SYD to HND on ANA - Will Flight Be Reinstated?

I have a flight booked for June next year, SYD to CDG (stopover HND) with ANA.

I booked via Flight Centre last week.

Now I have just discovered this link

It indicates that the flight number I have booked NH890 was suspended during Covid and is currently showing as suspended until January.

I am a little bit concerned that if it gets cancelled, it will be cancelled too late and I’ll end up having to fork out big $$ to re-book another flight/airline.

Flight Centre essentially says “don’t worry, you will be refunded if it’s cancelled”.
Sure, I am not concerned about the refund, more so about flight availability and prices. I have booked business with ANA and it was $4k cheaper than Qantas.

Does anyone have any insight as to the likelihood of these flights being reinstated soon?


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    None of us would reasonably know at this point. The airline companies themselves don't. You should be okay by June with the current way things are improving. Don't stress.

    Read the terms and conditions on the ticket you purchased. Flight Centre aren't known to have good after-sales support and plenty were complaining about them during the initial lockdowns and cancellations.

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    more [concerned] about flight availability and prices. I have booked business with ANA and it was $4k cheaper than Qantas.

    Does not compute

    • I am concerned about having to book with Qantas and spend $4k more on a flight. Or fly economy.
      ANA was $5600 Qantas is $9500

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    First congrats on booking a Japanese airline over Qantas.

    I wouldn't stress this far out, it's all changing quickly right now.
    Japan has just reduced the business travel quarantine down to three days, so things are moving forward along with the world opening, up at a fast pace.

    Hopefully you can get into one of "The Room" flights, it looks awesome.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine.

    • Yeah first time trying a Japanese airline and I can’t believe the prices! The room does look amazing.

      • You won't be going back to the Flying Kangaroo.

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        ANA (NH) currently operate their Boeing 787-9 on their SYD route. This has a staggered Business class configuration, not the Room (which can only be found on the Boeing 77W).

  • OzCrystalball says NFI yet.

    But if that flight is cancelled and not running - how can they let you book something that is cancelled?

  • chances are the flights will co share with aligned airlines if they don't fill

    that's what they did before covid. expect it to be more common now

  • Why would you book via Flight Centre? They impose their own terms and conditions on top of the airline.

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      Throws money at the HN equivalent of travel, asks OB members to pay him back?

    • I had 3 payment methods I wanted to use (some prepaid cards + credit card). Only flight centre can split payments, unlike Airlines

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