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GoPro HERO10 Black with 1 Year GoPro Subscription and 32GB MicroSD $529.95 Delivered @ GoPro


GoPro HERO10 Black, with 1 year GoPro subscription and 32GB MicroSD $529.95

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions everywhere.

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      Might be able to avoid with Flickit's method https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/184588

    • What's the subscription even for?

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        GoPro Subscription Benefits:

        • Unlimited cloud backup + auto uploads

        • Unlimited use of the Quik app

        • Up to 50% off at GoPro.com²

        • No-questions-asked camera replacement³

        • No questions asked replacement? So I ring them up and say I “lost it” and they’ll simply send me out a new one. Hmm….

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            @Lionheart: It's an exchange-based program - i.e. send in your broken one, pay a fee and GoPro will send the same model out.

            It's also limited to two replacements per subscription renewal.

          • @Lionheart: A replacement Hero10 costs about $120, you need to send the damaged one back to them first…

            • @FLICKIT: Ahh okay, I hadn’t looked into it just yet, thanks for the heads up

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          It sounds like quite a few questions need to be asked then?

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        For an Aussie the subscription is quite pointless IMO… The discount on accessories is kinda good but only with the initial purchase, down the track shipping costs $30 unless you spend over $90, then it's free… If you want extra batteries or such get them with your initial purchase…

        I'm loving this camera, less issues than the Hero3 to 8… I've been uploading a bit of odd Hero10 footage to Youtube if you want reference material, I dont edit or do anything fancy, I just join clips together (with the free VideoProc from here), and upload them as a backup more than anything else…

        Most are 4K-50FPS, Wide-Linear, Vivid, High stabilization, MP4-HEVC, default ~60mbps, and such…

        Walking around:


        My only complaint on the old firmware would be the auto-wind, it seems all over the place (the first & last 1-min of this clip it stands out):
        I haven't tested the new firmware yet…

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          How long did it take for yours to arrive? It is dispatched last Thursday and it is still somewhere in Singapore.

          • @ijnkongo25: Ordered 10/10/21 late at night, delivered to Tassie 19/10/21 early in the day…

            • @FLICKIT: Any suggestions how/where to store gopro footage? Currently I have a 3TB hdd which is not really safe. Space constraints online with 1tb OneDrive or 100gb google plan. Are you using youtube as cloud storage sort of??

              • @dammit: Indeed.
                I edit a video for the day/trip recorded and upload to YouTube

                Was using external hd as well for the raw footage
                But now keeping only at GoPro cloud
                Unsure if I am renewing it, but showing it to be useful in that end
                Also, you can upload any images and videos. Don't need to be gp videos

          • @ijnkongo25: Qld, 5 working days

        • Havnt looked at these for awhile, There image stabilisation is amazing now.
          In the second video when your walking through the bush to that wooden hut why are the end of the bushes blurry ???

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    Am keen to buy a GoPro, but just read that it might be best to buy from a retail store like JB instead of directly from GoPro themselves, due to bad customer service?


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      If you can get a good deal locally go for it, or if you can hang out for a coupe of months until the local prices come down, all good..

      Edit: it's wise to pay with Paypal so you can use their dispute system if you have any issues in the first 6 months, and if you need to send it back you can use their "Refunded Returns" system to cover the cost of sending it back.. (activate it before buying)

  • Can local store price match this? Officeworks or Jb?

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      Most likely no - this is a bundle deal which can only
      be accessed when signing up for their subscription.

      • I would say no as well
        But I remember in a past deal someone matching the price but camera only, no extras (Card, subscription).
        Might be worth a shot if you want to avoid buying from GP

  • A$70 P/Y SUB.

    • What's to stop you just canceling the sub? sounds useless anyway

  • I've already got a Gopro hero 8 Black that's bricked. If I get a Hero 10 black with the subscription, can I send in my Hero 8 and get a replacement?

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    i managed to get officeworks to pricematch the camera, ended up paying $503.45

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      Cheers mate - just did the same - great deal for local stock :)

      • All good man :)
        let me know how your battery life goes.
        I am only getting one hour of record time atm before its dieing lol recording at 4k 60FPS

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      Nice job. What was the price they matched/beat? Was it just the camera or the bundle?

    • Well done on the Officeworks price-match, I'd much rather buy locally considering how hit & miss the Gopros have been in recent years… (I ended up paying $574 for the 10, 32gig card (that I'll never use), charger, and 2 extra batteries)…

      I was tempted to hold off for a deal like this but I wanted to offload my Hero8 before the 10 came down in price locally (which would drop the value of the 8, I was lucky to get $450 for my 8), and I've already done 600 clips on the 10 so I guess doing it the way I did has worked out ok…

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    i think i ended up getting a pretty good deal because the guy pricematched everything to the USA website excluding the camera itself.
    the batterys cost me $19 each
    and i got the protective housing for $47
    Theres a picture of my receipt^

  • Just popped into Cranbourne Officeworks, after 10 minutes and 4 team members, they finally refused because they don't sell the membership and will only PBG on "like-products". Thought they were my best bet..

    Went to a nearby JB, very helpful person went and checked with the boss and came back saying he's in a good mood. 😅 Also said, normal workers only get it discounted to $670 so he's really surprised to sell it for the GoPro price of $529.99 (no extra battery or microSD card).

    I ride motorbikes, so I'm hella keen to see how the IS stacks up against my older Sony FDRX3000.
    Good luck to anyone trying to price match.

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    Anyone managed to get this price matched at officeworks in Melbourne? The officeworks locations are a little further off from me. So I’m hoping to ring them to try price match before going in.

  • I went to 3 stores in Melbourne, 1 JB and 1 Good guys store and they werent able to match the price. The girl at JB said they couldnt match subscription prices and at The good guys they said that price was waay to low for them to match…(He said they get it for 620 or something, they would lose money)

    I went to OfficeWorks preston today and they matched it and gave me a 5% discount, it came out at $503,45 and I also showed them the price of an extra battery (With the 20% of subscription price on the gopro website) and they matched it,

    Camera with an extra battery came out at $526

    I don`t think they would have matched if they had checked that it had a subscription involved so it might be a bit harder to get them to match it online.. worth a try though!

    • Great win with the presistence!

  • Price beaten at Officeworks, thanks OP.
    Recommend looking up stock before you go, of the 3 OW around me in Qld, only 2 had stock and only 1 available.
    First store said they were willing to price beat but had no stock.
    Second store had 1 in stock, did a few checks on the website, checked with manager, and were happy to price beat as it was official Gopro website.

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    JB price matched, said can't price match as a bundle first. Then I said don't worry about the SD card just match the camera by itself and they did. Went to JB as I had so many gift cards to use.

    • Just did the same. Didnt even bother asking about the SD card as I was happy to get just the camera for $529 and had $250 gc to use.
      Certainly runs hot and that's just setting it up.

  • Ordered online hero 10, card, subscription and was charged $459.96. I had chosen the $529.95 option on the website, so I don't understand.

    • Hi can you let me know what the receipt looks like. How are the GoPro, Subscription, sd card itemised? Are they all in one line with the price or are the seperated?

    • You somehow got another roughly 15% for a camera+sdcard+subscription? Heck yeah!

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    Hope that works!

  • Has anyone managed to price beat the 10 with accessory pack please for 599?

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