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[eBay Plus] R. M. Williams Men's Dynamic Flex Craftsman $429 Delivered @ Blowes Clothing eBay


Not as good as the Iconic the other day for those who missed out and can be gotten for lower for those who have other eBay Plus vouchers like this one

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    There’s that David Brent heel

    Cue the Sergio Georgini jacket

    • You can still find 'em.

  • +3

    Best purchase I have ever made!

    • -3

      Can you elaborate please?

      • +25

        They said it is the best purchase they've ever made

      • +16

        They've purchased items in the past and this is the best of those purchases.

      • +1

        Out of all of the things that they have bought in their life, this is the best.

        • -2

          Now we'd like to know if they've ever purchased anything else, as the only way this was the best purchase ever is if it was also the only purchase they've ever made.

  • noooo, only D width in the Adelaides :'( one day I will get Es on special!

  • +2

    Only chestnut and black… no dark tan.

  • -2

    gardener commando look like the only functional ones pity they only come in black. a dress shoe for the likes of nationals and liberal members who don't actually get dirty

    • -1

      Stupid comment. Well done!

  • Just for people to be aware try these shoes before jumping in. I wore dynamic flex and comfort craftsman. The dynamic flex does not work on flatter foots as there is the medial arch support and caused me a lot of discomfort.
    I have 2 comfort craftsman and are the most comfortable shoes I own.

    • I have had multiple RMs over the decades but dynamic flex once and never again. Not for me.

    • +2

      Just curious, i have flat feet and am looking to pick up a pair. Wouldn't Dynamic Flex be better for me because you can change the inner soles?

      • +1

        Generally an arch support is recommended for people with flat feet in work and sport shoes. I haven't tried these, but perhaps the arch is too high, hard or an awkward shape.

      • I tried these with my orthotics and its great

  • +1

    I have in the past bought the dynamic flex and preferred it to Comfort craftsman due to the gel sole. I move around a lot and having the gel sole seemed more comfortable for me. I tried walking around with the latter and it didn't feel as bouncy or supportive. YMMV.

  • This mob sent me snail mail spam after my purchase of the same boots on a previous deal

  • +1

    Had one pair when I was younger when rode horses. Back then they lasted. What is the quality like these days

  • Not trolling, just want to know what extra can it do for you for the extra $200-$300 that you can spend on a similar design but from a less known brand.
    3 x more comfortable or lasts 3 x longer?
    Or like the Ray-Ban sunnies people just happy to pay the extra for the privilege of wearing R.M. Williams boots?

    • +1

      I'd say half and half.
      Half for the quality - I have a pair for the past 5 years still going strong
      Other half paying for the brand, like how people pay for LV or Hermes and they're not 1000x better than a non branded equivalent

    • high quality craftsmanship
      Australian owned - i always support local, keeps the money in Australia.
      Australian handmade
      goodyear welted
      will last forever.
      1 piece of premium leather - others use a bunch of small scraps to make shoes and boots.

      the less known and cheaper brand are poor quality leather, poor construction, and are disposable. they are glued together and will fall apart after a year. they are probably made in china in a factory with underpaid worker that also might be children. money doesn't go back to australia.

      buy once, cry once.
      I use to think the same way, then i bought my 1st pair 5 years ago. they only get better over time and still going strong. this will last me forever. so its actually cheaper to buy rmw boots once vs buying new boots every year for the rest of your life. just the initial purchase hurts, but after that you are love and care for your amazing boots. I paid full price for mine and it was a great experience in the store, and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from the store again. when you take the price and divide it by 10,20,30,40 years its nothing

      rayban has a signature shape, so ur paying for that and marketing. they are making huge profits. it was purchased in the 90s by luxotica, an italian company. so americans think they are supporting a us company, but in actuality all that money is going to italy. they also own oakley which use to be an american company. most people don't know that it is italian now. not only do they own those sunglasses, they also own the stores that sell them OPSM and Sunglass Hut. in america most have vision insurance through there job which is also owned by luxotica. luxotica is the amazon of eyeglasses.

      whoa, i got carried away, but yes, rmw boots are worth it.

  • Make sure you check the date of manufacture on the box. This store is known for sending out old floor stock that has been used for try-on. When you are paying a premium for a boot they shouldn't be sending old/worn stock.

    • Where on the box is the date?

      • +1

        On the box it's the vertical numbers. My standard off the shelf pair the date code read MM/DD/YY and my customs read DD/MM/YY. This can also be confirmed on the inner sole, it's printed next to the label as a MM/YY.

        • Oh wow, thought the 8/21 on my comfort's were related to the size since I am size 8.5.

        • +1

          My box reads 200721. Is the manufacture date 20 July 2021?

    • -1

      well duh, that is why it isn't full price. lol

      you're getting a $600 boot for $429, its not going to be perfect at a 1/3 off the price. you complain when it's full price.

      • -1

        Did you even read the listing?

        New with box. A brand-new, unused, and unworn item in the original packaging (such as the original box or bag) and/or with the original tags attached. See all item conditions'

        So receiving old, worn and damaged boots would be acceptable if the above description is used?
        When I purchased mine they also listed the year of manufacture. They boots I received were 4 years older then this.

        I don't think anyone would find this acceptable.

        If the listing was "Discounted old floor stock" then you would be right, not in this case.

        • i was talking about old or tried on pairs. there is nothing wrong with those since they last forever.

  • The boots I have follow the date codes mentioned above. Also confirmed by the date stamped on the inner sole just in front of the heal padding. The date on the inner sole should read size, width, month/year.

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