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Bonus LEGO Santa Claus When You Spend $50 or More on Selected LEGO Toys @ Amazon


Offer limited to a maximum of 1 free Bonus Item per customer account.

To redeem the offer, add the Qualifying Item to your cart and add one Bonus Item to your cart.

This offer (“Offer”) applies to customers who spend $50 or more on select LEGO products here (“Qualifying Items”) on Amazon.com.au.

If customers spend $50 or more on Qualifying Items, they will receive one LEGO Santa Claus (“Bonus Item”).

This Offer is valid only for the Qualifying Items identified in these terms and conditions.

If you do not purchase the requisite Qualifying Items in a single order, the Offer will not apply.

The Offer only applies to items shipped and sold by Amazon AU on www.amazon.com.au. The Offer does not apply to purchases made from third party sellers on Amazon including Amazon US, even if fulfilled by Amazon. Offer limited to a maximum of 1 free Bonus Item per customer account. To redeem the offer, add the Qualifying Item to your cart and add one Bonus Item to your cart. The price of one Bonus Item will be automatically deducted from the total cost at Checkout. This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.

This Offer is valid until the earlier of 31.12.2021 or while stocks last.

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  • +2

    Got Heartlake City School 41682 + a $5 Santa for $51.20 delivered.

  • +5

    Damn. Spent way more than that yesterday. Order already in its way.

    • +3

      On the same boat ……

    • sames. feels bad

  • QWP? ASIN?
    These are not words!

    • +1

      ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Operates similarly to an EAN/UPC Barcode to individually identify a product. Amazon uses the ASIN to identify products across the Amazon global network.

      In the land of TLA's (three letter acronyms), someone else may have an explanation of QWP…

      Maybe the O/P was targetting this post for those OzB'ers in the know ;)

      EDIT: Looks like the O/P has removed the acronyms from the post while I was posting this.

  • Ahh man, I just ordered this yesterday without the GWP, and I paid $4.99 for the Santa on Saturday… Oh well, win some lose some.

    • Click on OP's link, add Santa from the description Step 2 at the top and check out without adding anything else.

      • Doesn't seem to work for me - I ordered the Heartlake School set yesterday. I tried adding the Santa to cart and check out with nothing else, but it still comes to $4.99

  • +1

    For anyone that has ordered an eligible set prior to this promotion, try the following:
    1. click on "Go to deal"
    2. click on "Step Two: Add a LEGO Santa Claus to your cart." (link)
    3. check out
    I was able to order it free of charge (I have ordered the Lego Cargo train this morning prior to the LEGO Santa Clause promotion).

    • My order is already on its way so probably that’s the reason why the method doesn’t work.

      Thanks for your sharing anyway.

  • Cancelled yesterdays order, reordered same with free Santa. An already cheap deal, even better. Win!

  • Mine just shipped this morning, which is $8 more expensive than today's deals and without the santa. Tempted to order another one and return the first order ahhh

    • +1

      Just reject delivery and it will be returned foc

      • Thanks for the tips. A rep advised me to reject the delivery as you said

  • This discount won't apply for me. I'm trying to buy 2x 60253 and 1x 41687 which all have an additional 20% off deal, and are listed as being eligable for this deal. All added to the cart with the santa. The 20% discount applies, but the $4.99 for the santa doesn't.

    • 41687 is not a qualifying set

      • Go to the bottom of the page that lists the qualifying sets and click "See all results" (it only shows 12 of 49 initially) - it's in the list.

        • i think thats where you get confused. the expanded list is not the qualifying sets

          • @PissLUR: It says 1-12 of 49 results for LEGO Santa GWP

            All 49 results are part of the promotion.

            Edit: Contacted support; they are going to refund it manually once it's delivered.

  • For those playing at home this is like a 9% discount if u really need a $5 Santa

  • Amazon must be packing a whole ton of santas, I was expecting them to sell out when they were selling individual lat $4.99 a pop.

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