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North Face, Saloman, Keen, Hitec Hiking Shoes from $40, Keen Men's Gypsum II Mid Hiking Boots $40 (RRP $270) in-Store @ Anaconda


Receipt: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/184253/92160/0001.jpg
INSTORE ONLY NOT ALL LISTED ONLINE: Confirmed with their phone number all stores will have this deal as they are clearing out old stock to replenish new stock. Prices will be common across all stores with the same stock. Due to the nature of clearance and stock levels, some is no longer listed on the website.

Sizes seemed to vary: From 6 to 14 Men and Womens it would be best to call in beforehand to see if they have stock in your size. I found they fit a size small, I usually wear size 10.5 but 9.5 was fine for me for Keen, Hitec and North Face. I confirmed with their phone number all stores will have this deal as they are clearing out old stock to replenish new stock. Due to the nature of clearance.

I know hiking deals don't go as well as Electronics deals but taking a chance on this one. I have linked an example of the clearance stock on the website, but you will have to go instore or call to put on hold the item to get a further 50% off. Even at $80 this is a great deal for $270 but at $40 it's at buy even if you don't need territory.

(Further 50% off extra Orange Sticker Clearance Prices $80-$150 Clearance)
I saw 20+ pairs of North Face, Keen, HiTec Saloman Men and Women's Hiking Boots ranging from $140-$270RRP at Warringah Mall

These were selling for $40-$75 after the 50% off mostly North Face still selling for $75

This was $40 RRP$270 Keen Men's Gypsum II Mid Hiking Boots
For comparison $165 at Snowys next best price for Keen Men's Gypsum II Mid Hiking Boots:
I couldn't find the Anaconda link but there were a few pairs various sizes there and confirmed elsewhere:

This was one of them selling for $75 RRP $250

My dad liked this one Hitec Bryce II WP for $40($RRP $140)

Went to check this deal out
It's a special manager sale for Belrose only, reducing their range but Warringah mall and other stores are still $85 but can do it for me $40 as I brought it up. This is up to manager's disgression though.

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  • The women's shoe you linked to (main link) is sold out. Everything but size 6 is gone.

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      Twix changed my title to show Instore at the end :(. It's clearance stock so may not be listed online
      If you were considering buying it for $80 hand in your Ozbargain membership :P
      That is online, this is instore only at 50% off clearance sticker prices they were multiple in 6,7,9.5,10,11,13,14 at my store
      But in some variation between 6-14 they said at each store

  • This must be store specific. Not in my local.

    • Confirmed with phone agent, Prices will be common across all stores with the same stock.
      If your store still has any of the $80 Keen, Hitec or Saloman or $150 clearance North Face shoes in stock they should be on a clearance table or maybe you can ask or call in.

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        I'm in the shop.

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          Do you work there? How are you in the shop when it closes 5pm in all the stores I checked

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            @Levity: I hid inside an esky..

            OR, the country is bigger than Sydney?

            Edit: you changed the reference to Syd :P

            • @Supercool: Yeah the only stores still open are in WA? Did you ask about the sale in your store/local stores as I want to confirm what phone agent told me

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              @Supercool: You are one cool dude to hide in an esky 🥶

  • Was just at the Innaloo store - Seems there was some inconsistency between stores and wasn't able to get the additional 50% off the Gypsum II until I showed an invoice of my partner's purchase at the Joondalup store with the same shoe.

    Lady at the counter mentioned it was store specific.

    Still some Womens size 7's and Men's size 12+ at the Innaloo store.

    P.S. Alot of end of season ski clothing also reduced the same (additional 50% off the clearance sticker)

  • Awesome find OP.

  • I've had the hytek bryce (or some other identical looking hytek) as listed at the bottom of the post for I reckon at least 5 years now. Still use them - highly recommended.

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      They are quite good quality for the RRP

      • In think I paid over $100 for them and they were at that time half price or something. So seems like they've actually come down.

      • Did you get the Bryce for your dad Levity? could you post the receipt if you did? went to the Rockdale store but they were $80 no further discount.

  • Anaconda DFO stores or all Anaconda stores?

    • All Anaconda stores

  • Visited my local (Watergardens, VIC) Anaconda store Sunday morning a managed to get the:
    Keen Women's Gypsum II Mid Hiking Boots Cornstock Gold Coral for my wife (size 7.5) & daughter (size 8.5) ….$80 each (RRP $269.99)

    Un-fortunately in men's sizes they didn't have my size or any other…although there's plenty size 13 & 14 on special!

    Perfect timing as my daughter is going on a 3 day bush hiking school camp tomorrow so very glad we found these!

    • Good to hear my deal helped you! Was keen to hear what happened on Monday

  • Not additional 50% at Rockdale Anaconda in Sydney. Can anyone post a receipt for the Bryce II please if you get them?

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      I showed the manager the OZbargain post and he decided to give me and extra 50% off. What a legend!

      KEEN Targhee exp Mid WP $75 from$150 mark down.
      How can i get images in this post?

    • I was thinking of heading there today but woke up with bad leg cramping so was putting it off until after work! Not sure it's worth going if they won't honour the discounts…

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        Call up and ask before you go in, here is my receipt https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/184253/92160/0001.jpg

        • Thanks…. Much the same as asb174 I managed to snag some Salomon XA Rogg's and the Hi-tec boots for girlfriend - there wasn't a lot of stock at the Rockdale store. Might have to try another for some boots for myself if I get chance today..

  • Belrose Anaconda no luck on the 50% off.

  • This is the clearance table at Box Hill, VIC. Mostly men’s, mostly Teva, Hi-Tec and Salomon.

    Didn’t see any clearance shoes at Hawthorn, VIC.

    • Thanks OP. Grabbed a pair of Salomon GTX low-cut hiking shoes for $80. Also got a Mountain Designs down jacket for $50 down from $300 RRP.

  • At Bayswater anaconda and found the last salomon lygen mid gtx at the right size but store wouldn’t go a further 50% from the $80 sticker price. Anybody in VIC have better luck?

    • Check my comment below.

  • Thanks OP. Just bought the Men's Gypsum II for $40. The sticker said $150 I asked them to double check and they said the real price is $80, I then showed them the receipt and they honoured it.
    The Highett store has some left in the clearance section. Lots of Hitec and other brands, two pairs of Keen Gypsum, one size US14 and the other US9.5. If you go there, beware that the price on the orange stickers are not updated and you have to ask them to double check.

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