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$150 off Zen Space Desks + $49.95 Flat Rate Shipping (eg Zen Bamboo Sit Stand Small $798.95 Delivered)


Black Friday Deal - $150 off all desks

Been on the search for a sit stand desk and have noticed a few comments in other listings talking up Zen Space Desks. They are offering $150 off but prices seem high compared to other competitors so hopefully this will help any of you that see this product as being a premium to those desks. Not sure which one brand desk I will pull the trigger on yet out of Zen, Omni, Desky, Ebay etc

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Zen Space Desks
Zen Space Desks

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  • I got the zen space desk last year and it’s great. 180cm bamboo from memory. I would recommend thinking about adding accessories at the same time as this can be built out really nice.

    Wheels, underneath power, drawer are awesome.

    • Did you just add them yourself? The Bamboo desk don't have add on options

      • Yeah I did myself. Just used their videos.

  • Would note it’s only on gaming desks and bundles not all desks.

    • The landing page makes it seem like it is only for gaming desks and bundles but I did a test purchase for the above desk using the promo code it shows $150 off

      • Maybe just on the bamboo. I tried the Zen Professional and it said 'Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products.'

        • Just tried it on the bamboo and it didn't work either
          Otherwise I would be very tempted to buy the bamboo desk

  • https://www.zenspacedesks.com.au/product/zen-one-electric-he...

    Works for this one. Any one has this desk ? After discount price is about $580

    • Bloody awesome standing desks! I bought mine from ZenSpaceDesks almost 3yrs ago Zen One desk with custom 1400x750mm sized Burnishwood top with standing mat + cable management channel + 2x 1plug power accessories - a must if you want all your power/cabling routed properly when raising and lowering your desk :)

      I managed to get free delivery too as they were only a quick 15-20min drive from me so instead of using a courier, they just had a staff member deliver it to me directly!

      Had a lot of back and forth questions before ordering with Lewis and was a pleasant experience. I wouldn't hesitate to order again if I ever needed another standing desk!

  • I have the Zen Professional + Integrated Cable Management Channel + Qiksilva On Desk Power Access. It cost a bit but very happy with everything except for the Qiksilva On Desk Power Access blue light that is permanently lit (damn it's bright at night!). If it helps anyone, feel free to AMA.

  • Just wondering if you anyone has the Zen Space Desks dual screen monitor arm (currently 9% off)

    I've got the bamboo sit/stand desk, it would complete/tidy up the setup. The comments are generally positive, but seems like you need to allow some space behind back of desk (min. 25mm up to ~1 foot according to the comments). only reason I'm asking is I've got against a wall - can come forward a bit anyway, and assume with 2x 32" curved the arms would span further apart and wouldn't be too far forward hopefully.


    • Your thinking is right & can’t comment on the Zen Space Desk dual screen monitor arms except the asking price of $244 (on sale) is pretty damn steep. But…

      The usual challenge with a single mount point with dual monitor arms is limited flexibility to orient the monitors. I’d say that’s probably even more true for 2 x 32” monitors which is ridiculously wide — are you sure you won’t get neck problems? :)

      I went with 2 x North Bayou H80s on my Zen Space Desk. See my comment here on that experience.

      • Hi, luckily I went to the showroom/warehouse in Morningside as I'm in Brisbane. The guy there was very helpful and decided for those monitors 2x single mounts would be better, so was able to swap the base for 2x single bases (the rest of the parts are the same and prices is about equal too.

        Was pleased to see a range of dell monitors there including a 32" curved. they mentioned they are tested for those. The mounts are very sturdy and good for up to 10kg (monitors are about 7.x) before needing heavy duty ones. The design is a lot better than the cheapies as they sit horizontal and don't sag like most do in the X axis. Worth spending a bit more I figured, given the 32" are pretty big and heavy.. still a bit finachy setting them up perfectly to get the two screens touching and lined up. They're rated for up to 34".

        PS. These stands also enable the screen to go back to the wall further so no dramas with neck as I kind of focus in the middle for most stuff or primarily work on one. Given I got 2k res I don't need to sit so close like 4k with tiny text.


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