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Flexi Retractable Dog Lead (Red, Medium) $17.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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I was looking for a retractable dog lead. I have used Flexi before for my medium sized dog and it pairs well with a no-pull harness.

The RRP varies from $31 - $40.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good price if it is a good product … these things have too many moving parts,, the leash, the gears, the buttons,, if everything works for a few years then it is a great price..I went through a few cheap ones before buying an expensive one, that was 4 years back and I would have paid 40 odd dollars then

    • Which one did you end up with? Was it a Flexi?

      • Yes a Flexi Neon.. This one looks like it has a cord .. mine is all leash ..which may not matter for smaller dogs but these things go through a lot of force so just be mindful.

    • the leash, the gears, the buttons

      Which ones have gears?

      • +2

        All of the good quality leashes.. retractable does not happen by wish

        • I opened mine up to repair it once and it just had a tensioned spring.

          It was also an expensive German lead.

          Curious as to what the gears do ????

          • @jv: If yours has a tensioned spring then you may have an uber lead engineered beyond requirement .. did you custom order it ? You sound reasonably intelligent barring the curious need to bold words as if the readers cannot read. As to what gears do, look it up.

            • @shaidas: I bought it about 12 years ago. I think it was around $50-$70 back then.

              • @jv: Well mate anything bought 12 years back and still working is worth it's weight in gold

            • @shaidas:

              readers cannot read

              If you can't read, why are you replying?

              Do you have someone there reading it to you?

              • @jv: No insult meant ..if you feel insulted I apologise

          • @jv: JV let the rest of us know what brand of leash has a tensioned spring and not plastic gears.. I will pay for that

  • Great price for a quality product. And made in Germany!
    Our 30kg dog has destroyed a few cheaper leads and I would love to see the large size Flexi with a similiar discount

  • It's only 5 metres.

    • Personally I think it's plenty. I usually don't let it extend beyond 2m. This is just to prevent my dog from pulling on really short leashes.

      • My current lead is about 8m.

        I like to collect as many pedestrians as possible when walking my dog…

        • +3

          Seems like an odd hobby. How many pedestrians are in your collection?

  • Does this work for toddlers too?

  • WARNING one of these (profanity) ring barked a friend when my mum’s dog took off after a duck. Get the ones with a ribbon instead. Much safer

    • Why didn't your mum let go?

  • +2

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    Good to know this is a quality product designed by software engineers. With mattresses designed by Aerospace engineers, it's about time the software guys spread their wings.

  • Easily the best leash I've used, the ribbon ones are just plain shite

    Link to the no pull harness?

  • These kinds of leads are dangerous on shared paths when people aimlessly let their dog wander all over the place.

    • This is what i always tell the Ranger too whenever he pulls me up for having my dog off the lead!

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