Advice: Moving to my first rental from a furnished apt.

I have got a job that allows me to work partially from home so decided to move from the city.
Pretty much have no furniture except for a couple of ikea mesh chairs. No tv fridge etc.
Need your suggestion on how to get the 2 bed house furnished. Moving near to pakenham . Any recommendations for op shops / furniture shops or should i buy online ?
Thanks in advance


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    Appliances online are a really good company they will deliver and install

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    facebook marketplace

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    Ikea or gumtree/FB marketplace

  • Keep it simple

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    I wouldn't bother with op shops. Since COVID they have stopped collecting furniture from homes. You might get lucky, but more likely it will be an epic waste of time. If you want secondhand just look at FB Marketplace where you can better pinpoint exactly what you want/need.

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    Camping gears. Easy to pack up when you move out.

  • Don’t get everything at once. Don’t expect designer furniture and ‘interior designer’ style unless you have lots of spare cash.

    Start with the basics. Somewhere to sleep, sit, eat. Based on your current habits you should know what you need straight away. Eg no point buying a toaster if you haven’t eaten toast in 6 months.

  • Just essentials that you need, and buy incrementally on a needs basis.

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    Buy the biggest and best fridge and washing machine you can afford and fit into your apartment. They should last until well after you move to your next place. Otherwise you'll end up having to buy new ones.

    • That was the top thing on my should I shouldn't I list.

      • Just to add a bit more, when I first moved out I had a smallish fridge and washing machine. 2 years later I moved in with a partner and realised what we each had was too small and two of each was too much. Has one of us just had a large fridge and washing machine we wouldn't need to buy a new one. Plus a large fridge and washing machine will make it easier one the odd occasions when you have a party or want to wash your bedding.

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    A vague shopping list if was in your position.

    • $200-$300 used fridge. As others mentioned get a big efficient one if possible. Get a good brand like LG or Fisher and Paykel even if it means its not as new/pretty.
    • $200-$300 used washing machine. Same idea as the fridge.
    • up to $150 used bed frame.
    • $500-$1000 new mattress (you wont regret this one).

    The rest of the furniture you have plenty of time to buy as you settle in so start cruising marketplace and gumtree religiously as the good stuff goes quick! I wouldn't pay more than $100-$200 for the rest of the items (table, sofa, chairs etc.) even if it means waiting an extra week or two.

    • Thanks for this . I was unsure what to budget for . This gives me a reasonable ballpark.

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      I got a ikea bed frame for 200 off Gumtree as well as a Fisher and paykel mw512 which seemed immaculate for 140.
      The same seller has a relatively new Samsung refrigerator with 3 months warranty (900 rrp) and quoting 500 is that worth it.

  • Contents Insurance…

    • Will get that as well .

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