Need Recommendations on a Desktop Speaker

Hi everyone,
So I am looking to buy a speaker for my computer (a mac mini). I have been using the homepod as the main speaker but the lag between start/pause is just unbearable. I also do video and audio editing for my youtube and podcast, and the lag between the video playback and the audio is very noticeable.
I'm thinking of getting the Audioengine A2 but it's expensive and I want to see if there are any other options before I spend that much of money on it.
Any recommendations would be very appreciated.
Thank you


  • What's your budget?

    • Around $300-400

      • The Edifier R2000DB is around that price range,. It's nice for near field applications.

        • What do you think of the Audioengine A5? Is it worth the extra money?

          • @trantonz: The A5s dont have bluetooth or USB. For desktop use the HD3s might be a better choice.

            • @Ryanek: There is a wireless version that comes with Bluetooth but it's another 100 bucks.

              I have the A5+ which I've wired to my PC with 3.5mm and use Bluetooth from phone + macbook. They do sound excellent but it's hard for me to say whether they're worth the money or whether even Audioengine is worth the money. I just bought the Bamboo ones for vanity - there aren't not many options for good design.

              • @nubix: Does it sound like $600? Haha

                • @trantonz: Came from builtin speakers on the X34 monitor so it was a bit of an upgrade.

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    You can get the Audioengines for 20% off from Digidirect atm.

    Otherwise you'll probably be able to find a good deal on Black Friday on Edifiers

  • The A2+ are $360 for the speaker and stand through Digidirect. Then with Shopback/Revolut 7% it goes down to $335.

    I've read through a bunch of reviews and people seem to either love it or hate it. I'm thinking of just getting the Edifier RB1855DB ($170 on Centrecom) but yeah I'm not an audiophile and just want something decent to listen to while I work.

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    Can you go full sized powered bookshelf speaker? The sound quality will be so much better if you do, depending on the model.

    I had a chance to listen to the Audio Engine A2s and was frankly pretty disappointed. The sound didn't seem that much better than my Creative Pebbles v3, which only cost about $60. There's only so much detail a speaker can create at such a small size.

    Speakers are such a personal choice and often dependent on the quality of your source, your amp and what you are also accustomed too. For example, I usually run enormous 27kg vintage Yamaha speakers for my hifi (NS690II). The $60 creative pebbles I have for my desktop cannot compare and I was initially disappointed. But after a period of adjustment, I found them quite enjoyable for what they are.

    If you're able to listen to speakers before you buy it could avoid disappointment. I'd consider checking out powered studio monitors as well. I find that audio production gear tends to focus on SQ rather than aesthetics, then again some people might find the studio gear aesthetic appealing.

    • I was initially thinking about the Presonus E4.5. do you have any experience with that brand?
      I've never been to storedj. Do they have all speakers out that we can try them all?

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        I've seen the brand around but not really familiar with them. I'm somewhat brand agnostic these days as manufacturers often get OEMs to make their gear. I do tend to read reviews on particular models cos every now and then because sometimes a brand builds something really great for a decent price.

        I found what looks like a decent review of the E4.5, decent because it isn't afraid to highlight shortcomings of the speakers.

        At this price point you can't have everything so so long as you know what you are getting then it's fine. But there's a lot of love for AudioEngines at the moment, but my own listening found them wanting, so take reviews with a grain of salt. I think they get the aesthetics right and then they appear in every second desk set up photo so their success is g'teed!

        Store DJ should have some speakers set up. Wasn't sure where you are located so I just included them as an example. Music gear stores usually have some speakers set up.

        The other thing to note is that studio monitors will strive for a more detailed and neutral sound. But you can tune the sound via equalisation if it sounds too clean.

        Have a look at the other offerings. Try and find some reviews. Maybe go crazy for a few days researching but do listen some if you can. It's a bit like TVs tho. In the store there are subtle differences, but once you take it home after a few days you just adjust to what's in front of you.

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          legend! Thank you very much

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