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Steelcase LEAP & GESTURE Chairs $1015-$1500 + Shipping/Free Pickup @ Arki Environments


Leap and gesture are among the best office chairs out there. Great discount. Also discounts available in Steelcase website but it starts from 26th.

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    Honestly one of the most overrated chairs. Glad I only paid $200 off Gumtree for my Leap V2.

    • not good? im looking at one too

      • I really don't find it that comfortable at all. Padding is not enough and I think the chair itself is more for smaller size/height people. It definitely needs a head rest at a minimum. I always end up slouching or trying to sit cross legged. I've never found sitting at a desk all day comfortable though, we aren't made to do this.

        I'd like to try the Herman Miller Embody.. but that's a 2k chair

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          No padding at all in most Herman Miller's chairs! Unfortunately hard to get 2 used for $35 nowadays…

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            @wt860: I'm not sure about you, but I sit against the back of the chair, not on it. You don't need two inches of foam behind your back to be comfortable. Try it for a month.

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          Embody owner for 9 years here, and my significant other has had Leap V2 for a few months.

          The Embody is a great chair, but I'm not sure if it's worth double a Leap V2.

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          Oh man, if you don't think the Leap has enough padding you're going to have a bad time with a Herman Miller.

          • @axel32: I had a Mirra before this. Horrible chair. The Leap is better than that. But i've sat in a Aeron briefly and I think I prefer that.

          • @axel32: I went from a Humanscale Liberty to a HM sayl, it was like sitting on a cloud the first couple of weeks.

    • Budget office furniture Sydney is selling refurbished ones on Facebook, but around $500 - $600. Not sure whether they are more reliable than private sellers.

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        I purchased a used Steelcase think chair from them half way through last year. Originally went to try a herman miller aeron but the think was in better condition so I bought that instead. I've had no issue with the chair.

      • Link?

        • Go to your Facebook, then Marketplace, then search for Steelcase LEAP.
          Mind you it's a business which means they need to make a profit from you. You will never know how much they paid for these chairs and then refurbish them.

      • I went to the budget office on the weekends, the leaps were manufactured in 2006 also they are colored blue, would much rather get a brand new series 2 then leap from them.

    • Are you selling? I'd be willing to take it off your hands

    • We had those in the office, I thought they were some Officeworks cheapo.

      Uncomfortable and the base cushion moves around.

  • Not many deals on chairs, what is a good chair with extra padding?

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      Haworth Fern

      • haworth have been my preference for past few years. havent tried fern.

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          Gesture used to be my go to, I now sit on a Fern and love it!

          • @jaygee: Guys, I am dealing with some sit-bones inflammation. Ischial bursitis. Before I pull the trigger, I need to try it. It's expensive than my desk

          • @jaygee: None of the fern's i've seen in Australia come with the 4D armrest or Adjustable Lumbar. Is the back support supportive enough without it?

            • @TrueBlueOCAU: 4D is an upgrade that they don't seem to stock for the Fern, it can be ordered in though with the chair. Same for Lumbar. However the Fern is unique in that is has inbuilt lumbar already so it's quite supportive (personally I don't like the Fern additional Lumbar)

              • @jaygee: I ended up ordering a custom fern through officeworks with the 4D Arms amd Lumbar. I also picked a colour from Haworth's guide but it looked better in pictures than in the 3D model. Hopefully it'll look good.

                • @TrueBlueOCAU: Oh awesome I didn't even know you could get custom colours through Officeworks but enjoy!

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    Used one at the office, absolutely hated it. Felt flimsy.

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      Yep build quality is just OK (made in US from local + imported materials, I noticed seat pan is made in Malaysia), it does make noises and feel a bit cheap. Also the 2 lumbar adjustment buttons unattach and slides down regularly which is a PITA.

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    I have a new leap with headrest and it is one of the best chairs I've ever owned. If you have any doubts, I would go and sit in one in a showroom and adjust it to your body then evaluate. Not sure where the hate is coming from.

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      Completely agree, I researched for months and finally jumped the gun on leap v2. Gesture felt a little bit uncomfortable compared to leap. Also looked at hm aeron but I felt it was uncomfortable for cross legged position and not many adjustments. I feel leap is among the best designed chairs for comfort and ergonomics.

    • Have you compared with other ergonomic chairs, like Gregory chairs?

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        Yep. My budget was 300! Then I realised you get what you pay for, especially when buying great ergonomic chair. Ended up bumping up my budget to 1100! Over a period of 15 years, it is worth it.

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        I have compared (long term 2+ months of sitting every day) with wilkahn which was the chair that I used for about 9 years and prior to the leap was the best ergo chair for my frame at the time, and about 5 different Officeworks chairs before that. I have spent 2-3 minutes in a number of chairs but how they were is a blur cause it was pre covid times I tried them.

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      "Not sure where the hate is coming from"

      People buying a 2nd hand USED chair and then complaining it's not up to scratch or it makes noises. I mean… duh.

      • -1


        It's a 1k chair, quality should be superb. Mine looks good as new and was bought a few years ago, hardly used.

        • A 2nd hand chair is NOT a 1k chair any longer. Not everyone maintains a chair like you would, i've seen some chairs with ripped fabrics after 1 years (which should be really difficult to do), people break lumbar units because they're too rough with it etc.

  • @NIKH7277

    Unless you're picking up from the Brisbane Arki showroom it's more expensive than this past deal?

    How is this Black Friday deal worse than last month's deal?

    • Seems like there are many TNT depots across the 3 states. It will be shipped to the nearest one

      • +2

        Collection from ARKI Warehouse.

        Brisbane Collection point - 49 Taylor Street Bulimba 4171

        Sydney Collection point - 96-98 Denison Street, Hillsdale 2036.

        Melbourne Collection point - 1-5 Photography Drive, Coburg North 3058.

        Unless you're willing to go to one of these, the other deal had TNT Depot pickup for free - now it's a $60 addon?

        • My bad, yes I have edited the heading.

  • Not sure I'd pay $1000 for one, but I got a second hand Leap v2 from an office furniture store. As someone who has had back surgery twice, this beats out any other chair I tried when I was looking. Padding is good for me personally, but I prefer more support on the seat than is offered by the mesh seats found on a lot of the competition. Chairs that are too soft seem to put extra strain on my back.

    Adding a footrest made a massive difference. I can easily make minor recline changes throughout the day so I'm not sitting in any one fixed position for long. The chair just holds me at whatever recline angle I lean to without any effort on my part to maintain that position.

    • What footrest do you pair with it?

      • A previous company organised it for me and it doesn't seem to have any label beyond 'foot rest'. It's very similar to this


        Though I think any reasonably decent footrest would work. For a while I was just using a firm wedge cushion that was originally designed for bedroom purposes.

    • Interesting. I just bought the Kensington footrest yesterday: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665149, hope it helps.

      • I was considering getting one of those for my partner for when she works from home, it's a good price. Plus I think the tilt locking would be better overall. Mine moves about which is probably more ergonomic but it does annoy me sometimes.

    • The store that you purchased the second hand leap from, is it based in melb by any chance?

  • No shipping to WA :(

  • Does the chair come assembled or do I have to assemble it myself?

    • Box size - 1m x .7m x .6m. I'm guessing there's some assembly required.

    • There's assembly, its in 3 parts; base, pump, seat

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