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Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds $124.31 (Was $219) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good set of anc (software) earbuds.

Lowest price according to the camel's

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I read that these are still better than the 85t. Is that true?

    • I heard they’re worse, but not sure if that’s accurate?

      • I remember someone mentioning 85t being heavier but look it up

        • Owned both, found these more uncomfortable as they rely on a seal and are not vented. ANC isnt as good and the sound is miles behind the 85s,


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            @mackaxx: Strange, i had the opposite experience. The open ear design of the 85ts are a hit or miss for many people so its hard to say. I think mic quality is better on 75ts as well. Mine is the active version but I dont think that makes any difference.

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              @black-cat43: The fit of the 85t wasnt perfect for one of my ears either, which is common with earbuds like this. I sorted that out by putting a small ring of blutac (eventually will swap for sugru) within the earbud. This bulked it up a bit and they're perfect now. Recommend that trick for any pair of in ear buds thats playing up.

              Wish you could get bose style ones.

              Like this but I used a much thinner bit of blu tac.

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      Disclaimer: I only have the 85t, not 75t.

      Not sure that is correct. Reviews I read before getting the 85t seemed to suggest it wasn't worth upgrading from the 75t as 85t only has incremental improvements, but still better (ANC, mics, etc).

      Personally I prefer the oval tips and the not completely sealed feel to other earbuds I have. As with all earbuds, this will vary from person to person.

    • From memory, the difference in sound isn’t better or worse between the 75 & 85, it’s just a change of preference. The 75t’s are more bass-y. Other improvements like ANC were marginal.

      I had the 75t’s and was looking to upgrade to the 85t’s when they were released, so info could be off.

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      I own the 65t, then bought the 85t when they were on special. But I returned the 85t because I absolutely hated the fit, constantly felt like they were falling out (and quite easily did).

      Between the 65t, 75t and 85t, each generation is better, but in different areas. The Microphone array was one of the main standout improvements in the 85t over the 75t.

      65t and 75t have the same fit AFAIK, so I'm tempted to get these for the upgrade.

      EDIT: Actually after doing some reading there is a slight difference in fit between the 65t and 75t, but I believe them to be closer in fit compared to either with the 85t

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        I've had the Elite 65t Active for a couple of years now I think, and they've been the best fitting earbuds for my ear canals that I've ever personally used. Battery in buds and the included case has drastically reduced, so good to read the 75t might be similar in fit. Would be a shame if it was worse. Might be worth picking these up, thanks for your comments.

    • +3

      fit is horrible. It falls out of the ear too easily.

      Bad at the gym

      Really horrible when running or doing cardio.

      • Would be interested to know if you have personal experience using the Elite 65t as these are my current earbuds and fit perfectly for me.

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    Excellent OP!…travelling in a week and by 65Elite charger has died….Amazon Prime just ordered and arrive tomorrow :)

  • How do these Jabra's compare to the WF1000 XM3s?

    In NZ, the WF's cost around $30 AUD more than these [ need to pay taxes/shipping on the jabras].

    I have the WH XM4 over ear headset and love it, thought I'd get the WF's for travel/work.

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      I have 75t. Previously had XM3s. Personal thing of course but I found XM3s a bad fit, often falling out if moving around, have read others having similar experience. On sound quality I found 75t better when listening to music, bass better than expected.
      Since 75t are less $$, easy choice IMO.

      • Ah k, thanks for sharing! I'll do some more research, just because the price difference and shipping speed and ease of warranty [NZ takes 2-3 weeks, WF's are 1km away from where I'm staying], as warranty gets trickier for Kiwis

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      Another 2 cents, I also the WF XM3's and the active version of the 75t's. Agree that the XM3's are heavy, poorly designed and don't stay in your ear - just look up a picture of them and you'll find they're big, blocky and don't conform to your ear, whereas the 75t do and are super comfy. ANC wise I actually find the 75t's clearer, though maybe artificially sharper.

      I think it's a no brainer to pick the 75t's imo.

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    Just grabbed a pair, thanks OP

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    this or galaxy buds 2?

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    I got the galaxy buds live which seem to be down to 100-110 on kogan and other sites. They don't go into your ear canal - which I hate. but the sound can be a bit worse if not positioned right.

