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[NSW, VIC, QLD, WA] $50 for $100 Credit at Krispy Kreme @ Liven


It's probably a long running deal, but probably worth a post to stack with the upcoming Krispy Kreme deal below:
Liven food dollar doesn't expire and can be used partially, as it's just like a gift card balance. Should stack with any offer in-store as it's just a form of payment.
I just bought the one for VIC, but saw the same offer (buy $50 bonus $50) also available in NSW,QLD, and WA.

If you don't have any Liven account yet, don't forget to use the random pool referral below.

Not sure if it can be stacked with Melbourne Money mid week offer too if you're in Melbourne :)

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Referral: random (805)

Referrer and referee get $10 credit.

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      What if OzBargain goes bust? Will you still have a job?

        • +2

          I dont like the concept to buy the token from google since they need to pay commissions to google.

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      I pre purchased a deal like this on Liven

      I then turned up at the cafe and had spent quite a big amount. When I went to use my credit, the cafe said they had left Liven and shouldn't be on there.

      I then had to pay the bill in full even though I had credit for the venue.

      I expected Liven to give me my full money back and honour the discount (as they advertised the deal and have my money) but they refused to cover it completely.

      I would make sure you check to see the venue is on Liven before you use one of these so the same doesn't happen to you

      • Good reason to give this a -ve then…

  • any new sign up deal???

    • You can use someone’s referral link for 10$ off

      • this is not enough~~

        • You can use the random pool at the grey box above

  • +2

    I need to buy the token first? Lol.
    Interesting concept but not for me. Thanks.

    • +2

      You don’t really have to buy it until you need to use it. You can buy it just before you pay your bill.

      For example, I went to a restaurant the other night with friends, and waited until we got the bill to decide what Liven package to buy. Then you just pay with it.

      • Is it easy to redeem?

        • +1

          Yes very - also very easy to pay through Liven to get liven credits and discounts

        • You pay like with Apple/GooglePay, but through their app (they have the button for that). The integration is pretty good. It'd take this kind of coupon first, the Liven credit (if you have it, can be turned on/off) then your card.

    • It’s probably a mix concept between Groupon and store gift card. UnlikevGroupon though, this is counted as payment form so u r not limited on certain menu or if the vendor has promo like this, u still can use it. But yes, this “gift card” is backed by Liven, not the store

  • +6

    Don’t bother with these if your going to fountain gate VIC! They are always saying their device isn’t working and you end up having to pay normal price!

    • Call them first. I had the same issue with Pelicana

  • Does the $10 ref credit go toward your $50 payment on sign up? i.e. spend $40 get $100 foodollars?
    edit: Ok, credit is for dining in only.

  • How do we buy more than 1 of the $50 for $100? I think they took the deal away.

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