Anyone Exeperienced Leaking from a Rear Car Boot Vent

I have an old Honda civic, which was rear ended about 2 years ago.

Noticed the rear vents are leaking water when it rains.

Anyone experience anything similar?

And have any tips to stop the leak?

I applied silicone around the vent but water is still entering.

Picture of leak

Picture of vent


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    Yeah, needs more silicon…

    To me, it looks like it is installed wrong. Like it's letting the water in. The flaps usually go to the outside so when you close the boot, it lets the compressed boot space air out.

    And is it leaking when it rains and standing still or when it rains and you are driving? If when standing still, it's more likely the boot seal, not this vent.

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      Good observation! It does look like the flaps have been (re?)installed the wrong way around.

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      Yeah, needs more silicon…

      Needs to do a better job shaping that Blu-tack.

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        I often say when I see shit like this (or bad welding)…

        "Did you consider using the proper applicator or was it just good enough to stand back and throw it on and hope it would stick?"

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    Those look like air vents which allow interior air to displace and doors to close easily. Water should not come through those vents as they would be hidden behind panels. There is a droplet of water above the actual vent in your picture, which suggests that the leak is coming from above the actual vent? Is the main boot lid seal intact and fitted properly? Could be misaligned panels that have opened up air gaps between panels?

    • Good observation. Could be a bad seal or blocked rain gutter/drain.

  • looks like blu tak?

    I once used gorilla tape to seal some gaps from water entry and seemed to work quite well. Its been about 2 years and still going strong. It is out of direct sun though.

  • Looks like blu tack not silicone

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    Anyone Exeperienced Leaking from a Rear Car Boot Vent

    Just piss in a bottle

  • Looks like there is water above the vent, tracking down. You then assume it's the vent. Pretty sure I can see the water higher than the vent in the first two pictures.

  • I've got a minor water problem in my car's boot too, (unsure where it comes from, my guess is removed condensation (less likely), or leaking seals (more likely).
    Anyway I just put Silver Car sunshade wrap in boot (preferably one with some sort of bubble wrap kinda texture), it does a great job at preventing the water to come onto items. And i just take everything out every 3 months or so, to have it all air dry. But it does make the spare wheel take a bath in water though.

  • You need to work out where it’s getting in. If you stop it from where it’s getting out (but, in this case into the boot) you are likely to end up with looking inside the body cavity which will be great for rust enhancement.


  • Most insurers have guaranteed for life repairs, if you suspect the repair is at fault follow it up with them?

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