  • great price, paid a lot more it.

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    if you have the good guys commercial access you can get new 3s for $80 which is a steal
    they are great but can only connect to one device

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      Thanks but it would be more helpful to use the proper model name: Jabra Elite 3.

      Can anyone compare those to the Elite 75t?

      • The 75t are great, however they dont have a microphone in each ear piece so you cant use the buds independently, meaning you have to always at least be using the Right bud.

        The new series of Jabra Elites 3, 7, can use the buds independently

        Handy for those who only use one bud so they can leave other ear open

    • Looks like the 3's are 65t equivalent

      • Nah, 3s are small like 75s, they are much better then 65t, I didn't have 75s to compare do can't comment

  • What are these like for running? Do they fall out easy?

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      Mine constantly fall out during running. I have small ear canals though and have to wear earbuds with a hook or similar to stay in place

      • ok thanks

      • I have the same problem with my 65ts falling out anytime I even try running, which ones do use?

        • I got a pair of BlueAnt Pump Air X from Telstra rewards. They've got these little hooks that helps them stay in your ears. They don't have ANC or the full bells and whistles though.

        • +1

          try 3s, they have a real nice fit

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      Mine a great for running. But I got the active version.

    • i used the 75Ts for running, they are fine for me. 85Ts are way larger and stick out heaps. You feel them bouncing up and down.

    • I have no problems with them staying in while running.

    • I have no issues at all with these while running. Never fall out

  • How is call clarity? I only care about making calls rest is all bonus

    • I own a pair and have never had a problem with calls.

      • +9

        Same here.

        They call me, I hang up.

        No problem.

  • How does it compare to buds pro?

    • I just picked up a pair of the pros for $139 - from comments and reviews, this sounds like better value? Now just deciding if I should flog the galaxy's on marketplace and pick these up. Thoughts?

      • What did you end up doing? I am also hesitant but I don't think it's worth the hassle. I tried changing the tips to old foam tips I have, much better isolation and comfort.
        Also the rtings review scores for the buds are better on almost every category.

        • It's a hard decision but I think I'll grab the Jabra's with ShopBack and the AMEX deal and try to sell the buds pro. I also looked at the rtings review. Buds have a better score overall but Jabrs does better in every subcategory except Neutral Sound oddly enough.

          Their head-to-head also says that 'The Jabra Elite 75t Truly Wireless are better for most purposes than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Truly Wireless. They have significantly better build quality, a longer continuous battery life, and offer multi-device pairing. They have a very bass-rich sound profile, which some listeners may like, and also work with a companion app with a graphic EQ and presets, so you can customize it if you prefer a different sound. '

          • @jesho: Are you gona get the 75t or the 85t? both are on sale + 10% shopback
            I might do the same. I think the buds pro are hurting my right ear

            • @ozbozb: I went the 75t! More than enough for me. You?

              • +1

                @jesho: Yea I just ordered the 85t. Hopefully the 10% cashback will be tracked soon.

              • @jesho: So did you receive them? If so what do you think?
                I got the 85t but might return them. The sound is pretty bad compared to the buds pro. I am just concerned about the ear infection thing with the buds pro.
                Buds pro Advantages:
                Sound (way better)
                smaller case
                85t advantages:
                slightly better ANC
                more comfortable

                EDIT: yea im definitely returning them. the sound is just horrible. Everything else is great though. too bad.

                • @ozbozb: Yeah, I received it but haven't opened it yet, still trying to flog the buds pro. If I can't sell the buds pro I'll try my luck at the Jabra's. Sorry to hear about your experience, I've heard many others say they prefer the 75t over the 85t. Have you tried the buds pro, how are they in comparison? Rtings review gave the buds plus a higher score than the pro. I have the buds + currently so didn't think there would be much point for me using those. Curious to hear your thoughts.

                  • @jesho: haven't tried the buds plus. the buds pro are really good, my only concern is the ear infection thing. Not sure if you heard about it. I read some articles and comments here.
                    Yea rtings reviews are a bit weird, for example the ratings on the 85t sound is higher than the buds pro. However, I compared them last night and the difference is massive. the buds pro sound is way better than the 85t. Everything else is better on the 85t though.

