Recommendations for a Precision Screwdriver Set?

I'm looking for a precision screwdriver set that I can buy and use for a long time. As far as I can see, the main things I will be using it for are my laptop, 3ds (small phillips), and switch joycons (tri-wing).

From what I've heard from others, the Xiaomi Mi Wiha seems to be the bees knees of precision screwdriver kits, but unfortunately the partnership ended, and now most of what you can find online of these kits are really just generic Mi precision kits, not wiha branded.

Are these regular mi branded screwdrivers on the same level as the Wiha? If not, are there any other kits of similar durability and longevity I can look into (one with hopefully a better handle)? What are others' recommendations?


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    Great kit if you can find it at a better price.

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    Sounds to me like you might be overcomplicating things. Just get any set that feels nice to you and has the drivers you need. You can mix sets or individual drivers as needed. I would stay clear of interchangeable bits for general drivers - they generally require a thicker handle and changing bits mid-job is a pita. Also rotating finger grips - maybe good for regular super small work, otherwise just a gimmick.

    I have had a set like this for over 20 years - use it regularly and it has been great. The handles are thick enough to get comfortably yet small enough to not be in the way. I also have a few odd drivers and a set with interchangeable "funny" bits like stars, torx, etc for those "once in a while" jobs.

  • Get Wera, German brand, I've used the original Wiha and I think Wera is better.

  • I managed to drop my $14 set in the garage today and managed to lose 3 of the 40 or so heads from various sets (despite moving the beer fridge, dryer & a fully stacked shelf of tools 🤯🤯🤯), so am opting for a new one. Any thoughts on a sub $40 set that has hex, blade, torx etc etc? There's so many cheap ones on eBay but would like a good mix of price & reliability / build quality.

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