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Anova: 50% off Precision Cooker Pro $314.50, 15% off Precision Oven $764.99, 30% off Vacuum Sealer Pro $167.30 Delivered @ Anova


Early Black Friday deals for Anova.

15% off Precision Oven - $764.99
50% off Precision Cooker Pro - $314.50
30% off Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro - $167.30
25% off Precision 12L Container - $74.99 + Delivery

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • $36 shipping on the container….. boooo

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      100% better off using a cheap esky with some bubble wrap as a lid… Or even cutting an anova sized hole in the lid

      • Currently use a deep stock pot kinda thing with alfoil over the top, just wanted a neater solution.

        • +5

          I got a polycarb container and lid and used a 60mm holesaw through the lid. Works great.

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            @ayayron: I did the exact same thing except my lid is a more flexible style one so just took a blade to it!

            • @BenMHarvey: I considered a flexile lid, but the one I found wasn't rated to the same temps as the polycarb lid so went with that one. Flexi would have been a lot easier to cut the slot into though.

      • I'm using an esky from bunnings with a hole I cut with a hole saw. Works great and keeps evaporation low and I assume heating required lower. Just need a bigger vacuum sealer and esky for larger ribs and brisket.

        • which model of esky are you using? how do you find the size (in both volume and dimensions)?

      • I've been using a 25L Willow. Coles used to sell them but can't see anything on their website now.

        A quick search found something similar at Anaconda that should do the job for $30


        Good size for most cuts and more efficient than a cambro. If you don't cut the lid then it's multi-purpose too.

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    Swear I only paid around $100-150 for mine. (Older version)

    • +3

      Mine was about the same - seriously premium pricing on these now…

    • +1

      My brother bought his a few years ago for about $150~ as well.
      So I decided to go with an Inkbird ISV-200W.
      Really happy with it so far.

  • +2

    What do these do that my $80 inkbird doesn’t?

    • +1

      I just bought an inkbird and really happy with it.

    • Advertise hard and pay the google machine - i didn't even know Inkbird existed when I went looking for "sous vide machine"

  • I got an Inkbird ISV-200W for under $100 a few weeks ago and love it.
    I bought a polycarb container and lid for roughly $50 delivered from Nisbets.

    Used a 60mm holesaw on the lid and dremel to smooth the edges after.

  • +1

    Wow, prices have really gone up! I purchased a Nano in Dec 2018 for $99 inc postage. Also backed the Kickstarter for $US145 in 2014. Also bought a wi-fi Precision in 2016 for AU$189.

    My nano is starting to act up, sometimes the 'buttons' don't work (can always use the app i suppose) and was thinking about replacing it, but not at these prices!

    Think I'll be replacing it with an inkbird if my nano dies.

    BTW, the my original died quite spectacularly. I was just doing a steak and after 1 hour I checked on it and the water bath was boiling! The temp was still set to 54C but it was like it was set to MAX. The bag had melted and steak in the water. In 3D printing this is called thermal runaway. Luckily it was a 1 hour steak and not an overnight job…

  • Just buy an Inkbird off eBay and save heaps. Zero point buying an Anova. (Yes, I've had both, including both Inkbird models.)

    • Inkbird = Shenzhen Yingbo Weiye Technology Co., Ltd.

      I don't like sharing my private data (no matter how irrelevant) with a state owned corporation which has dubious privacy practices and a tendency to look for backdoors in their products.

      • Can anyone confirm that the inkbird doesn't work without an account or the app? I'd prefer not to have to set up an account to use my sous vide machine

  • +2

    Thanks OP, this is the first discount on the oven I've seen.

  • Any thoughts on the vac sealer? my cheapy from BCF is on the way out.

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