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MTS Nutrition - Outright Bar (Expires December 2021) - 12 x 60g Bar $9.98 + Delivery @ Supps R Us


Get 80% off on MTS Nutrition - Outright Bar and only at $9.98. Try the delicious Outright protein bars today.

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    Too many carbs.

  • +1

    "26 grams of REAL carbs"

    What are real carbs?

    • For the Butterscotch Peanut Butter Flavour it's actually 29g of carbs.

      20g (1/3 of the 60g bar) is "added sugars".


      • -3

        If you bothered to look at the ingredients the sugar comes from honey

        • +3

          It's still sugar. That's why it's listed as sugar.

          • +5

            @mickeyjuiceman: whether its glucose, sucrose, fructose, my fat ass dosnt recognise if bees made it or not.

            • @shroomish: But bees are part of nature!

              • +1

                @mickeyjuiceman: does this mean the cyanide from bitter almonds will levitate my internal frequency? These kratom & elderberry and enemas have done naught.

          • -2

            @mickeyjuiceman: im sure you know there's a difference between white sugar and honey.

            • +1

              @swxfty: Sure, the proportions of glucose and fructose in honey vs sucrose are slightly different. How is sucrose not a 'real' carb?

            • @swxfty: "A difference" and " a meaningful difference as your body sees it as it breaks it down" is a sure sign of desperate nitpicking.

        • +1

          I looked at the ingredients. I'm a nutrition researcher. How is honey a 'real' carb? Which carbs are fake?

  • These are good protein bars/snacks and usually are $4-5 RRP.

    Bought 2 boxes - should last one per day for the next few weeks.

    Thanks OP

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