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Free GYG Socks with $20 Spend @ Guzman Y Gomez


Repeat of last year's deal.

From website:

From Tuesday November 9, we will be giving away brand new limited edition GYG socks – FREE with any order over $20, but only for a limited time!

Our cult fave socks are BACK with an epic limited edition design for 2021, but for a strictly limited time. This year we have thousands more socks to give away but they will not last – last year 80,000 pairs sold out in DAYS.

Spend a minimum of $20 in any Guzman y Gomez restaurant from Tuesday 9 November
Order via in-store, takeaway, drive-thru, or via the GYG App
One pair of socks will be redeemed per $20 Spent
While socks last

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  • Are they really cult favourites?

    It's not like they sold out because they were free is it?!!

    Edit - Last years look much better. These are just GYGYGYGYGYGYG

    • -1

      aust company ripping off mexican cuisine by giving away china socks

      sounds about white

  • This deal socks

  • +2

    i got a pair tonight, didn't make the purchase for socks but, they even wrapped it in foil haha i tricked my son with it he opened it and went this is not a burrito lol

    • +3

      Double down and put a burrito in his sock drawer.

      • haha im just thinking what he would do, would he throw it away or would he open and expect a sock in it. hahaha

  • I got a pair the other day. Some lucky person can pick them up at Vinnies on the weekend 😉

  • Not really a deal but I got a pair yesterday

  • +1

    Thanks op got it today!

  • So they'll just include one in your order when you go to pick up if they have it in stock? Or do you add to the order at the end or have to ask?

    • +1

      they wrap it the same way they wrap the burrito and put it in your bag.if your order reaches qualifying limit its automatically added, i use the app and it was automatically added.

      • Thanks! Just got mine hehe

  • I've seen the ads about 100 times on YouTube!

  • +1

    I went to one of the shops, paid $40 and didn't get anything. I didn't know of the promotion either.

    They only had free stickers.

  • anyone knows any branch where there's still socks? just finished my exams and wanted to head out get them, just to find out they've ran out nearly everywhere :(

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