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35% off Sitewide with US$400 Spend eg. Lume, Blue Blockers & Case US$271.69 (~A$370) Delivered @ William Painter


William Painter sells sunglasses with life time warranty. Some of them are made of metal and glass which makes them look and feel very high quality.

I love them because I own two pairs so far and they're like new still. Every pair of Luxxottica monopoly sunglasses I've bought has looked like trash after a six months to a year of owning them.

They're are having their yearly sale.


25% off < $200 USD spend
30% off > $200
35% off > $400

I found that I was two dollars off getting to the 35% discount - no doubt through careful thinking about the prices. In this situation you can add a credit card doohickey or a soft case and pay roughly the same amount after the additional discount.

After I completed the order I was also offered another pair of sunglasses at 50% discount.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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William Painter
William Painter

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    I agree that Luxottica's near-monopoly & business practises should not be supported, but I'm not sure $400 RayBan look-alikes from a random hipster startup is the answer. Maybe.

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      They convinced me to go to their website to check them out after their YouTube ad mocked paying "$500 for plastic sunglasses". Bit of a surprise to find they were no cheaper

      • Well… at least their sunglasses are made out of metal not plastic… can’t justify oakley plastic cost $400

        Just realized that they do referral both get US$50 off

        • Im sure they're much better quality but it was a weird marketing angle given their price in my opinion.

          I ended up getting 2 pairs from Bailey Nelson for $250 and I'm happy with those.

  • Anyone with a referral code??

  • just bought some. not sure how it works but here is my referral code.


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