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Nort Non-Alcoholic Beer 6x330ml $10 @ Woolworths


Mrs C was doing the weekly shopping and picked up a couple of 6-packs for me. I think this is probably the nicest non-alcoholic beer on the market these days. They also do a Pacific Ale that’s very tasty, but I’ve only ever seen it at Dan’s.

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    Tried these, tasted a little watered down to me.

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    Woolies also do Athletic Brewing IPA and Golden Ale which is sensational.

    • Saw that, too, they’re $20 for a 6-pack. I haven’t tried them yet but they’re definitely on my radar.

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    Given they aren't paying alcohol excise on these, they should be a fraction of what they do cost.

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      Some producer justify par pricing of non-alc beer to additional cost incurred in the alcohol removal process. While removing alcohol would cost them money, the cost shouldn't be as high as taxation either.

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        Linked is a good breakdown of the various removal processes.


        While it shouldn't be as high due to the taxation, the raw ingredients still do cost money plus the costs to remove the alcohol as well.

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          the costs of brewing the beer are miniscule compared to the costs of the excise. for example, a 6 pack of normal strength beer (2 litres of beer) will command $4.50 in excise. when aldi sells a 6 pack of storm beer for $8.99, you can be sure that they arent selling that at a loss, and that it's costing them less than $5 to make the actual beer and packaging.

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        They should be able to on sell the extracted ethanol.

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      Many of the local 0.5% beers are made under contract by someone else, as they need to be pasteurized to make the beers stable enough to can (requiring equipment not many breweries have). So in effect these beers take on the cost of the 'middle man' even before they get to the local bottle shop.

      • None of this explains why they think they're entitled to take the $4.50 in excise for themselves.

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    Probably what I'd call a non-alcoholic beer…

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      Borts cousin

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      Clever - not sure if play on naught or wort or both?

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        Ohh, so could it be pronounced nert?

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          I found once that was in my head I couldn't pronounce it otherwise.

          • @afoveht: Lol that’s hilarious, it’s going to be in my head from now on too

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      My son is also named Nort.

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    Due to health issues I've started trying various low alcohol beer options - I've tried quite a few of the lower cost varieties but most have a nasty 'bean juice' edge to the taste… Nort wasn't too bad with the obvious hopping but tasted a little watery… Out of the bean juice tasting varieties Coopers was probably the best (and one of the cheapest/lowest sugar options)… For the hopped ones on a budget the 'Tinnies' branded ones are the best I found so far although I've only tried anything under $40/case…

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      First Choice/Liquorland sell a German one called uberbrau. This one on sale for 18 - 20 per 24 bottle. That's probably the tastiest in the lot I've tried (Uberbrau, Carlton, Coopers, Mornington, Tinnies).

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        I have some of the Uberbrau also… one of the cheapest when it's on sale (I think $20 was the cheapest I saw - usually $30/case online?) but yeah I'd agree it's not bad for an ultra low alcohol but I find after having a few real beers then changing to the low alcohol ones I find it easier with the stronger flavour of the Tinnies.. I should really just cut back ;)

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      You try Heaps Normal quiet xpa?

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        that's the one I rate

        • Likewise looking forward to the next time boozebud do a 20 off a case.

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            @dazza826: It's $50 here. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284106553453?hash=item422611f86d:g:pe4AAOSwnRpfzY33:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3068!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

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              @gollux: To be honest I hate paying $38 for the Tinnies - $20/case for the Uberbrau is fair… After all it's basically a soft drink!.. I like alcohol but that's the problem I guess…. I've considered the heaps normal - others have rated it but $50-60 a case is what I'd pay for Coopers Sparkling and I know which I'd much prefer… ;)

              • @evanssm2jp: @evanssm2jp I don't disagree! I've had to move to non-alcoholic options, though, and Heaps is the best I've found so far. I do wish it were cheaper though!

              • @evanssm2jp: Except that they need to make beer then actually remove the alcohol so the process is longer! They do of course save a fortune in excise duty though.

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                  @drprox: And could sell the ethanol if they didn't simply boil it out.

      • The actual best one. Also honorable mention to bridge roads offering.

      • This one is my go to non alcoholic beer. I've even snuck it to people who drink full strength and they don't even realise :)

        Boozebud has a 52 pack which is on sale sometimes and is quite reasonable with codes/cashback etc.

        • I love beer, and I notice instantly. I think anyone who appreciates beer will notice. I think it's the best non-alcoholic beer, but only non beer people would be fooled like you suggest. Try having a full strength fresh beer, then trying the Heaps Normal XPA

          • @onlinepred: Good for you. Did I say that that everyone will fooled? No. But to say that ALL non beer people would be fooled is a stretch. Comparing "full strength fresh beer" is also very vague. Which beer specifically? There are thousands of full strength beers and they all vary in flavour and intensity. I'm sure if you did a blind tasting of 100 different beers of a mix of full strength, mid strength and non alcoholic you wouldn't pick 100 percent. Already knowing that you are about to drink non alcoholic beer also immediately changes your perception so in hindsight it's easy to say you noticed instantly.

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      Agreed, these zero alcohol beers are nasty stuff.

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    Found a door to a secret staircase behind these in the fridge.

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      if you play “Maybe I’m Amazed” backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.

  • Agree with you op, the Pacific ale was pretty good too. Wasn't a fan of the nort all day IPA though.

    If you have a first choice near you they have recently expanded their range of na beer options as has Dan Murphys.

    More options is always good.

  • Holstens all the way every day. Except alcoholic days.

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    James Squire Zero is not too bad. Has a bit of flavour to it and is currently around $40 a slab at Dan's ($10 for a 6 pack for members for a taster)

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    The budvar 0.5 is very very good

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    Weihenstephaner is my favourite at the moment as Dan's and bws stopped stocking bitburger drive. Aussie ones are good and all but I love me a real German lager.


    Devils peak from South Africa was another really good one.

  • If u drink enough of these it will get you high tho right?

  • I tried their pacific ale yesterday - it wasn't bad but was quite watered down.

    There's a brand called upflow that do excellent non-alcoholic beers for anyone in the market. Their IPA is delicious. They're just a bit pricey!

  • I bought a couple of these but returned them. Didn't like the flavour at all. James Squire was nicer. My favourite has been the Bitburger Drive, but they don't sell them here anymore.

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