Compatible Hard Drive for PS5

I’m not very tech savvy but YouTube says I need a certain type of hard drive that it is compatible for PS5?

Anyone bought recently and know if this is true?
Hoping to get a good deal during Black Friday sales



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    For an internal M.2 SSD to play PS4 and PS5 games, you need a Gen 4 drive with ideally greater than 5500 MB/s speed.

    For an external storage drive to play PS4 and store (but NOT play) PS5 games, any 250GB+ USB3 drive should work.

    More info:

  • As Hybroid above has said you need a Gen 4 to work. I recently purchased one of these:

    It was a 5 minute install, works well with no errors etc.

    I reckon you should be able to get them cheaper with the upcoming sales etc!

  • Internal drive
    * For playing any game (PS5 & PS4)
    * Need to open the console to install in the M.2 slot (not as hard as most believe)
    * Needs to be at least a Gen 4 NVMe drive
    * Cheapest and most convenient one that meets the recommended spec (benchmarked by PS5 as 5600 MB/s) is the Aorus GP-Asm2ne (got 2TB for $370)

    External drive
    * For playing PS4 games only
    * Can store PS5 games if you don't want to re-download, but moving between drives can be slow
    * Needs to be at least USB 3 (technically called USB 3.1 Gen 1, which is the rebrand of USB 3.0)
    * I personally use a regular 4TB WD Passport without any issues

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    It needs to be a Gen4 that can fit with a heatsync and can read faster then 5500MB. You will find most ads will say if its compatible with the ps5 now.

  • For external a Samsung T5 SSD is a great option. This will provide fast load times for PS4 games, if you use a HD load times will be slower.

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