  • -1

    The 75t’s killed my ears with the bass. Way overdone

    • +6

      then just adjust it in the EQ??

      • It’s was already at the lowest setting on the EQ on the app and in Spotify, bass was still overwhelming to the point of hurting my ears after an hours use.

        • ive honestly never had this issue

  • +1

    Jabra Elite Active 75t for around $30 more with the wireless charging case. Only problem that it is a US import and delivery expected is around mid December.


    • +1

      I want the Active. That’s a decent price but I’m gonna wait and hope Amazon / Jabra have BF deals on them.

      Jabra emailed yest saying general BF deals (unclear which products) are on the way.

      • Yep same, I've ordered it and will cancel if a better deal comes through. 😁

      • Did you contact Jabra AU or US? Amazon AU ship most things to NZ, but US don't.

        Deciding between the 75 T / 75 T and WF1000xm3.

        75T is around $30 cheaper for us Kiwis, but in the local store. I sweat a lot, but will just use them in the office/travelling, when I don't want to use my WH1000 XM4's.

        • didn't contact anyone, it was just their newsletter thingy

  • +1

    I have a pair of these from the last sale. One of my favourite purchases. Love them!

  • Harvey Norman also have them for $138

    • is that Elite active?

      • +2

        Price Match from office works?

        • Just picked up from officeworks. They price matched and added 5% discount which brought it to $131.10.

    • +1

      If the earphones don’t fit my ear, can I opt for a return/refund at Harvey Norman?

      • +1

        Get them from Officeworks. Their returns are super easy. You can say the reason for return is the Bluetooth keeps intermittently disconnecting. There's no way for them to physically check to confirm the fault.

  • How's the noise cancellation with 75t?

    I had 85t and one of the buds didnt work so had to return it.

    • Not good at all. I returned mine. It’s done In software and “fake” basically. The units are missing some of the proper physical tech to do it properly.

  • +1

    I am waiting for the Elite Active version

    • Yep me too. Ordered and cancelled when I realised they are not the active version

  • +8

    I personally think 75t is the best overall.

    I’ve had the 65,75,85 at different time periods.

    85t doesn’t have as strong fit as 75t (which is the best fit for me). 85t is slightly better with highs and kids, and 75t is more bass-y and booking bass.

    The mic’s are best on 85t.

    For the price, 75t is perfect and a much bigger upgrade to the 65t. I hope the 95t fixes a lot of issues etc - 85t had potential but needs better fit.

    75t active is better as it’s more durable for gym and sport - but I’ve sweated in the regular and had it for 1-2 years I think now, and it was fine.

    Battery is about 4-5 hours, plus 20 something from the case. I charge my jabra once every 10 days and it lasts me a 1 hour daily gym session fine. I don’t use ANC - the regular sound cancelling works good and is like 80% of ANC for me. Not worth the battery drop.

    There’s not much lag on the audio if you’re watching YouTube, but I may not be super sensitive. Actually, there’s no lag afaik. I used to have the Sony WF-1000mx3 or whatever they’re called - completely shit for gym as they had horrible fit.

    Imo, for the price, this is the best overall true wireless ear buds. They work well, and I’ve had a warranty claim and they sent me out a brand new one for free. Warranty is 2 years if you sign up with the Jabra app.

    I highly recommend the 75t overall. They’re as good as it gets all round - not perfect in any specific category - just good overall. Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

    YMMV of course.

  • I bought 85t (during the previous Jabra sale last month) after tried few of the rounded earbuds, 85t is better fit for my ear.
    I can wear it few hours without discomfort compared to normal rounded earbuds.Sound and ANC is excellence, hear through mode is very useful to me..
    It is heavy, but comfortable then you won't notice.

  • I think they sound great, and do a good job at blocking external noise from getting in - I often use them for sleeping. However, they always fall out, even when just walking (have tried all of the provided ear plug size options). Another pet peeve, is not being able to use just the left side by itself (you can use the right in isolation). So I find now the battery on the right doesn't last as long as the left side due to greater use (almost two years old now). They're pretty tough though, despite numerous drops, including several in water they're still going. Would recommend for the price.

