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Claim a Free Personalised Tim Tam Mug with Purchase of 2x Packets of Tim Tams 160g to 200g (In 1 Transaction)


Just noticed this at my local Coles which have Tim Tam at half price

Free mug with purchase of two packets of Tim Tam. First 5000 valid claims.

Hope someone else finds this useful.

Promotion commences on 01/11/2021. Claims close 11:59pm AEDST on 28/11/2021 or when five thousand (5,000) valid claims have been received, whichever is first to occur

Edit 1. Added link to half price Tim Tam at Coles

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  • I thought it said "Titanium" mug!

  • +1

    Haha, nice! We just bought two packets from Coles yesterday. The validation of your receipt is automatic. Thanks, OP!

  • +4

    Probably find a receipt at the trolley collection.

  • -8

    Thanks, bought 200

    • -2

      This joke never gets old ….

  • So, this means Timtams won't be on special until after 28/11 :)

    • +6

      They're half price at Coles right now.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I wanted to grab some anyway - will do tomorrow before they go off special

      • +1

        Don't really want the mug but keen for the half price Tim Tams, @ufwpd is the real MVP

  • +3

    I’m anxious that I might be the 5001th submission tomorrow.

    • +37

      Good thing you'll have 2 packets of timtams to cheer your up

      • Does anyone stop at 2 packs?

  • Cheers.. hope they send it..

  • Don’t have to be from Coles. Can be from Amazon or where ever they are cheap…

  • Free delivery?

  • +1

    Wow, thanks!!! Bought 6 TTs at Coles today as the prerequisite 1/2 price purchase and this is just icing on the cake - didn’t see any other promotional signs in store. Apparently my wish has been granted!!! Upvote this!

    • +1

      Timtam genie has granted you a wish (accidentally)

    • I brought a few more packs as well today. Did you submit just the one claim? As it’s one per transaction? Or did you submit 3 cups? I only did the one but didn’t think about the 1 per transaction as I got it for my sister who wanted a cup.

  • Tomorrow for brekkie I shall be buying packets of Tim Tams then.

    Put them between bread and nutella with one on the side for a Tim Tam Slam in the coffee.

    • -4

      Buy 2 on Amazon, download the invoice, cancel the order

    • +3


    • +5

      Dude, just go to Coles and spend $4.

  • +1

    i wonder if they filter the personalising

    • I take ozbargain!

      • +1

        Username checks out.

  • +14

    I love how they say it's got a 25 character limit, yet their own example message is 28 characters. 🙄

    • +4

      Marketing team failed math.

      • And when I add a message with 25 characters, the first and last letter don't even show up in the preview, and they show this message:

        By clicking SUBMIT you acknowledge that you approve the artwork seen in this preview. Please check that there are no mistakes before submitting.

        Probably not worth risking it 😕

        • yeah I ended up only using about 20 characters as it appears to cut the last 2 off

  • Bought 2 ytd in Coles n successfully sent the claim, hope will receive it soon.

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    Frequently asked questions
    When is this promotion live?
    Promotion commences on 01/11/2021. Claims close 11:59pm AEDST on 28/11/2021 or when five thousand (5,000) valid claims have been received, whichever is first to occur.

    Who can claim?
    Claims are only open to Australian residents. Claimants under 18 years old must have parental/guardian approval to claim and further, the parent/guardian of the claimant must read and consent to these Terms and Conditions. Parents/guardians may be required by the Promoter to enter into a further agreement as evidence of consent to the minor submitting a claim in this promotion.

    How can I claim my free mug?
    Individuals must purchase, in a single transaction, two (2) x packets of Tim Tams 160g to 200g from Participating Stores nationally during the Promotional Period.

    What is the free gift?
    The free gift is a personalised Tim Tam Mug valued at $10.

    When will I receive my Tim Tam Mug?
    The Tim Tam Genie is working hard to get your mug to you as soon as possible but it may take up to 15 days based on current shipping estimates. You should receive another email with a tracking number when your mug is on its way.

