Standing Desk Frame + Base Weight Query

Hey Guys,

I wanted to inquire what weight capacity frame i should get if i want to use Ikea's KARLBY as the top (Open to other recommendations)
I have seen people in previous posts recommending Lazy Maisons frame but now i am confused between the 80kg one and the 120kg one.

I think the 120 has further options like collision avoidance, Or if someone has a better option then kindly share..




  • my karlby is almost 40kg on its own, adding in monitors + the case, after all this i'd imagine it's approaching 80kg, definitely recommend higher capacity

    • Is kariby a good choice?

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        i like my karlby, feels very sturdy and 2.5m is ample desk space

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        Karlby is good - the real wood veneer does a decent job of feeling like wood and its more or less ready to go out of the box (though light surface treatment is recommended). You'll need center support though - I replaced my 1.8m Karlby recently and noticed it had a ~1cm bow in the center from a 10kg monitor on it.

        You can also get real wood panels from Bunnings for less, but that will need some more effort put into it before use (see comments further down).

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    have you consider bench/table tops from bunnings: real wood vs particle board. less than half price and lighter for the cheapest option.

    Other sizes available as well.

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      I went this route and am very happy with it. Looks better, cheaper and stronger.

      But there's more hassle involved that you might not want to go through. You'll need a circular or table saw to cut it to size, and you'll need at least one week of effort afterwards to oil the wood afterwards (and more time on top of that if you want to stain, varnish, seal, etc).

      I did just the oiling and that's been holding up fine. The panels say pre-oiled but all three I received felt super dry and rough.

      • Yeah I don't have that many tools so probably not going that route even though it might be cheaper

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          you just need a basic drill. I bought my table top from bunnings as well and the motorised frame from amazon. All in it was less than $500 and the table is 2.2 m wide and can take upto 120 kgs easily

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          If you need it cut to size, get Bunnings to cut it before you leave, might be $1 for the cut.

  • Yeah as long as you don't need it cut (Bunnings has 1.2m and 1.8m varieties too) then you don't need the saw. The oiling just needs some rags and patience. I don't think Bunnings will cut these for you - from my understanding their cut services are for basic lengths of wood (10cm width at best) not for a 60cm wide panel.

  • If you're open to Bunnings option, another better alternative is trying your local timber shop, they'll definitely be able to help you with cutting. Bunnings prices aren't always the best. If you're already willing to spend close to $200 for particle board and have to diy side veneer, might as well go for the real thing. Example of prices for bench tops at a timber shop:

    Edit: actually, the best outcome would be if you can get something off gumtree for free. I picked up my Ikea Galant L shape table for free 10yrs ago, still rocking strong.

  • Thanks will look into this as well ..
    The gumtree idea sounds quite good as well but I don't think I'd get anything good nearby

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