Help with EVGA FTW3 3070 Not Posting

Hi guys, I believe I may have received a faulty EVGA FTW3 3070 card. I've built multiple computers in the past and have never ran into this issue, which I do not know how to fix. I was hoping someone here could shed some lights.

Specs are as follow :
EVGA FTW3 3070 which I purchased from PLE brand new couple weeks ago
Asus Z590-E wifi motherboard
Intel i7-11700k
Corsair H150i Capellix AIO
Corsair Dominator 3600mhz 4x8GB
Samsung EVO 970 Plus 1tb x 2
Corsair RM1000x PSU
Corsair QL 120mm fans
Commander Pro
Lian Li Strimer Plus (both motherboard and GPU cables, GPU cables light up so I do not believe its this cable's fault)

The EVGA card is plugged into 2 seperate 8 pins PCIE cable into the PSU. Plugging my monitor into the EVGA card shows no post. When I press the power button, the fan on the right hand side of the GPU spins for 1 second then stop. No LED light from the GPU lights up. I have tried the 2 different VBIOS option but both shows no post. Interestingly, when I remove the GPU from the PCIE slot, where the PCIE PSU cables are still attached, the fan on the right hand side starts spinning.

I have also tried HDMI cable, different display port cable, tried different PCIE slots. Bios did not detect the GPU.

I could only boot into windows using the iGPU from my 11700k. Device manager did not show the EVGA GPU. I decided to try downloading the EVGA and NVIDIA drivers but could not be completed because system did not detect a GPU.

Could you please assist?

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  • 99% dead if you can't detect in device manager, might show up as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, meaning its 99.9% dead

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    If the video card is faulty, then there is nothing to fix, just send it back for warranty.

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    i believe this card has two red leds above the pcie power in
    if you remove the two pcie connectors do they light up?

    if no, then card could be borked
    if yes, try swapping the pcie cables/and use two fresh slots on the psu itself

    if you can boot to desktop using the igpu, check bios
    make sure all the pcie settings are in check, and maybe reset factory default

    also if your mobo has a second pcie slot try using it, and see if gpu recognised first
    would suck to have a dead pcie slot or faulty psu and send back a working 3070

    if the fan kicks on for a second, it could be some issue with the fan/rgb headers in the card either the headers/ports
    or could be some kind of self protection, like insta thermal throttle because of a bad mount (if thats the case rma it, if you are not use to taking them apart)

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    doesn't sound like it would be your issue, but try reseating your ram.

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    I have some ideas you could try:

    • Update the motherboard BIOS if available
    • Reset BIOS to defaults + clear CMOS
    • Re-seating all power cables (both ends) using the original cables + re-seat GPU
    • If using a power board, connect the power plug to the wall socket instead
    • Does it POST if you only connect the basics? CPU + cooler, 1 stick of RAM, GPU, original PSU cables
    • Contact EVGA and follow their troubleshooting suggestions
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    Changing PCIe slots will tell you if it's the card or the motherboard slot.

    Sounds like it's something to do with PCIe slot or connector on the card.

    You could try blowing air into the slot (preferably with canned air) and/or cleaning them with a small soft paint brush dipped into isopropyl alcohol.

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    Hey guys thanks for all the responses, it turned out one of the PCIE 8pin cable was faulty (tsk tsk Corsair)! I borrowed a GPU from a friend and card could not be detected too. Luckily RM1000x came with 4 PCIE cables, I swapped them and card lights up. Well there goes my Saturday lol, glad I got it working though.

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