Laptop Recommendations for Work and Light Gaming - Budget $1000- $1500

I am looking to purchase a new laptop for working probably on black Friday when prices are low. I hope that I can find a reliable laptop with a nice display (probably QHD at least), good processor and either 16gb or 32gb of ram. I'm not sure what graphics card I want, but something that could handle some light gaming (e.g. games like Rocket League/Age of Empires) but doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Would anyone have any recommendations of roughly what I should look out for?



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    A miracle?

    • Perhaps I could more so shift the budget to about $1500-1700, but I guess Black Friday could bring some surprises.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 plus is 40% of at the moment.
    Plus 3% cash back of you use cash rewards.
    Should be able to do light gaming with the GTX card in there.

    • Cheers, I'll look into this. Not bad.

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        Over budget.

  • Acer Nitro 5 - check models with 3060.

    • Overkill for OP's purposes. Also consider all downsides of a gaming laptop: poor battery life, heavier/thicker, not so great display on low end models.

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      Is it within the budget with 16GB ram and QHD screen?

  • What size laptop you looking to buy? If you're after a 13inch, I'd say 1920x1080 is solid. You might want QHD if going 15" or larger though FHD is fine imo

    • Yeah I'm after 15" or larger.

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        I do not think your budget will allow you to get what you want.

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