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Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones US$161.10 (~A$221.50), HD 58X US$129 (~A$175.86) + US$15 (~A$20.61) Shipping @ Drop


Even cheaper this time. There are deals for other Sennheiser headphones as well.

HD 58X @ US$129: https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-he...
HD 8XX @ US$949: https://drop.com/buy/drop-sennheiser-hd-8xx-headphones Does not ship to Australia

Edit: Duoka pointed out that the coupon "10OFF" is still active, bringing it down to $161.10 before shipping.

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  • Thanks for sharing OP.

    Also looking for some pointers on which to get if someone could give some pointers. If I were only to get one of the 58X or the 6XX, which would you recommend? I have an IEMagni/Loki/Modi 3+ stack, as well as an SMSL M200/SP200 stack that these would go with.

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      What are you looking for in a sound signature?

      • I think something a little more fun. Slightly lighter on treble than my DT990s. A bit more bass response (though I know that will always be a weakness of open backs).

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          Both are fairly neutral from memory, maybe you're better of looking at something else?

          • @cactusjuice: Thanks for your input, you may be right.

            Any suggestions on what to look at?

            Thought I would look at these because I had seen them recommended highly in a lot of places and of course the price.

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          I think the 58X is going to have more bottom end, but it depends how much you want, these are both pretty unremarkable (in a good way) in that area, IIRC

          • @mickeyjuiceman: HD 58X definitely feel brighter me thinks, good for synth stuff personally. Lows don't hit you thou.

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      Pretty sure you need an amp for the 6XX as they're 300Ohmos, 580 is 150 from memory but you will still need something to drive them.
      Given you have enough HPA you would be better served with the 6XX imo because I own a pair and I am not biased.
      The 6XX can really hit hard, whilst not exhibiting massive low end, you get some seriously clean delivery, I use these to mix and master on. I have the HD600s too and a bunch of other cans, I had the 990s and killed them trying to change the coiled cable.
      Have the 770s too, all serve a different purpose but overall I like the 6XX as it shines in every department. Step whoring is sublime with them in gaming, they are no fatiguing in long sessions and you can shape the head band to suit bigger heads.
      I don't doubt the 580s are not good but YOLO so do the Gillette thing, the best a man can get!!!

      • i have a topping vx1 and its really quiet

        any reccommendations for an amp for the 6xx?

          • @DisabledUser409314: surely there are cheaper options :(

            • @furythree: Sure there are but you get what you pay for too.

              TOPPING L30

              That is local stock that comes with warranty too.

            • @furythree: I just read up on your amp, it is not designed to run 300ohm cans.

              • @DisabledUser409314: appreciate your help with this
                trying to get into audiphile stuff but its so technical

                im running 2 Voll speakers off this amp so i figured surely it can power some cans.

                if i get a cheaper L30 vs the H16. What is the downside? both can power the h6xx but im assuming there might be some quality differences with L30?

                • @furythree: Drop the audophile moniker, it's just a term people use to try to come off as some aficionado when it comes to understanding that specific area, it's like a snobbish term if this makes sense?
                  So the real difference is going to be the actual audio quality of the 2 units (yeah I don't mind helping btw, I bought my 1st HD600s 18 years ago and still have them), the L30 will have the power to drive the 6XX but it wont deliver the best quality for the 6XX, so basically you will have a louder, much louder signal but to a trained ear it wont matter.
                  Ask yourself what you intend to do with your setup, do you listen to high quality recordings? is playback important to you enough to warrant spending more to get the best possible playback without spending too much?
                  You have to remember that the HD650s sell for $559 here, they're a remarkable can and sound fantastic with the proper power delivery, but they also work better with a refined one too.
                  I have 2 amps, both do not serve my 6XX well enough that I think I get the best possible playback that I could.

                  G&W Tsinghua T-2.6F $345 USD + $120 for $645 AUD delivered, an amazing amp BUT it is tube and might not be for your taste. I changed my tubes and made the amp too bright, it is useless to me now as I need a flat sound signature for mixing, mastering.

                  I also have a Caiman Gatorized, it is version 1 and sounds a ton flatter than the G&W but the issue is that it loses some detail, and this is a $450 amp/dac. Plenty of power but when I compare it to my MOTU 828ES interface, the MOTU sounds better but cannot drive the 6XX cans.
                  That is around $2500 AUD worth of headphone amp/dacs that still do not give me the desired result I want.

