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Ryobi 18V ONE+ 4.0/2.0ah 3 Piece Garden Care Combo Kit $349 @ Bunnings


Same deal as last year — go grab it while you can… won't last long!

Get 3 of our most popular outdoor power equipment tools in this special Garden Care Kit at a great value price. It comprises the RYOBI 18V ONE+ 33cm lawn mower, 25cm line trimmer and a hard surface blower, 1 x 2.0Ah battery, 1 x 4.0Ah battery, and 1.5A Charger.

If it’s time to upgrade your tools, or if you’re just starting out, these tools will soon have your garden looking so good, your neighbours will wonder how you did it.

All tools are powered by the same 18V ONE+ battery system, compatible with more than 100 power and garden tools.

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  • I just bought a relatively flat 627m2 block, with a medium sized house on it, without much vegetation at all i.e. mostly typical lawn grass. Would this do, or am I better off investing in the the 36V model? Thanks!

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    You need this if you going battery powered mower for a decent size lawn

    • Do you have one? If so would you mind telling us which model and for what size of land patch?

      • I have this mower, it's frigging amazing. I have the one that comes with the 7.5Ah battery, and I'd have to measure our block but it is huge, at least 600m2. Have Canberra grass which is very dense, my last two electric mowers choked on it, but this thing is easily as powerful as a good petrol mower, and is self propelled. Very happy with it.

        • Cool. You've sold me.

          Pity they don't have a referral system hehe.

  • I have a pretty small lawn, approx 180sqm combined front and back. Would this kit be suitable?

    • Yeah but not if it's buffalo grass as per comments

  • Hmm I’m looking for a good deal on a mower but this one is prob too small…

  • Buy the Ryobi brushless line trimmer instead of this one. It is much better.

  • +1

    The mower was pretty bad hopeless on quality. I’m gentle and look after my tools properly.
    2 wheels come off,
    the foam handle broke,
    The trigger lever broke on one side and the other side followed a month later.
    Finally, it wouldn’t start at all.
    This has to be the worst quality Ryobi kit I’ve owned…

    That’s what I’d thought, and would you believe it. My 18v Ryobi reciprocating Saw died on the weekend.
    Just put on a new blade and was cutting a small branch and died with a small puff of smoke.

    If I’d my way again, I would not touch any Ryobi stuff

    • Yeah I was about to buy this pack but thought I would check it out in person - just looked and felt flimsy and very plastic.

  • Is this a good deal if i dont need the mower?

    • i can sell you the Blower & Line Trimmer from this combo if you're located in sydney

    • +2

      If you are just after a lawn mower then 36v is better than 18v. Not sure about SCA quality.

      Ryobi although a consumer grade maker, they have been around for decades. They have an entire tools ecosystem with undoubtedly many more supporting tools than 'ToolPro' - that makes your battery system more useful than just lawn mowing.

      • Thanks. Just the mower is what I want.
        I have an electric Victa but looking to switch to battery mainly because of the cable hassle and because you can’t change the length.

  • Can this mower handle 50m2 of lawn off a single charge?

    • Probably. I have the 36cm model and do a ~400m2 block plus go round with the trimmer on a 5ah and 9ah and have ~1/3 charge left on the 9ah.

  • I've had all three of these tools.
    The mower is ok for smallish grass patches. If you maintain your grass regularly, its quick and easy to just do a trim. The 18v power is enough. You find it gets bogged down and cuts out when you try and cut through long grass that's been left for weeks, can still get the job done but becomes a pain ramming the mower over and over the long bits….

    The blower is good, use it all the time. EDIT similar 18v blower but they generally do the job.

    The Trimmer is a pass. It only takes tiny thickness lines and I was forever re-spooling. Sold it and moved to an Echo, never looked back.

