Do I Need to Buy A New Router for nbn FTTP?

I have TPG provided modem - Huawei HG659 modem which is compatible for both FTTN and FTTP connections.

Previously I had TPG NBN - FTTN type which worked fine. But now I have More NBN - FTTP type.

But, I am unable to use TPG provided modem. I called More and they said TPG locks their router, so that cannot be used. I need to purchase another router.

TPG said that they lock only for phone lines but otherwise router is open and can be used with any ISP.

Not sure how to resolve this and if I need a separate router.

If yes, can anyone suggest any cheap router for NBN - FTTP type connection?


  • A quick Google shows everyone has this problem with TPG's supposedly unlocked modems - TPG swears they're only locked for the phone, but no-one seems to be able to get them working quickly and easily.

    The TG789v2 Internode gave me (Internode being part of iiBorg, which is part of TPG weirdly enough) just fine no messing around at all for both Belong and Superloop - and when it died Belong's Technicolor unit ("free" with their 1yr contract deal and was just sitting on the shelf as a spare) just worked just fine for Superloop too.

    There aren't really any tricks, these things should just plug in and work. Hell, most of the ISP/RSPs don't even need PPPoE usernames and passwords anymore and simply lock your account to your port (both Belong and Superloop - no changing details needed, just a power cycle and they worked with the Internode login details still saved in there)

    IMO search on here for a good 3rd party NBN router you can buy outright from Officeworks or something and get that, screw getting the ISP provided crap if it ain't free.

    I think there was a TP Link model that was recommended in another thread the other day - or if your new place is pretty big with having FTTP now you can get a mesh setup if that's your thing (seeing as they don't have VDSL modems in them, but they work fine for FTTP, HFC, and FW)

    • I've successfully set up a TPG provided TP-Link Archer VR1600v for an Aussie broadband connection. TPG uses a VLAN ID. For most other providers this setting needs to be cleared. To set up VOIP a password is required, but this can be found using google.

      • Thank you. Can you find something for Huawei HG659 as I was unable to find along with steps to unlock?

        Else, will buy a new one.

        • Did you try? It should work with PPPoE settings as supported for FTTP. Check for errors and ask the provider if needs additional settings like VLAN ID etc, in case. Most probably that requires only in FTTN/B.

    • You are right.
      Google search shows that.

      I have a 250m2 house and 450m2 land. I suppose mesh may not be required but I am not sure about the range.

      But, I had a look at Tenda Mesh (3) MW6 router for $159.
      Do you or anyone recommend that?

      • I've only got Google WiFi (original one better hardware than their "upgrade" cause it supports wired backhaul) but wouldn't recommend Google cause of their software - they break shit constantly, cause it is Google, everything you buy is a beta product at best.

        If you have a gigabit wired house you want a mesh kit that supports wired backhaul is all I'd recommend for sure - if not wired you want ones with a dedicated 3rd backhaul channel - so one 2.4g for old or distant devices, one 5g channel for fast WiFi, and a second 5g channel for the points to communicate together.

        If they don't have that 3rd band then you lose half your max WiFi speed to the backhaul, so definitely don't buy any dual band units unless they have wired backhaul AND you can use it in your situation

        • Thanks for that info… I will check it out if Tenda has wired backhaul or not and if they have 3rd band.

      • +1

        Tenda MW3 and MW5 tested. Working great. So MW6 should!

        • I ordered TP-Link Deco S4.
          Reviews online were better than Tenda

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