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Test Match (Cricket Board Game) $15 (Was $25) + $9 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $45 Order) @ Target (+$10 Metro Delivery @ Kmart)


Found this classic game cheap, Cash back etc too
Also at Kmart https://www.kmart.com.au/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDi...
Product Details
The original and authentic, all action cricket game! Bringing the excitement of all forms of cricket (Test, One Day, 20/20) to your own family room!

The overarm bowling can be fast or slow. A heavy ball is now standard to enable easier and more accurate batting. The batsman works with a trigger action for a faster response and the fielders can even "catch" the ball between their feet! Create your own teams for some great cricket action and watch every ball and run from your very own VIP lounge. Best of all, it's guaranteed not to get washed out

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  • +10

    *channel 9 cricket intro intensifies *


  • +5

    I recall a few mentions of this being poor quality compared to the old classic version

    • +10

      The 'new' bowler is terrible! Bring back the old rolling rail!

      • +9

        No rail? What abomination is this?

  • +3

    i remember this from decades ago wow

    • YEH Same…nice to see it is coming back instead of these app games or whatever

    • +2

      Not the same. This version is crap.

  • $9 delivery so C&C the way to go. Alternative might be $21.95 and free shipping via Prime on Amazon

  • +1

    Gosh I remember the old commercials. Love it!!

  • +2

    Can you still lift the back of the batsman slightly, get the bat to stick into the pitch then put a tonne of pressure on it to put the ball into orbit?

    I miss that. We lost so many balls we just started using ball bearings.

    • +4

      I used to be able to reliably hit the other player in the face, usually close to the eyes.

      We had an old camera film cannister full of ball bearings.

  • +1
  • More exciting than the sport.

    • +1

      True, but that's not saying a lot!

  • +1

    Howzat for value??

  • Is this the same quality as Big Bash Smash?

  • +1

    It wasn't that long ago that I got rid of the original original Test Match.
    You know, the one with the string attached to a bat that looked more like an old Hoover vacuum! 😂

    Plenty of great childhood memories came from playing this game.

  • +1

    Shopback has a spend $10 get $5 Target bonus.. goto earn more on the app

  • +1

    Sand paper sold separately…..

  • -1

    I remember the original version was a total POS, so it's hard to imagine this could be worse. I remember if you were even the slightest bit too vigorous with the batsman, the stupid faux-felt cricket oval would either slip or crease up, and the entire team of fieldsman would promptly fall over, giving the batsman a better than average chance of scoring a 4. Also more time was spent with the clothes iron trying to smooth out the pitch than was ever spent playing the game. Barely worth $5, let alone $15.

  • +2

    I hear you can get 2 for 22

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