                  This is where you need to understand what you want out of your 6XXs, do you just want them louder and less noise? L30 should be fine but I have not heard 1 in person, I think the Gustard with balanced cables would be the best compromise in regards to audio quality and also the future proofing for balanced/non balanced options.

                  It comes down to your needs as there really is no right answer, only what suits you best without having to make a ton of mistakes.

                  • @DisabledUser409314: since im just starting out i just want them louder
                    i have a pair of wireless GSP670s to use as a headset but i found that the audio quality was much louder and clearer even though you wouldnt consider it as such. So was disappointed that my 6xx didnt sound as good

                    i think the 600$+ amps are a bit out of my price range for what im trying to do.

                    I found myself listening to alot of OSTs from some of my favourite movies to play in the background while i work or relax. i dont know how to describe it but whenever the music reaches crescendos the "tops" sound very flat and anti climatic
                    When i crank up the volume, it only gets worse as everything just blends together.

                    also commenter below suggested i get a DAC instead? i thought that was just to convert digital from PC or phone to analog for the headphones. Do i need both or just 1? even more confused now

                    when i research amp/dac do i just make sure it can power 300ohm cans as the base requirement?

                    • @furythree: I have done as much research as possible and by the time you get into any drop amps, which 1 is $140 USD then maybe a 1-2 month delivery time, I think it's easier to buy local imo. $140 USD = $194 AUD then add delivery and possible import duties.

                      You would be better off with this.

                      A few issues, you need an external 5V power supply if you are not getting the volume you want, and there is a slight imbalance issue with the amp.
                      The reviews are great though and this should be short listed, I picked this as it is local and has local warranty.
                      Google the amp to see who might have 1 in stock so you can go and listen.

                      Another thing is that it is a balanced output meaning you can upgrade your headphone cables for better sound if you wish.

                      Here is a review.

    • -1

      I have both and honestly like 58X better. Also I like X2HR more than both so depends on the sound signature you are looking for. But 58X always felt better sounding and it’s no fuss even if you are on the go, plug to my iPhone and no need for an amp or fancy dac. (Mostly no one needs them anyway, best scams in hobby world lol.)

      • +1

        If you think an Iphone can power a 58X and you get a proper performing headphone, you are woefully undermining how this tech works. They must make higher OHMed cans just so they can sell amps and dacs right? everyone is on the scam right?

        • +1

          Haha, a true audio audio file. Efficiency is as important as the ‘ohmz’ along with many other factors I don’t even pretend to understand.

          What I can tell you is I have ifi zen dac V2 going into Drop ONE amp, makes no difference outside of how loud it gets, which I don’t find apples dongle is lacking for my listening levels. Also auditioned, albeit fast, many dacs and Amps along with headphones at A2A.

          But sure buy an amp for 58X because it’s a brand new listening experience that infidels with without amp can not experience.

          6XX is another story, it does make a audible enough difference, but it is also quite a bit less efficient. And HE-X4, massive difference because they are just so damn hard to drive (and only like 14ohms too, so knowing one magic number doesn’t tell you anything well)

          • +3

            @Larsson: @Larsson: Some have golden ears. My potato drums broadly agree, but a good amp dac is worth while when you have many cans, ensure you're getting the best from them.

            • -4

              @beeze: He confuses a Digital to Analog convertor which is one of the most important aspects of any audio in the digital realm.
              If he knew anything about the Nyquist theorem and why a good DAC is important, he would stop waffling on about sensitivity or many other aspects that he clearly does not understand.

          • -4

            @Larsson: Having studied in the audio field to be an audio engineer, I can attest that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Efficiency is NOT as important as matching impedance and that is a fact.
            If you halve your impedance you generally require much less power to drive said cans, but effectively when you go too low you also find it harder to drive so must up the current.
            If you think this has to do with anything being an audiophile which is just a made up word for someone to be pretentious, by all means continue on this path of being obtuse to what is an actual science.

            As you were.

            • @DisabledUser409314: Sure mate. You win, you are the best, such knowledge, only audio engineer out there. After you said that I listened to them and totally can tell the difference. Night and day. I was wrong, I repent to the audio engineer god.

