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LEGO ‎30580 Santa Claus Polybag $4.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Celebrate the holiday season with this skiing Santa Claus with a toy-stuffed sack on his back, making a fun addition to any festive party.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Ho Ho Ho

  • Thanks Op. I burned one of my "once off good will credit"s from late deliveries. $0 delivered - bargain!

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    Nice stocking filler for one of the kids.

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      This will fill more than one stocking look at this fatty.

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      Had to buy 10 kids presents due to stupid grandparent idea to have stockings this year. I say that as one of the dads.

      Thankfully now it's sorted

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        I used to buy little items for months before Christmas and a box or two of Smarties , chocolate "gold" coins, fancy erasers, pencils, yoyo etc. and they soon fill out. Kids enjoys the stockings as much as their "big" presents. The items don't have to be expensive. In retrospect when I was young it was a piece of fruit, assorted nuts and some sweets! It's the surprise that matters.

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          It's more that times have changed. Kids get stuff throughout the year. Then when everyone buys stuff at Xmas too it's just way too much. It also sets weird expectations for the future (for very young kids.. Older not as much)

          • @justtoreply: With few exceptions our kids don't get gifts throughout the year. So, they're always quite excited in the lead up to Christmas, Easter and their birthdays.

            We also only give them sweets on Sundays, so they're always very appreciative when the Sunday ice-cream comes out.

            If you don't manage their exposure to "stuff" they will grow up to be entitled and are robbed of the virtue of gratefulness.

            • @DevGuy: Sure. We manage as best we can. One grandparent overcompensates for not having much herself when she grew up and we can't get her on the same page. Regardless.. You accumulate.

  • Easy purchase. Thanks op!

  • I just bought one, so its still in stock? you just need to select a buying option I think..

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    Nice! Will add some string and use them as Christmas tree decorations :)

    • Santa will be well hung.

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    How much is this usually?

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      They go on eBay for $10 free postage. You ain’t gonna retire off em.

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      This is the normal price. You can get polybags for $5 at lego shops

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    Amazon Holiday season is afaik called Christmas season in Oz

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    Thanks, just bought many for my kid to give out to the whole class. All kids will be elated.

    • Got 8, free delivery

    • You’re very generous! There’s 30 in my kids class..

      • +2

        We have 25 kids in class. My kid is leaving current school next year, that's why I am preparing a better pressie for everyone in his class.

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          Good on you! $125 is not too bad for whole class. Money can be earnt back, memories at young age only happens once in a lifetime. It's worth it! Just imagine everyone appreciate your gift and will remember your little one's farewell.

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    69 pieces. Nice.

  • +6

    Bought today, buyers remorse tomorrow

    • I buy with no regrets, always have always will.

      The only matter is if that's stock and how long the deal runs.

      I'm no broden

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    Toys & Games › Plush › Stuffed Animals

    Technically acuurate i guess…

  • Got one. Thanks op.

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    Why is he sucking a pacifier?

    • There are more like that in super mario character packs

  • I just bought two, thanks OP

  • Got 3 for the grandkids, thanks OP

  • Looks like there is a few Lego City and Classic kits on sale as well:
    and this Creator Expert Assembly Square is $100 off too

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      That stuff is on sale more or less year round.

  • I reckon the best normal retail is TV Batman @ $49 from Target .
    Sold out most places

    Beautiful :)

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    Thanks OP got two, one for my Son the other for his friend

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