  • +1

    At this price point it really does appear to be a good deal. Needing to return all 3 products when submitting a warranty claim certainly is ridiculous, but probably not much we can do about that. All those on the fence, I found a pretty good review here:

  • Bought this kit last year and am extremely happy with it.
    Use it to mow/maintain approx 150m2 and at this price it's excellent value.
    The mower sometimes struggles if you let the grass grow too long but if you maintain it regularly then no issues at all

  • Weak as piss, takes twice as long to to anything, need minimum 36 v

  • +2

    Hold off the purchase till Dec 1st if can when Flybys goes live at Bunnings

  • Ordered one. Thanks OP!

  • These tools are not worth it.
    My friend has the same tools and we struggled to mow a buffalo lawn.The mower handles flex too much(feels like its going to break), mow width is abysmal and the front lip get caught in the grass, making it difficult to push it along or if you have an uneven lawn.The whipper snipper is absolutely hopeless, the handle is too short for edging. We ended up using my tools to finish the job.

    Spend more money and get better electric tools or go second hand petrol

    • +3

      The 18V range as a whole isn't designed for buffalo grass at all. The only products which can are the 18V brushless line trimmer, and the 18V edger.

      This bundle is designed for those that live in a small place like a townhouse with minimal lawn area. Unfortunately too many people want the power of higher voltage ranges but refuse to pay the required price, instead opting for lower capacity tools like this.

      For those with Buffalo, I'd highly recommend you go 36V at a minimum, especially if you're used to the power of petrol machines.

      • +2

        Unfortunately too many people want the power of higher voltage ranges but refuse to pay the required price

        Yeah this is ozbargain. No one pays full price:)

  • How is this mower compares to the ozito 2x18v one?

    • If it's a one-off purchase, would definitely go for the Ozito steel deck 2x18V which is a significantly better machine than this particular mower (and is a surprisingly good quality machine by Ozito in general compared to their usual mower offerings).

      It is also more than capable of cutting through buffalo lawns, which this particular Ryobi can't do (for that, you'd need the 36V ryobi mower).

  • +3

    I got the 36v lawn mower and I'm glad I did. It feels powerful - and even that has cut out on me a few times. There is no way I'd recommend the 18v

  • I have the 18V garden blower / vaccuum. It's great when it hasn't rained for a week. If there is a hint of dampness in the leaves though, it gets all mucky inside and will eventually stop working i found out the hard way. I assume the lawnmower would be similar. It has it's place but has it's limitations too.

  • Hi, does anyone have the trimmer? Want to know if good enough for edging nature strip and small parts of the backyard?

  • +2

    I would not buy this because I and others have reported on review websites some mower stock has an intermittent stop problem not related to battery. To get it fixed is very difficult and disruptive due to having to prove it doesn’t work, returning and waiting. Some have had to return the replacement .

    • Yeah don't get this get Bosch or Honda electric mowers I had mine 10 years no issues

  • I've had this combo for 3 years now and we have a decent sized lawn. The best part is I haven't used my Honda petrol mower in 3 years as my wife has taken over the job as it's so easy to use. Yes, you will need 2 batteries of at least 4 amp but it worth the cost.

  • I find the combo is good enough for my home
    mower: single charge is enough for my lawn which is ~100m2. it doesn't work for long/overgrown grass but i mow regularly
    trimmer: it may not be powerful enough but i use it for edging only which is actually very good because of its light weight.

  • It's not the tool it's the skills so the ad is wrong

    Also plugged in Mowers always better than battery operated

  • I got the line trimmer and the blower, can I sell these separately? Do they come in separate packaging? I just need the mower.

    • Seems to be $329 for just the mower and one battery unless I'm looking at the wrong one.

      • Hence it doesn’t make sense to just buy the mower as I’ll get both blower and trimmer for 20 bucks more. Thinking of selling both and just get the mower. Anyone else did that?

  • Bought it. The reviews seem to be very mixed here. Those that own it and use it appropriately all seem to give it the thumbs up. The poor reviews here all seem to be from those that don't own the thing.