              As I were.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser409314: So just for the record, I am an actual engineer, who have happened to actually know the fundamentals of how both depth and sample rate works.

                  But I didn’t say anything about a dac? Other than I had it? I am talking about amps and how 58X doesn’t really need one and sounds about the same from an iPhone dongle and a relatively powerful amp.

                  Sure super inefficient headphones do, but not 58X, to me. Anyone who wishes to spend money on one, by all means.

                    • +4

                      @DisabledUser409314: Maybe he builds bridges :-D

                            • +7

                              @DisabledUser409314: Damn you really picked the right username. You just love the drama. It's a friday night man, chill out and enjoy some tunes yeah?

    • +3

      6XX has superior detail and resolution, 58X sounds wider but it's not worth the trade-off. 6XX timbre is pretty top tier, particularly for vocals.

      • what do you reccomend for driving them? (AMP)

        • You need a DAC too. No point getting an amplifier if you don't have a reasonably clean, detailed and smooth signal.

          Amping a cheap sound card will sound very average.

          You could start with the Tempotec Sonata E44 during the AliE sale if you're less desktop focused, or you could step up to the Khadas Tone:2 on AliE and get a better amp down the line.

          • @jasswolf: wait so i can go directly from pc via usb to DAC to headphones
            no need for an amp in between?

            • @furythree: They have amps built in, they just have more caveats than desktop gear (battery drain, temps, lifespan, max power, signal noise).

              Electronics and design costs will eventually reach a point where such devices are genuinely good enough at an affordable price, but the E44 (lifespan) and Tone:2 (amp power) have their issues.

              Even standalone DACs technically have an amp as part of the analog signal, just doesn't have much power behind it.

              But if you're looking for great options and you're happy to spend, there's the Schiit Asgard 3 or the Schiit Valhalla paired with a DAC that suits your preferences ($200-$400). I just figured since you're still asking for comments despite the wealth of them in this and previous threads, you wanted to see some cheaper options than a Schitt Modi/Magni stack.

              Both need USB-C though, but both can work with phones, iPads with USB-C and the like. Probably works fine with an iPhone via the appropriate adaptor (USB-C OTG to Lightning or USB-C Camera to lightning).

              • @jasswolf: is there anything wrong with a schiit modi/magni stack?

                i didnt realise schiit has so many options now. all getting too confusing

                i dont plan on using these portably with my phone. only at my desktop PC. so something plugged in that can power my speakers and hd6xx is fine

                • @furythree: The Modi isn't my favourite DAC, but the latest version is not terrible.

                  It's also a pretty good value combination now given that the Khadas Tone2 Pro just had a permanent 25% price increase.

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    huh duhh

    • +8

      Six hungoes from Senn!

      • Old Mate Sennie!

    • +8


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      1 grit

    • So much meaning in these words, thank you Dankpods you bloody ripper of a Drongo!

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    This coupon still active $161.10 before shipping.

  • Destiny headphones

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    The hur dur six hungoes from ol' mate Senni.

    Don't need 'em, but very nice.

  • +5

    Jesus, those are great prices. Wish I waited before buying my own 6XX (not really, they've served me well for years).

    • +1

      Same here. I have both, and both are really excellent and ennoble listening experiences. Don’t regret buying them full price too much but this is truely great prices, makes you calculate how much you wasted 😂

      • +2

        Same except, I've had so many hours of great listening out of them that it wasn't really wasted.

    • +1

      Mine are a month old. Payed around $320. This deal is killer.

  • +1

    Thanks OP and to Duoka, purchased the 6xx for $253.08 incl shipping.

    • +1

      Mine was $253.09. O well.

      • It's alright mate. Next time.

  • Which is better? 6xx 5xx or the Akg k275 that was posted earlier?

    • +1

      It depends

      • In what way?

        • +1

          In what you want out of the headphones

          • +3

            @mickeyjuiceman: Ohhhh the Akg are closed and these are opens….I guess only way is to buy one of these too and compare 😆

          • +1

            @mickeyjuiceman: So ordered the 6xx and thx 888. Ordered an E30 dac from Amazon. 15% off for E30 on there at moment makes it a fraction cheaper than here. However it's a marketplace seller…so hopefully all ok

    • Headphones are never just "better". Open vs closed. Sound preference Eg. Bass heavy, mid forward.

