Uncommon Light Bulb Replacement as a Tenant


After some advice around light bulb replacement as a renter. I understand that replacing a light bulb that has blown is generally the tenant's responsibility. However, is there usually an exception when they are not common bulbs? There are 2 different types of bulbs that have gone out, each one is not a regular light bulb and start at $25 each at Mitre 10. I'd be happy to pay $5-$10 for a regular globe, but I think it's a bit rich asking to fork out for expensive globes.

The first one is in the stairway, if they all went out that's $150 worth of individual globes. - https://imgur.com/4FiL3q8

The other is from the bathroom - https://imgur.com/KPkNGGR


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    I saw large LED ES globes similar to your stairway photo at ALDI last week, I think was $4 (I remember thinking how cheap, was gonna get a spare myself but didn't).

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    If you don’t care about it matching- looks like g95 filament les from $13.85. Your one might be g125 I can’t tell 100%


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    Just check the wattage and socket size and get cheapest bulb to match at Bunnings. As long as it lights up I reckon you’ll be fine from a tenants point of view. We have a multi bulb light in the old house we rent and they’re all different bulbs. If the owner is that fussy they’ll replace themselves

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    The bathroom bulb equivalent from local Woolies.

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    Are bulbs using the normal ES sockets? Maybe if you didn't mind they look like normal light bulbs, just change all the light bulbs to normal ones, and put the original ones back when you move out?

    For your bathroom, I just use a normal light bulb in mine when the original one blew. I don't think a replacement is very expensive though, it is just that I have spares that fit lying around.

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    Crompton for the bathroom looks very familiar, think I had it once for my Heller heater lights. Ridiculously expensive, something like $30 per globe from memory. After it burnt out, I replaced it with a Luce Bella model. It is a bit tight but just keep screwing it in until it turns on.

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    First one i believe can be had for ~$10 from Kmart so not that bad, given it's an LED it should last a while. (Mitre 10 isn't exactly cheap)
    Second one should be $10 max as well.

    If you really want to save buy them on ebay for ~$4 each.

    Having said that, if you're worried about them all blowing (in my girlfriends case) they changed out the expensive globes and put in cheaper ($4-$5 globes) while they were there only to change them back when they move out.

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    Ask the landlord to send one to you.

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    Take them and go to Bunnings or lookup the light on Bunnings web site.

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    The first one one on the chandelier is about 5-10 at bunnings, suggest you have a look there. They are the LED decorative globes

    second globe seems to part of a heat lamp/fan assembly, these are pricier unfortunately

  • Thanks for the advice. It seems like it's on me, there are some cheaper options available so I will have a look around. Thanks again.

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    First thing i do when i move into a rental is change all the bulbs to LEDs and of the same colour temperature.
    And when i move out, i leave them there.

    Quite often i like to rant and pretend i'm going to install back all the tiny 5w CFLs that previous tenants have left in it, but I cant be bothered come moving day.

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    It's still on you to replace it regardless of the bulb cost.

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    The halogen/incandescent versions of this bulb is called an R80, you can also get a smaller versions like the R63 and i think the R39 is some what common. The R value seems to be the reflector size, so the R80 has a 80mm reflector diameter.

    The LED version are still called R80, but they are neither 80w bulbs or use a reflector. Most of the LEDs use an optics system.

    You can still get a halogen R80 they are cheaper but it using 60w compared to the 8-10w a LED will use.

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