    • Own it persevered with it and it’s in the repair shop causing lots of problems with Victa versus the repairer as we speak. Like I said it’s not everyone who suffers but enough of us to say it’s not worth it. The repairer who fixes Victa, masport and Stihl etc said loan something else while waiting, as Victa is real slow on owning up to defects. I guess they would know from the 30 plus years I’ve seen them in the trade even if my word is apparently less credible as a layman.

  • +1

    Least we know they do this deal every year. I remember posting this deal 2 years ago for $299.

    If only they did deals on 36v range.

  • I always how good is the electric one compared to a standard petrol mower? Is anyone keen to comment?

    • A decent quality electric one is just as good. But mains ones are heaps better than battery operated

      I know the wire is bothersome but it's worth the hassle if you only got a small yard

  • I always have a good laugh when I see people trying to cut their lawns with these toys.

  • can someone recommend a good battery blower vac? Reviews for all the ryobis seem luke warm at best

  • Save $350 and dont buy this bundle. The next model up line trimmer is really good.

  • Ryobi quality has dropped in recent years

    I would rather use ozito gear for cheaper

    I had Ryobi trimmer it was a piece of crap.

    Bosch and Honda electric mowers especially plug in ones are very reliable. I wouldn't get battery

    • Corded electric is a massive PITA. I remember dad had a Flymo for a while. You need an accessible power point, a lead long enough to reach the farthest corner of the yard, make sure you don't run over the lead and then you realise you've wrapped the lead around a bush and need to back track.

      • That's why you need to practice and take care. Had not happened to me for last ten years. My Bosch still working. The latest deal few years back on Honda still works great on my buffalo lawn. I have small yards only 100m2 all together.

        Petrol is no go for me more machine maintenance more pollution, Battery ones not enough power and battery deteriorate overtime, mains is the best option.

        Some people prefer convenience with no long cable attached etc but the most bargain way to do is still a plugged in electric one

        On top of that I know I'm doing my part on carbon emissions heh

        • I agree. Been using corded electric mowers for almost 15 years. First one I bought second hand for $40 (Victa), and the next one I got for free second hand (Ozito) when a neighbour got posted overseas. Both still run perfectly. 30m extension cord on a roller does the job fine. I only have one massive tree to mow around so its no problem at all. If I had a bigger yard with lots of trees then different story. Since I have a heavy duty corded line trimmer (Ryobi) and heavy duty corded blower (Kmart) the cord is already out for them anyway. Four different brand elcheapo tools, all with one cord!

  • Amazing value for the money. Thanks OP

  • +2

    This lawn mower is a piece of crap. It doesn't cut very low at low so you have to cut often and it's bad for the grass to cut as shallow as that. The catcher is crap. Even slightly thick grass and it shuts down.

  • +1

    The trimmer is crap, and had to fight it to get my money back from Bunnings. "you can't return it cause you used it", how do I know it's crap if I never used it? "You must have really thick grass… not the trimmer's fault"

    • Jeez really ? I opened the spindle once the line Feed and done , no more automatic feed

  • +1


    this should be called garden maintenance kit and nothing more. Extremely frustrating mower and the Grass doesn't get pushed into the catcher
    Too much thick grass forget it a) it will choke and shutdown
    B) battery will drain

    Trimmer is okay okay but once you option the spindle that's it no more automatic feed

    Blower is okay for the size

    Battery lasts 10 mins on 2ah

    On 4ah it's max 10 since the mower uses a lot of power

    If you are buying to trim grass that has overgrown DO NOT BUY !!!!!

    • Did you return it to Bunnings? I probably will look into getting Ozito one.

      • But need trimmer and blower as well :( not sure now acrullay

        • I went with Ozito, all up around 300, mower is really good.

          • @alteclan: With blower and trimmer ?

            • @life is suffering: Yes, there was a previous deal also 199 for both trimmer and mower. Blower varies, costs about 40-100.

              I bought individually, 199 mower, 39 blower, and 79 trimmer.

    • Grass doesn't get pushed into the catcher

      Not sure if the smaller ones have it but check that you've removed the mulching plug.

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