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30-40% off Step One Boxers and Trunks $21.60-$11.40ea @ Step One


Prices vary based on colours -Classic (40% off) or Limited Edition (30% off), and quantity ordered.

Buy any 1 $29.00 ea
Buy any 4 $18.90 ea
Buy any 7 $15.60 ea
Buy any 15 $11.40 ea

Limited Edition
Buy any 1 $29.00 ea
Buy any 4 $21.60 ea
Buy any 7 $18.00 ea
Buy any 15 $13.30 ea

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +12

    I don't think I could buy these because of their weird ads. 😆

    • +3

      the markup is also insane, they love rupert murdoch media and their ethical spiels lack a semblance of substance.

    • I came to comment the same. I bought one pair before - I quite like it. But since the weird marketing thing, not sure I can do it again.

      • extremely weird to be happy with a product and then complain that the marketing is weird. Who cares, let the coked up marketers have their fun.

  • +4

    All their items are sources from Alibaba which you can get (without the logo) at a cheaper price

    • +1

      https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Custom-best-underwear... agreed, however most of the clothing industry= buy in bulk-> insane mark ups.. ("stonks" meme)

      Edit: even has the Stepone jocks in the last photo

      • +22

        Want to get together with me and 498 other people so we can each grab a pair for $5.56?

        • +4

          I got 15 last black friday sale, still unused 10 as the first 5 are still ok.

          Excellent jocks though and have had next to no chaffing and readjusting throughout the day.

        • +4

          Would love an equivalent aliexpress link

          • +3

            @carpecrash: Yeah someone provide the AliExpress link. I've brought Stepone before for $11ish a pair on previous black Friday sale.
            I Might need size XXXXXXXL from AliExpress

            • +1

              @SoTightEcoLPI: I too would love an aliexpress link - have searched, but can't find anything :(

      • +1

        Examined a lot of crotches this is the closest aliexpress link i could find. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000796120135.html

        Any translations on the material?

        • According to local laws and regulations, this item could not be shown.

    • Link?

      • +1

        WE WANT A LINK!

    • -1

      Who cares?

      • +2

        Stick to your budgie smugglers mate 😂

    • +3

      Who are you splitting the 500 pairs with to get that bulk buy price?

  • +2

    got one from a deal earlier in the year.. been waiting for the black friday sale to replace all my old bonds undies.

    • +1

      In the same boat here.

  • No wheel this time?

  • Last time I google searched these guys I got spammed with their ads for the next couple of months. I will not be making the same mistake again.

    • +14

      That's more to do with google rather than these guys.

      • I work in marketing. It's definitely NOT Google.

        Google doesn't do any advertising for you unless you pay them for the privilege.

        These guys just follow the marketing spammers playbook and follow you everywhere and forever until you clear your cookies and they can't track you anymore.

    • adblocker?

    • +1

      The ads will still be there, but you'll just get different ads in their place…

  • +2

    Annoying they don't do the short version with a fly

  • +2

    Own a few pairs from prev deals and they're not that comfortable. I wouldn't pay more than $10 for these. Anything more and you're probably better off with Bonds / Calvin / Uniqlo.

  • +1

    These are good, but you can get bamboo underwear which is very similar for only $3 at Kmart

  • I've had my Stepones from the last black Friday deal. They've lasted a year and I split 15 pairs with a friend, so 8 pairs. Bit of rubbing/wear on the side but I wear a tool belt for work. Overall would buy again only with the 30% applied. I paid $11-$12 a pair. Does need cold wash only and no drier. Anymore isn't worth it.

  • +1

    Good price, I own 1 pair. They're pretty good, but I prefer Knobby.

  • +1

    Get some!

  • +2

    Got these before they got popular, they were great. Got some when they became popular and the material is garbage compared to what they used to be.

  • +1

    Thanks, picked up 4 to add to my collection that are slowly getting holes in them. Best undies out there.

  • +2

    $6 / $8 Kmart ones aren’t just cheaper, they’re better

  • +3

    Bought a single pair for a trial, I was expecting to be super impressed, but they aren't that comfortable IMO.

    • +1

      Yeah,you would have relatively high expectations considering the amounts of ads I see on TV and online. Not too surprised they actually aren't all as great as they are marketed to be.

    • +1

      Did the same and wasn't that impressed either. Material is soft but it doesn't provide sufficient support.

  • Don't like the feel of Lycra part in the middle but other than that these are comfy. The hanging label was easy to remove (un-stitch) as well.

  • +2

    +1 for Kmart version. 1 year on and still going strong.

  • +1

    Had two pairs of these (one was a replacement because the first pair ripped as I put them on). They're not very durable. Second pair (which is also larger than the first) is already starting to fall apart. Not doing anything with them besides cold wash. Would not recommend.

    • +1

      +1 to this. Same issues. No issues with my debriefs or even the Kmart ones.

  • I like their products as it's the only brand that has been successful in eliminating my chafing problem, but my God their ad campaigns are aggressive. I bought a pair two months ago and, to this day, everywhere I go I see their ads.

    • Are you associated with Step One?

      • No, I'm not. That was a mistake.

        • OK thanks.

  • Did anyone order on Black Friday and are still waiting shipping?

    I’ve emailed and they tell me they’re busy, but 11 days is a joke.

    First time shopping with them and not sure I’ll be back after this!

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