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Theragun G4 PRO Massage Gun Black or Red $599, Elite $499, Prime $419, Mini $299 @ JB Hi-Fi (Black Friday Price Up-Dated)


My first posted. Prices Up-Dated
It might not be the cheapest, Have been waiting for this price for a long time.
pro G4




Also Theragun Mini Sales at Kogan with First Member for $299 - come with Bonus SuperSoft Head valued at $49

I personally have tried number of massage gun included $100-200 range. However when I press it hard on my leg, it’s stopped. Finally last 2 choices - Hypervolts Plus and Theragun Pro G4. I decided to go with Theragun Pro as it has highest stall Force come with 2 batteries and 2 years warranty.

Note: JB-HiFi Has Price Drop guarantee policy (within 14 Days after purchased). For those who bought last week $659 can get store refund the different : say $659-$599 = $60 - Just heading to JB-Hifi Store that you purchased.

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  • Thanks mate. I purchased the theragun pro with this deal… hopefully better than the aldi one I bought 2 years ago 😂

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      good luck rich guy

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    What does this do that the cheap ones don’t?

    Happy endings or something?

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      The cheap ones aren't really the same thing. They vibrate, whereas these ones are percussive. Now, as to the actual benefits of percussion over vibration, I won't go into, but there is a very clear and noticeable difference between how they feel.

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      I personally got mine last year (with tax returns for my wife as a present) because I can at least go to the manufacturer and get it repaired.
      Not sure how the things are with Chinese vendors nowadays, but I don't trust their services too much, so that was out of my options.
      I suppose I could've gotten something from Target or Kmart, but it was meant to be a present so I thought, might as well get something expensive and get it done with. Bit awkward when you have to return a present 3 months down the line because it broke down.

      I think there are DIY route that you can take that'd get you something simliar (as in the whole percussion stuff) as well (with a jigsaw I think).

  • Theragun Teardown

    Obviously all the money is spent on marketing.

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    Got a g4 pro on last year's black friday ended up paying 589 and would gladly pay 659 for it having had it for the last year.

    The stall force is incredible, most of your cheaper options really stall with very little force especially when working on your legs or any larger muscles… Not this bad boy he gets in there nice and deep like 🤣 but seriously best money I have spent. The app is really cool as you tell it what you wanna do it counts down for you when showing you what to do and you can see if you going too hard, too soft or if it's in the right range.

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    It always makes me laugh when I see comment in a professional products like Theragun.

    I know several physio and Massage therapist. Everyone has a Theragun. Some had use hypervolt but all end up throw it in the bin.

    It is noisy, even the G4 with the new motor, but that is what it take to do the job. Advantage on G4 over the old version is removable battery and they give you two of them, Three speed instead of two on the old one and adjustable head.

    It is not cheap but again it is not a tool for everyone. If you want to save money then go get the G3, it does 80% of the job at half the price.

    As for those who think this is the same as the stuff you can get for under $100? SERIOUSLY you don't know what you are talking about!!

  • I picked up a Theragun Elite G4 in the Black Friday sales last year. Definitely worth it over the cheaper massage guns, I'm comparing to a $100ish massage gun from Amazon I had before this. There's a big difference in how effective it is.

    It's possible there may still be some better Black Friday deals to come. The Theragun Elite was $424 last year from Pushys in their Black Friday sale. But that's a good discount on the Pro!

  • I have one cheaper massage gun at home(around $200) and I still always try the Theragun when I see it at retailers like Myer, Bing Lee and I always wish if I can get one after trying.

    It is very good.

  • They seems to be on sale, just look out for site like pushys.com.au they might have an extra 10 to 15% off on top of it.

    • Yeah I am not sure if I fork out for this or wait for Black Friday next week.

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        I would wait…

        • I called the JB number and they dropped it to $599. I had a $600 JB voucher from buying a TV so went ahead with it.

  • And coles is seeking the TCN card for 15% percent that can be used at JB HIFI, surely that sweetens the deal?

    we should be able to use gift card as well? And should be waiting for black Friday deal?

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