hob and the pan DID NOT sit flush - so the centre gets hotter than the outside. Frustrating as other pans, some I’ve had for 5+ years never had this issue.

    If you do buy the pan, just make sure you don’t use it at a high heat. I’ve very weary using my replacement one at anything above a medium heat now.

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      Had similar issues, and also got replacement along with a 'we're letting it go this time, but any future claim will be looked at more closely' type of warning. Whatever. I will say they have lasted longer than all the other non stick pans we've used over the years (including stupid expensive ones), so am happy with them as long as bought at a discount.

      • I should note that my pans were not these, but the higher spec (and higher rrp) versions that support induction. If you got these from BigW I'd be even more paranoid about using no more than medium heat, and if using oil make sure it has a high smoke point like rice bran oil.

  • As an aside, even if you don't currently have induction I'd consider getting pans that support it. To me, they generally seem to feel better to use - a little more weight to them. Although currently sold out, for example this set (https://www.cookwarebrands.com.au/cookware/skillet/circulon-...) was available for the same price - less if you used a welcome coupon (excluding $10 shipping, free if order over $120 I think).

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    I bought this set a year ago and they are already ready for the bin. Our tefals have lasted way longer.

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    If you're into really overpriced cookware you can get $100 Scanpan voucher after buying 6 bottles of any Yellowtail wine, basically spend $36 on Pino Gri and get $100 coupon to redeem on a $199 pan.

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