  • +1

    This may be an unpopular opinion but I miss these after buying a pair of Sony WF XM4’s. The Sony’s are more than double the price. The sound quality is marginally better however the Jabra’s have a better fit IMO. The ANC is obviously much better on the Sony’s but for my use case (in an office or commuting to work) the Jabra’s were just fine.

    I’m tempted to rebuy these and get rid of the Sony’s.

    • You are a free elf, and should probably follow your gut then!

  • Is there a difference between these and the Active versions? Or are they the same?

    • +1

      Active has better water resistance.

  • i have Jabra Active Elite 75t Earbuds, but when i turn on ANC and off, I dont notice any difference. Is it the case with everyone? or is mine defective?

    • Yours is not right. You should notice a very distinct difference between ANC on/off.

    • Yep. You should definitely hear the difference between ANC ON, ANC OFF and Passthrough

    • No it’s fake and developed in software. The units dont have the actual real tech to do it properly.

      The difference with a real noise cancellation set is very noticeable.

      • Its not fake just because its been implemented with a software update. It works like other ANC works but just isnt as effective as some other options out there. They lack the extra chip some rubbish that apparently the 85t has but still do an ok job.

        Price is great for what you are getting

        • I owned a pair of these and found the noise cancellation to be effectively worthless.

          They had terrible lag with my phone and overall I was quite unsatisfied. The "price is great" argument doesn't fly with me, I'm tight and if I'm going to exceed $100 ($170 if I recall) on a pair of BT headphones, I want them to be damned good.

          I don't like the things, I'm glad I returned them and I got Airpod Pros (yes, I'm an Android guy regardless) and they're vastly, vastly superior

          I'd neg the post I dislike these things so much but people keep having a cry when I do.
          They are NOT the bees knees like people here keep saying.

          • @hamwhisperer: I agree with you generally, they’re fine but nothing amazing. I think your call in theANC is a bit harsh, it does work but there are better options out there. Wouldn’t buy them for ANC but I think for the prices here they’re pretty good still

  • I had a 75T Wireless Active, but one bud stopped working after about 6 months ago. I returned it and bought a 85T Wireless Active. Between the two the 85t is oval fit, and sits better in my ears. Phone calls are crystal clear, people I talk to can hear birds chiming in the background when I'm outdoors.

    I should have bought the 85T to begin with.

    • +1

      Phone calls are crystal clear, people I talk to can hear birds chiming in the background when I'm outdoors.

      that's not a good thing

      • No one complains and they say the sound quality from me is better.

  • I got them in last years Black Friday deal and use them for running. The best in-ears for running and active wear. You might want to hang on to the receipt though. There is a fairly common problem with the left ear disconnecting or having very low volume. See this thread.

  • I have the Active version of these and they're siperb. I'm not into paying a lot for this kind of thing and these are a great alternative to more expensive, Apple, Sony, Samsung buds.

  • Hmm, bought during the last deal and they keep disconnecting almost like it's detecting one earbud falling out of the ear and it pauses. It has the newest firmware. The other issue is that you must have the right earbud in for the calling feature to work, you can't charge the right earbud and just use the left one and vice versa like the Apple ones…

    Amazon deemed my order as lost initially, than refunded me, and they arrived a month later. Now I have no warranty options because Jabra wants you to return them to Amazon.

    I don't know what to do with them…

  • +5

    Officeworks have lowered their price to $135 so price beat is no longer possible.

    JB is now selling this for $139, as is the Jabra store.

    There's also a deal for the Elite Active 75t for $169.

  • Can you pair these with multiple devices?

  • Just got $3 as credit from amazon as i got this yesterday for $138.

    • Did you have to live chat or was it automatic?

      • +1

        Live chat mate

        • cheers legend

  • Are these much better than? https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0949GFPV3/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    Just ordered them last week since I need asap, but this sale is quite nice! I value duration but 5.5 v 9 hours would be alright for better music quality.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Purchased these yesterday and the sound is great! Bass is punchy and a huge improvement from my over the head headphones. Love the functions and so far battery life is great and all its in working order. Would recommend.

    • Hi, I would appreciate if you can share thoughts on call quality on these. Thanks

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