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50% off Ecostore Products @ Woolworths (Online Only)


This happens once a year around the same time, all Ecostore products are half price. Considered to be great ethical choices as stated at ethical.org.au website

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  • instore as well? or only online?

    • online only

    • At least some of the ecostore products were half price at the Woolies in Coburg Hills (VIC) yesterday.

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    Ecostore Baby Soap Bar Goat's Milk & Lavender 80g

    Boooo. At least they left off the "cruelty free" logo on that one.

    • Ethique is also on sale. They're pretty good.

      • was going to try but its $10 extra shipping just for 1 item and you cannot pickup…

        seems a little excessive when its only $7 discount lol

  • In last weeks catalogue, the baby eco store range was 50% off in store and online. Love that shampoo to make my baby smell delish

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    Perhaps a naive question, but are their products biodegradable?

  • I'd love to know where to purchase bulk sized bottles, 350ml shampoo would barely last 2 weeks at our household.

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      you can buy 5L at $80 $100 or 20L $280 $350 (20% sale for bulk items until 25/11) on their website.

  • I have only recently heard of this brand. I am very sensitive to fragrances. Has anyone used their bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner or other products in their range and can specifically comment on scent? I find the smell of every bathroom cleaner too overpowering.

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      give them a try. i cannot comment on the smell but have used some of their laundry products and pretty good.

      I also have sensitive skin

      • Cheers, will grab one of each of their range to try!

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          yeah and 50% sale is incredibly rare (like someone said above once a year).

          This is one of the more expensive / premium brands so definitely test it out.

          You may even be able to choose a sensitive skin option (which would probably not much smell)

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          Found this for you


          Just so you can see the options

          • @AussieMark: Legend! Thanks a lot. I always wished something like this existed, but I didn't know that it actually did! That ultra sensitive range sounds perfect. Can't wait to try their products.

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              @RoosterBooster: my pleasure :)

              Not sure if it helps but I also buy NATIVE deodrant from the USA (when its on sale) and they ship it here - free shipping.

              I buy the sensitive skin ones and am pretty happy with them. I dont use things like rexona or any of those spray deodrants.

              Bit silly but was going to make a spreadsheet of all my favourite items and just stock up once a year hahah. Shoes, shirts, toothpaste, etc. That way if someone wants to buy me a bday present too I can just let them choose haha

              • @AussieMark: What a great idea. I will check out the deodorant too. My dove one is discontinued now. I just bought the Nivea Sensitive but even the scent of that is too strong!

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                  @RoosterBooster: Hehe

                  Check out https://www.nativecos.com
                  Then click sensitive

                  cheers30 for 30% off for another 2 days. You can select the sensitive pack or just choose some of the sensitive ones.
                  I tried quite a few brands including Sukin and a few others like Sukin.

                  A'kin roll on one was nice too but a lot of the different ones I tried stained my shirts so I stick with native for now :).

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