Someone Has Moved My Gas and Electricity to Another Provider

Hi All,

I've been renting in a multi storey apartment building for more than 2 years now. The billing cycle for the utilities is set as quarterly. When I noticed another set of bills coming in after 15 days after I paid for the 3rd quarter, I called my energy supplier (Energy Australia) to check.

They said someone has moved the billing to another company (AGL) for their address by providing my meter numbers (as obviously I didn't apply for the change) and my accounts are being closed.

How is this possible? The electricity meters are in a locked cabinet on my floor and don't see any gas meters around.

Any suggestions please on where to go from here as I don't want to risk a disconnection :(



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    You'll get free Gas and Electricity, as someone else will pay for it now :)

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    How is this possible?

    Very little diligence on the providers part. The problem is you don't know who has taken over it (privacy), so that you can't go speak the new neighbour to fix the mix up… unless you know who has moved into your block and try speaking with them?

    This has happened to me when new neighbour moved in. Apparently this mix up happens often enough when I spoke with my electricity provider.

    Not sure how you can best resolved this without knowing who has taken over. I'll say continue your dialogue with your provide until it is resolved.

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    This happened to me with powershop a few months back. Said it was "market rules" and they didn't need to check/validate change request. Said there was nothing they could do and it was between me and the other provider now (sumo).

    Called sumo explained what happened, very apologetic and immediately owned the mistake and apologised. They made a mistake with the NMI number and transfered me instead of the house two doors down.

    Called back Powershop back and spoke to someone heaps more helpful who was able to transfer my account back. They said it would take about 10 days, but in reality it took about 4 weeks and I needed to follow up.

    Both parties assured me nothing would get disconnected as long as a dispute/request was logged.

    My recommendation, contact AGL and explain the situation. They then can authorise 'the release' (I think they refered to it as). Call back Energy Australia and don't let them fob you off saying it's not possible.

    From my googling this is a pretty common issue, there are plenty of forums out there with people in the same situation.

    Good luck…

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      Did u get billed for the power you used during that time?

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        Pretty sure I did. But to be honest didn't really bother checking. Was moving address about 2 months afterwards and just didn't want to deal with the pain of having a new provider for a few weeks and having to deal with working out who I need to close the accounts with.

        Sumo assured me I wouldn't get a bill from them and never did.

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  • So in theory, the mystery person will be paying off my bills (unknowingly). I am worried they might face a disconnection down the road due to non payment of their actuals … or will they?

    • If bills come by snail mail won't they come to your address with someone else's name?

      I was worried that the issue would get resolved months/years down the line then one of the energy providers would chase the outstanding amount and get debt collectors involved.

      • Yes provided they've opted for snail mail but some go by email only (like me)

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    This happened to me , not once, twice. Just tell them, they will revoke it. Happen when other party accidently register with your address. It's always good to check your meter number.

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    This happens more than you think, usually by lack of care or typo when someone signs up to a deal. Retailers call it "won in error". Just call both retailers and tell them u own the address and it shouldn't be moved.

  • Its actually more complicated - per my convo with my retailer, the other party has managed to provide my meter numbers under their own address

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      I would say shut your mouth and keep your free electricity. It will be pretty obvious to your neighbour when their own power gets cut-off for non-payment. That is when everybody else's error will get fixed. You have done everything legit on your end.

  • So when the meter gets changed back, are you liable to pay for the power that was used? Unless they can prove it was not paid for by the other person, I wouldn't be paying it. How cna they assure you the power isn't being paid for twice?

    • I think, on supplier's ledger (Ausgrid), there should be a single retailer authorized to bill on that address

  • Thanks everyone, calls made, proofs provided, the waiting game begins :)

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