      What flavour do you look for when buying chocolate? Sweet? Dark? Chilli?

  • +1

    The 6xx. The stepping stone and introduction to chasing end game headphones

    Good Price! until you spend $1000 more for them diminishing returns.

  • -1

    they can't get rid of these, lol. these are permanently on sale.

  • +2

    Any good and light on the wallet amps to drive HD 6XX? Thanks

  • Damn, wish the 10% off worked on the discounted Aeons!

  • +1

    Is the price likely to drop further for Black Friday?

    • +1

      This is the Black Friday deal. It's a record low for both the site and AU pricings.

      • It is not a record low for HD6XX now that they fixed the coupon code:
        Current deal = $269 Delivered
        Deal from 11/2019 = $260 Delivered https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/274001
        Deal from 09/2021 you posted is only $1 more = https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/648749

        • +1

          I wasn't aware of the coupon expiring at the time of posting, but you're completely ignoring delivery costs when comparing.

          This is US $16 cheaper than my deal, and with US $10 off for new accounts, only the coupon offer was better.

          • @jasswolf: Sorry, not sure how I missed that.
            So It is still an all-time low at $269 delivered so unlikely to drop further but at 20% off it's not really a massdrop in price.

  • +1

    Which "DROP O2 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER" would you guys go for?

    • Depends on the source. Your computer or phone.

      If your source is clean at max volume while nothing is playing (e.g. no humming or buzz) then basic O2 amp without DAC might be fine.

      Of course if you want to try external DAC, go for it. I have the O2 + SDAC and is well isolated from computer's electronic noise. Also SDAC has low internal distortion (harmonic, jitter) so is recommended for the price.

      • Thanks Jiv for the advice!

  • I wish someone can make a chart on headphones.

    • +2

      Crinacle headphone rankings are pretty spot on imo.

  • +1

    I can use 58x connected directly to TV headphone jack. Still okay

  • Thanks OP!

    Just wondering the HD6XX would be a worthy upgrade for my DT177x go?

    • +2

      Totally different headphones, I use my 6XX exclusively for mixing and mastering music. Open back is far better for sound image and also subdues any boxiness you can get from closed cans.
      The best thing you should do is go and listen to some HD650s in person with the DT177X in hand and do an A/B.
      The issue is 32 OHM vs 300 OHM.
      You do need a dedicated head phone amp to drive the 6XX though.

      • +2

        Why is this getting downvoted? I agree with you.

        • +2

          I have been getting negged ever since I corrected a specific poster who thinks DACs do not sound any different and that you do not require a headphone amp to power 58Xs or 6XXs, they think you can do with just a phone which boggles the mind.
          Personally the neg votes are a reflection of the misinformation you can come across when you simply correct someone on here.
          Being insecure isn't a reason to downvote someone else imo.

      • +2

        Lots of hating on you for some reason, Mr Drama.

        Lesson is, please do not turn up here with your fancy ways, evidence-based statistics and realistic and helpful advice.

        Just buy headphones, complain they bleed sound on the bus, are really muddy without a DAC (voodoo!), and have to be dialed up to 11 on your iphone 6 (then get deafened by your earbuds). Then pile on the negs to any"audio file mans". Experts schmexperts.

        I, for one, appreciate your efforts here.

        • +1

          Not a problem, I don't have an ego to get in the way of sharing information I have gained from studies, which I had to put on hold due to C19. I had been through a bunch of different schools with different standards of professionalism, even the lecturers got it wrong but one thing I never did was argue or call them out when they were wrong, it wasn't the time or place for a pissing match.
          When people ask for advice on here though, I feel it important to dot the i's and cross the t's. I hate having people make the wrong decisions due to others being careless with information.
          If I can help people make the right buying decision due to helpful info, then that's what OZB is all about right?
          Thx for your support.

      • Can you recommend an amp from Drop to pair with the 6XX?

  • +1

    These take along time to ship, still waiting over a month from the last deal.

    • Got mine in two weeks. DHL is hit and miss, but it's been pretty quick In my experience.

  • tested some HD600's and HD650's, preferred the HD600… what tweaks is this 6XX gonna have?

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