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Cobs Popcorn - Select Varieties $1.42 ($1.28 S&S) @ Amazon AU / $1.42 @ Coles


First time I believe Amazon have offered subscribe & save on these, $1.28 may be the lowest these have ever been?

Best Ever Butter 90g
Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar 90g
Cheddar Cheese 100g Sold out
Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet 120g - (Min Qty 3) Sold out
Sea Salt 80g - (Min Qty 3) Sold out

Same price at Coles who have more variety:

Coles Cobs Special
(Highly recommend salted caramel)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Great stuff

  • Thanks op, grabbed some of the sea salt for the missus. Good stuff!

  • +2

    I did not just purchase 12 packets. ;) Thanks for this!

  • +2

    My fav is the Best Ever Butter flavour, only on sale at Coles at the moment though not Amazon, wonder if they'll match

    • +1

      Matched now, just bought a packet myself to try.

      • Yesss enjoy! :) have tried all flavours, that one and the 'lightly salted, slighty sweet' are my favourites

  • +1

    Also 1/2 price this week at Coles :)

  • how do these stack up against microwaveable? Surely microwaveable is better/fresher/more space efficient?

    • Better, faster, stronger

    • -1

      microwave/wok pop: fresher, more control over seasoning, more cleaning, less chemical, time consuming, less portable (on the go)

    • These are great for taste and convenience. Some people believe microwave popcorn could cause cancer due to some of the chemicals used in the bags.

    • +1

      These stay crispy(?) for longer when you haven't eaten the entire bag in one sitting, compared to microwave which goes soggy - only reason I'd buy these over microwave or home-made.

  • Hopefully it will last until tonights cb from.sb.

  • I spend so much on the butter one, buy it almost every week. Wonder if it's time to buy a popcorn machine?

  • can i confirm, when u sub and subscribe, there after, delievery is free?

    gonna go a few for the house, might add this too hahaha

    • +4

      I can confirm the price stated is only for your first order, and you'll pay whatever the price is at the time of your subsequent order.

      Delivery is 'free' with Amazon prime

      • i dont have PRIME, so how does it work then? do they charge delivery fee?

        • Save 10% on auto-deliveries through Subscribe and Save
          Enjoy free shipping on scheduled deliveries
          Skip or cancel anytime

          ^ to me that means, free shipping on schedule delieveries?

  • I wish Amazon still sold these by the carton. Love popcorn. Great price though but limited to only 6 bags per flavour.

  • Finding the quality of Cobs dipping lately. Otherwise this would be such a tempting deal 🤤

  • bummer no S&S for sea salt flavour :( Need to go Coles to buy a box.

  • First time I believe Amazon have offered subscribe & save on these, $1.28 may be the lowest these have ever been?

    Lightly Salted had S&S at this price last time.

  • +1

    For those who don't know, you can use popcorn kernels, a bowl and plastic wrap to make your own popcorn and season it the way you want:

  • Sea Salt OOS at Amazon now..

  • Salt & Vinegar now dropped in price on Amazon :)

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