    Which products are participating in the promotion?
    Tim Tams 160g to 200g:
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Original 200g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Double Coat 200g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Chewy Caramel 175g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam White Choc 165g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Dark Choc 200g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Choc Mint 160g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection – Murray River Salted Caramel 160g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection – Moreton Bay Raspberry & Dark Choc 160g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection – Dimbulah Mountain Estate Coffee & Chocolate 160g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection – Murray River Salted Double Choc 175g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Crafted Collection – Kensington Pride Mango & Cream 160g
    Arnott’s Tim Tam Dark Choc Banoffee 175g (Available at Coles Only)

  • Thanks OP for this. Sent the claim and got an email confirming approved - "your wish has been granted!". 15 business days for the mug to arrive. !!!!

  • +1

    Perfect this would pair nicely with my Coca Cola glasses from Macca's

    • Have you snagged any of Hungry Jacks new ones?

  • +1

    Have a feeling the Eastern States will have claimed them all today before WA even wakes up LoL

    • +4

      That's cause they're a bunch of mugs :)

    • +1

      Surprise! We were still awake when the deal was posted!

      • Manage to secure a mug? :)

  • Claim is in. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Anyone feel comfortable sharing what they wrote on their mugs? Need some personalised message inspo…

    • +2

      Two packs, one mug…

      • Four packs, two mugs…

      • I actually made one for my friend saying One girl, one cup

        • So I just got an email from Tim Tam refusing to print One girl, one cup and asking me to choose something else.

      • Two tims, one tam

    • No Timtams, Only Cuppa
      Could probably do "No Timtam left,Only Cuppa" but it cut the ends of it on the preview so i went for the safe version
      "*We are out of TimTams" would be a good one

      • +2

        I love the way you slam?

    • You 'mirin son!

    • +3

      “I love Ozbargain” - 16 characters…feel free to add “.com.au” if you don’t want to waste the 25character limit

  • Claimed. Cheers OP

  • Claimed. Cheers OP!

  • -1

    "the cake is a lie" vs "BECAUSE I'M A POTATO"

  • -8

    anyone got a spare receipt they want to send, im too lazy to go out

    • +1

      Yeah mate, check your inbox :)

      • -5

        Can I please have it too? :)

      • -1

        nothing appeared yet

        • +21

          Made you look!

  • Had to dig my receipt from the recycling bin- lol.

    Thanks, OP!

    • Just fyi, I believe those receipt type paper isn’t recyclable.

  • $2 at coles for Tim tams

  • Got my tim tams, submitted my claim but based on what they wrote doesn’t mean you will 100% get it right? Or are they saying that to cover for any glitches?

    Edited: they sent me email to say approved or wish granted.

    Thanks Op!

    • Not guaranteed, no. Good way to get the sales up especially when the only limit is one mug per receipt of two purchases.

      Local Coles was almost sold out of all varieties which never happens even when they're on sale.

      Edit - Just checked my email and there's an email saying

      Great news, "Insert name"!
      All your wishes have come true and you'll soon be the owner of your very own Tim Tam mug!
      You'll get another email when your mug is on it's way, which should be in about fiteen business days.

      Blah Blah Blah

      That seems pretty definite, so who knows.

    • +1

      They're probably saying it to screen the messages to make sure they're acceptable/not too sweary.

  • +1

    Ordered one for my sister, who loves Tim Tams

  • Claimed (for a friend).

  • Yesterday when I ordered one, I received a Claim Received email:
    "Great news, I’ve received your wish for a personalised Tim Tam mug! I have a few more wishes to grant before I get to yours, so it may take up to 15 business days.
    I’ll notify you via email if your wish is granted or if we need additional information to validate your claim.
    So, please be sure to check your junk/spam folders."

    Haven't received a Claim Approved email yet. So I'm guessing their system didn't like my receipt so didn't auto-approve it, and now have to wait for someone to manually approve my order…

    • I just got my Claim Approved email. So for my submission it took 1 day and 7 hrs. Now will need to wait for the email when the mug is on the way :D

  • Im trying to help my mum submit one. She got her tim tams gave me her receipt but the site is crashing? Can’t get pass the submit button. But maybe it’s over? But you would assume they would just take it down…

    • +1

      I am having the same issue, it is forever stuck loading the submit button.

