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Meross Smart Garage Opener - Non Home Kit Version $49.49, Homekit Version $71.49 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon AU


Hi Guys,

It looks like Meross have dropped their prices on these popular Smart Garage Opener.

This deal is slightly cost more than the previous deal ( Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Non Apple Kit Version) by $1.79, which makes it cost $49.49 after you clicking/apply the $10 discount code.

Link to the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener(Apple Home Kit Version) $71.49(After clicking/applying the $5 discount code)


Warning - Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Every time I see this I’m reminded I have the $8 worth of parts lying around.. I’m just too god damn lazy to do anything about making one.
    My improvement would be a reed switch or micro switch to have a closed state for the door.

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      Same functionality could be had from other brands around $20-30. Open/close garage and see state from Google Home. I'm not sure why else you need when it comes to this. Also unsure why this meross one keeps getting posted on ozb. Perhaps because it has HomeKit version?

      $17.39 no sensor https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/175017327441
      $27.12 with sensor https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233720067527

      • You should be able to get HomeKit bridge to do it for free?

  • Isn't the Bunning version is cheaper and better?

  • Got one of these yesterday. It is a really simple installation process and annoyingly fun to open and close the garage door from anywhere. Also comes with a sensor to detect door state (iOS Home knows if the door is closed or open - i.e. 'not closed')

    Setup is nice and simple. On iOS, HomeKit takes care of most of the setup for you as well which is nice.

    Would recommend downloading the Meross app and doing a firmware update on it immediately. Newer firmware apparently has eliminated disconnection problems that others have experienced with this gear.

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    What is the different between homekit and non homekit? Both package content showing the same on the listing?

  • I just installed this and found out that voice command on alexa is not supported for opening the garage door. Although alexa works on closing it.

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