Join The Nielsen Beauty Panel and Receive A $30 Voucher for Both The Referrer and Referee (Females Only) @ NielsenIQ Homescan


Females only, join Nielsen Beauty Panel and earn gift cards from beauty purchases and referring people. Even no purchases earn points.

Until 31 December 2021 30 June 2022, receive 300 points ($30 voucher) for joining, for both the referrer and referee.

Referral Links

Beauty Panel: random (9)

Referrer and referee each get a 300 points ($30 e-gift voucher).
Members earn gift cards & points from beauty purchases and referring people.

Broadband Panel: random (88)

Referrer receives $10 credit when the referee connects their whitebox. No additional bonus for the referee.

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    In Australia, it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of a number of protected attributes including age, disability, race, sex, intersex status, gender identity and sexual orientation in certain areas of public life, including education and employment. Australia's federal anti-discrimination laws are contained in the following legislation:

    Age Discrimination Act 2004
    Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    Racial Discrimination Act 1975
    Sex Discrimination Act 1984

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      Registered under FEMALE but no sign of my gift card

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        The referral links have not been added to the post yet.

        Plus, your account has to be approved first.

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      I like checking the upvotes on comments like this to know who to avoid.

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      Which section of the Sex Discrimination Act applies here?

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      Yes but come on, everyone knows sex discrimination only applies to males because for females it's all about empowerment. All those outdated acts need to be reviewed for the new age in the name of……….equality. /s

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        Would it be discrimination if someone was doing market research (including interviews, surveys etc) targeting only females?

        Do you (or any men here) have much to Contribute in terms of sharing what beauty and cosmetics brands and products you use regularly? What's your favourite lipstick from Mecca?

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          Velvet Teddy. Doesn't suit everyone though, it depends on your skin tone.

          Men have wives / girlfriends, men are make up artists, it's 2021 these days men wear make up.

          Equal rights should also apply to mens access to beauty product discounts.

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            Equal rights should also apply to mens access to beauty product discounts.

            Is the company a discount voucher company, or a market research company?

            Theres are many market research companies who are looking an paying for males age 18-35 or females who do this and aged 18-35, or senior males who do that, should we report them?

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          Your post implies no man uses make up from Mecca?

          I do actually have a routine for skincare prior to bed time but I do not buy it from Mecca cause I didn't even know they sold skincare, only make up. I prefer basic stuff with no scent and is not overly oily. I also don't really place much importance on my skin condition so don't really spend top dollar on the brand name stuff.

          Current routine is a soap free face wash, followed by oil, eye cream then night cream. Whole kit cost prob about $40.

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            Your post implies no man uses make up from Mecca?

            Nope. But maybe, just maybe, they're looking for opinions from the female market/audience?
            Is it discrimination if someone doesn't care or want your opinion on something?

        • We are interested in all types of females, no matter how much, how little, how often or where you buy your personal care, make-up and beauty products.

          Apparently there is no requisite on how much a person has to "Contribute"

  • Where does it say females only?

    • Not sure why my comment was unpublished, as it did not contain a referral link. It only answered the above question.

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    What if I identify as a female and also identify as a $300 voucher? See you in court

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    Imagine if it was "Males Only" the feminist uproar, protests in the capital cities, etc

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      haha so true…

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      What's your go to lipstick?

    • +5

      I’ve see plenty of males only market research projects. I don’t care. What a bizzare assumption that there would be “uproar” over something as trivial as this. :/

  • I can’t get my referral link to save?

  • When I try to put my personal referral link in, it says error. I’ve triple checked the format and no issue so I have no idea why ozbargain isn’t a accepting it.

  • Got rejected lol

    • +1

      And then got accepted.
      Ms Bargainer, you should get your gift card, i got mine

      • Yes, I did. Thanks easternculture.

  • In an email today.

    Our Christmas treemendous offer starts Monday 20th December.

    All the jingle ladies, get ready because we are about to make it rein, deer!

    Which points will be doubled?
    Weekly Buyer or No Purchase points will be doubled during this period.
    That's 30 points for scanning your purchases or 20 points for selecting No Purchase.

    Do I need to do anything to redeem this offer?
    No. This offer will automatically apply for any panellist who scans their purchases or selects No Purchase during this period.

    What are the dates for the offer?
    Week 1 - Monday 20th Dec to Sunday 26th Dec
    Week 2 - Monday 27th Dec to Sunday 2nd Jan

    When will the points be awarded?
    Your bonus Christmas points will be awarded on the Tuesday straight after your normal weekly points are added.

  • Just installed the app the registered with the info from the email. No sign of any gift voucher from using a referral - when do they get sent?

    • Just received it

      • Explains with $30 gift card i recieved today .

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