      • Same tried 3 browsers on my phone

        • +2

          Try again guys, just worked for me after trying 100 times…but it gave me the:

          The Tim Tam Genie has received your wish for a Tim Tam mug. There’s a few wishes to grant before yours, so it may take up to fifteen business days.

          I’ll notify you via email if your wish is granted or if we need additional information to validate your claim.

          • +2

            @Baby Grogu: Thanks, it works now. Got confirmation email right after submitting.

          • @Baby Grogu: That’s weird I got a different email.

            All your wishes have come true, and you’ll soon be the owner of your very own Tim Tam mug!

            You’ll get another email when your mug is on its way, which should be in about fifteen business days.

            So, please be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

            For full Terms and Conditions, please click here

            Best wishes,
            The Tim Tam Genie

            Oh wait nvm your message is the confirmation screen you see after you fill in the form etc.

  • Anyone had any issues with their claim? I did two yesterday and received the following for one of them today:

    Your claim is invalid.
    Unfortunately, we have not been able to validate your claim for a personalised Tim Tam mug.
    For us to review your claim, you will need to provide any additional or missing information in an email to [[email protected]]. In your reply, please clearly include your Claim ID and send the missing information within five business days from the date of you receiving this email.
    For full Terms and Conditions, please click here
    Best wishes,
    The Tim Tam Team

    No information about what was missing and the email I sent to [email protected] bounced.

    • I did mine late in the afternoon so not sure yet. Did you use same receipt or different?

      The one I helped my mum do gave me the “we will check message”. We purchased new packs of Tim tams today.

    • For what it is worth I contacted support and this is the email they sent me:

      Hi [First Name],

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We can confirm that you have a validated entry.

      Have you made another purchase? If so are you able to enter again and currently, the promotion is still open but there is only a limited number of mugs remaining to claim.

      The Tim Tam Team

    • Update - I managed to contact them through their website support.
      They let me know that the receipt I added for the second entry hadn't attached properly and to resubmit.

  • +2

    Claimed mine last night, thanks OP.
    I also hadn't email that said my claim was incomplete. I then went back to the website (still open on my phone browser) and noticed the page had changed and wanted a name to personalise the mug. I entered this and the I got the confirmation email that my claim was successful.
    Hope this helps the guys that are having issues.

  • Just a heads up, I didn't want endless SMS spam, so I gave them a landline phone number instead of a mobile number. The website didn't complain when I did this, and I just received the "your wish has been granted" email, 27 hours after the "your wish has been received" email.

    Also, when I bought the two packs, one listed as "*%arnotts chocolate bi 165gram" on the receipt, so I photographed the two packs of biscuits with the receipt sitting on top, and submitted that. Evidently it worked.

  • Coles $2 special finished - now $3 at Coles & Woolies.

  • I got the Tim tams but not the mug. Half a win.

  • Randomly got this email from tim tam bc i used the word hate lol


    Thank you for your entry for a personalised Tim Tam mug.

    have requested a phrase which is not permitted to be printed. You will receive an automated email within the next hour, which will provide you a link to access your entry and update your personalisation.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


    The Tim Tam Team"

    • same but i used satan

  • Anyone got shipping notification yet ?

    • I've been waiting for mine too! Haven't received it yet

    • Haven't received the shipping email yet either

      • +2

        Received a shipping notification just then

  • +4

    Got this email today:

    This is a quick update to let you know that the Tim Tam Genie is working hard to get your personalised mug to you as soon as possible, but due to high demand it is taking longer than expected.

    Please keep an eye on your inbox as you’ll receive an Aus Post tracking number as soon as your mug is on its way.

    Best wishes,
    The Tim Tam Genie

    • +2

      The reason for the delay is absolute bollocks.

      They didn't realise that the demand for a free mug in a promo that was limited to 5,000 was going to be 5,000?

      How many people did they think were going to sign up?

    • Me too. Patiently waiting for my mug!

  • Who else got an email about this today? Was beginning to think it wasn’t gonna happen

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